The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 3 - The Battle Begins

Rosalie jumped back into battle, lunging for Quil. I looked around for Edward, Alice, or Sam, but they were gone.

I ran to the window, and of couse, there they were. Fighting on the ground. In plain sight of the people of Port Angeles.

But the strange thing was, suddenly the town looked deserted.


I heard police car sirens, and saw the blue, red, and white lights turn down the street. The policeman in the car turned on his microphone.

     "Attention people of Port Angeles! This is NOT a drill! I repeat, this is NOT a drill! There is a deadly storm coming our way! All citizens who value their lives must evacuate IMMEDIATLY!!! Seattle shelters are currently making room for us."

The microphone switched off, and the police turned another corner and was gone. All the nurses were carrying rolling hospital beds with the sick and injured patients to the ambulances.


Soon the whole scene was quiet, except for the sound of vampire/werewolf fighting. I turned back to the hospital room, and Jacob was still there. No one came for his room. But Quil and Rosalie were gone. Only Emily remained.

     "They went outside. They would have recked th room if they stayed in here."

I nodded. I heard an ear-splitting screech from outside, and I saw two more rusty pick-up trucks pull up in front of the hospital.

More werewolves.



Chapter 4 - The Cullens

Just as four more Quilettes came from the two cars, another unmistalkable car turned the corner. Emmett's jeep pulled up on the other side of the lot, and out stepped Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, and Emmett.

It was going to get ugly.


I ran out of Jacob's room, and topwards the elevator. I pressed the button, and I could hear the chords holding it up moving, bringing it to me.

As it dinged, and the doors opened, I was surprised to see someone already there. Esme stepped toward me, and I smelled her perfume. I was so used to that scent. She was like a mother to me.

     "Hello Bella. I see we have a predicament. Come with me. Edward is taking you back to Charlie."

I followed Esme back through the hospital and outside. There was blood on the ground. A werewolf was lying down, barely breathing. Blood gushed from his side.

I could feel Esme tense beside me. She lunged for the werewolf. Jasper was next to try to consume the blood.

That's when Edward rushed to me. He grabbed me and ran for the car. I opened the door, and Edward was outside the town before I had time to shut it.

     "It isn't safe for you there. Once the frenzy begins, they could have gone for you. Too bad it had to be Jacob's blood on the ground, right?"

Jacob's blood? That means...Jacob is possibly dead!

Edward seemed to know that I was worried. "Its ok. Carlilse has it under control. Nothing more sever will happen to Jacob.

     "But isn't he hurt in his hospital bed?"

     "Once taking his wolf form, anything that physicaly happened to him is gone."


At least he isn't broken anymore. But I'm not sure how long the werewolves can keep it up against the Cullens.

The rest of the car ride was silent.

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