The Twilight Saga

*It's through Bella's point of view*

"My Twilight"

Don’t you know how strongly I love you?

I know you hear my heart beats when I’m near you.

I can’t hide the blush that comes on my face,

It’s a rush when I see your eyes trace,

All over me, I can feel my body become aware.

It’s unsettled when you’re not there.

I’d do everything in my power, even fight,

Just to be with you, my Twilight.

Others say we shouldn’t be together,

Can’t they see that we’re forever?

I know you wish you could read my mind,

But it’s something that can only be unlocked with time.

Don’t worry my thoughts always revolve around you.

I hope yours orbit around me too.

I know your cravings are sometimes unbearable,

Maybe you think, “Just one bite, will cure this insatiable

Thirst, that I crave all night and all day.”

If those are your thoughts then yes please,

Have a taste.

I’m ready to be with you forever and ever,

Until the end of time.

You are my love, my life,

My Twilight.

*Ok peeps, let me know what you think please! And please be as honest as possible! I'm all amateur but let me know what I can do to become better. Constructive criticism is welcomed! Thank you for taking the time to read it! =]*

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i honestly like it it was HHOOTTT!!! LOL
this is so good =))


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