The Twilight Saga

Chapter 5


     We arrived home, and I could barely close the front door before my dad stopped me.

     "Bells, there is a problem at la Push. Jake is in the hospital."

     I hated lying to my dad. But it was something that had to be done.

     With a strong voice, I said, "Oh my gosh, thats terrible! What happened?" Luckily, my father wasnt the brightest flower in the flower patch, so he didnt catch on that I knew.

     "They were having fun down at the beach, they had a campfire going and everything, Then a woman, Billy described her as having red hair, approached the guys. Billy said she wanted the Cullens, but jacob wouldnt give any information away. And suddenly the fighting broke out. Jake was injured, sent to the hospital, you know how it goes, you go there every year. So I think you should give him a call and check in on him."

     "Yeah, sure dad. I'll go now." I raced up to my room, grabbed the phone, and dialed a number. But it wasnt the hospital, it was Alice's cell phone. There was no answer, all I remember hearing before I fainted was the "Sorry I can't come to the phone right now!" greeting on Alice's voicemail.



I will try to post up Chapter 6 sometime soon. Please comment and give me suggestions or plot twists! Also if anyone can make me banners, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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The attachment is my banner, made by kelseys banners. If you have any banners for the series please let me know! Thanks!
I am enjoying the twist that you have going on. How was it that no one noticed the fight between wolves and vampires? Was it because of the storm approaching? I took a look at the banner. It is good but I will see if maybe I can make one for you centered around the title of your story. Keep me posted.
No problem! Thanks for the questions! And you are correct, that is why, the approaching storm that caused port Angeles to evacuate was more important to the nurses and doctors than a few thumps on a wall coming from jacobs room. I will keep you posted on upcoming chapters if you accept the friend request I just sent u. Thanks!
Thanks for the feedback! :) Now that i added you as a friend i will send out messages on here when i post another chapter or two, so you will get them.
Whats a benner?


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