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I stared at them, my so called family. I remembered when “mom” abandoned me in the streets, I remembered everything so clear that it’s scary. I watched them in jealousy and loneliness from the forest. I just stared, that was when I saw her, the similar me. The one I didn’t knew, my “beloved” twin sister, Renesmee. I softly walked to the house and looked into the window. Mom saw me, she covered her mouth and made Nessie go to bed. I walked to the door and waited. Two minutes later, she opened the door, she stared at me.

“Elisee,” she said in shock.

“Mother” I said back at her. She looked around, then she stared at me and slammed the door in my face. I just stood there shocked, then I slowly walked back to the forest, feeling more lonely and unhappy. I collected some leaves, then I lay on them. I bit my lips and got into a little, warm ball, Then I closed my eyes and slept, still a little cold.

By the amazing Charlotte


Yep, My Twin sister is back!


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yay! It's back!!! WOOT WOOT!!! And i know who it is....tehe L=
I meant the storys back...haha

hahah, yep it's back :D

glad you still remember this L=


ahaha, i know you know who, my dear Kel :) yo better not ruin it :p


Chapter 3

The red bird screamed and dropped to the ground in pain.

“Die,” said the sweet voice again. The red bird looked up and blinked at me, then he closed its cat eyes to a forever sleep. I slowly turned and almost lost my breath. Standing a little away from us was a girl…no a vampire. She was beautiful like all vampires are, but her skin was paler than other vampires I seen, meaning my mom, her eyes was blood red, destroying her innocent angel looks. She stared at me and narrowed her eyes.

“A half,” she said in her bell like voice as she got closer to me. I studied the way she moved, slow, but gracefully . She stopped when she was face to face with me.

“You look just like her,” she said looking right into my eyes with her red ones. Brown to red, red to brown. I gulped and waned to look away, but I feel that if I did. I will have my head ripped off, so I just stared back.

“Jane” said another voice. I sighed in relief as she looked away from me. I looked around for the person to see a beautiful boy, another angel with red eyes. He wasn’t as beautiful like the girl, but he was breathtaking with dark brown hair and red eyes like Jane. Jane walked to him.

“Alec” she said back at him. He nodded, then turned and stared at me.

“That girl..” he started then stopped and looked back at Jane. “Aro called,” he said to her. Jane nodded, then glanced back at me.

“I see…I need to talk to him about something too,” she said slowly. “Let go, my dear brother” Then she turned and ran, disappearing into the forest followed by Alec. I stared after them. Who are they? Why are their eyes red? They are beautiful, but somehow dangerous. I thought some more to myself, ignoring Seth. But then a voice snapped me out, a familiar voice…

“Jakey, are you here?”

hehehe, i knew it...tehe, love it, :)
:) and thanks! :D
thanks, Hannah. The next chapter is going to be posted like tomorrow :)
o.o no.. Elisee is Nesse's twin, so... her mom is Bella..
*think*  hmm, deal :)
I love it! Keep me posted girl. and I like how you have another one posted everyday. That rocks!
thanks and thanks XD

if you do, i can't write :P

but thanks Hannah!


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