The Twilight Saga


(Takes place after New Moon)


Bella's POV


Chapter 1 - The Problem

I stared out of my bedroom window. he was there again, waiting like he always would before he left. I got up, put on a t-shirt, sweat pants, a hoodie, and some boots, my usual rainy-day attire. I bruhed my teeth, grabbed a granola bar from the pantry, and went out to meet my vampire boyfriend.


     "You look lovely, as usual." Edward replied.

     "Don't make it seem like I look beautiful. I almost wear the same outfit everyday. I hate the rain."

     "Hmm, well maybe your mind will be taken from the rain when I tell you the news."

News was the last thing I wanted to know about.

     "The beaches at La Push were destoyed. There was a fight, Bella."

My hands started to shake.

     "Victoria is back. She figured killing off one of your best friends is a start to killing you. She thinks it will break you down, make you more vulnerable."

     "Is Jake ok?" I was nervous. Knowing Victoria, she probably had help.

     "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. He is in critical condition over at the hospital in Port Angeles. Im pretty sure you want to see him, so we are skipping school and I'm driving you to Port Angeles."

I nodded and we got into Edward's car. I could explain to Charlie later. Riht now, Jacob was the only thing on my mind.


Chapter 2 - Critical Condition

I jumped when I heard a familiar voice from the back of the car.

     "Hi Bella!"

It was Alice. I guess she felt like she too had to watch me cry at Jacob's misery. I turned to look at Alice, but my heart skipped a beat when I found Rosalie back there also.

     "Don't look at me like that. Carlisle said there are probably going to be werewolves there, so he told me to come and help Edward and Alice just incase. And believe me, I could care less about your little friend." Rosalie rambled on.

     "It's ok, Bella, Rosalie wanted to help. Right, Rosalie?" She said that in a tone I've never heard from Alice before.

     "Yeah, sure, whatever."

For the rest of the car ride there was complete silence.


Edward parked the car in front of the hospital. Of couse, it wasn't raining in Port Angeles, and it made me miss Phoenix.

Edward closed his eyes for a while. Finally, he said, "Jacob's on the third floor. Bella, get on my back."

So I did. And of couse, Edward jumped onto the side of the building.

     "Don't you think this is going to look suspicious?" I said as I glanced back to see Alice and Rosalie climbing up right after us.

     "His room is empty. He will be fine."

     Edward found Jacob's room. The window was open, and Jacob was obviously enjoying the sunshine we rarely get in Forks.

Edward placed me in through the window, and he, Alice, and Rose silently entered after me.

      "Jacob!!" I ran for my friend as Rosalie made herself at home, plopping down into a chair and taking out her phone, probably to tell Carlisle there was nothing to worry about.

Critical condition was an understatement. There were casts around Jake's neck and one of his legs. A bag held blood, suspened on a rolling cart.

I turned for Edward, but the vampires were no where to be found. I guessed they smelled the blood and were waiting outside. A good thing, too.

     "Oh my gosh!" I looked in grief at the tubes carrying oxygento Jacob's nose.

     "Oh, hi Bella. What's new?" Jake could barely talk.

     "Don't act like it doesn't hurt to talk!"

I was about to say more, but the door opened and Sam, Emily, and Quil entered the room.

     "Well if it isn't the Cullen girl." Sam looked at me as if I was the one who did this to Jacob. "If those vampires weren't attracted to this godforsaken place by YOU, this would have never happened!"

Sam began to change form, and Embry followed the leader. They were hungry, and ready to do whatever they could to defeat the one who had hurt Jake.

     "Sam, NO!" But it was too late. The wolf lunged for me, and I would'nt have gotten away.


If it wasn't for Rosalie, I would probably be dead. 


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