The Twilight Saga


I stared at them, my so called family. I remembered when “mom” abandoned me in the streets, I remembered everything so clear that it’s scary. I watched them in jealousy and loneliness from the forest. I just stared, that was when I saw her, the similar me. The one I didn’t knew, my “beloved” twin sister, Renesmee. I softly walked to the house and looked into the window. Mom saw me, she covered her mouth and made Nessie go to bed. I walked to the door and waited. Two minutes later, she opened the door, she stared at me.

“Elisee,” she said in shock.

“Mother” I said back at her. She looked around, then she stared at me and slammed the door in my face. I just stood there shocked, then I slowly walked back to the forest, feeling more lonely and unhappy. I collected some leaves, then I lay on them. I bit my lips and got into a little, warm ball, Then I closed my eyes and slept, still a little cold.

By the amazing Charlotte


Yep, My Twin sister is back!


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hehehe awesome :)

This is so awesome :)

Loved it!!

Chapter 5

Jane POV

I froze and murmured a little to myself. Should I keep going or should I turned. Being my dangerous self I decided to keep going. The smell got stronger as I got closer, Ugh, wolf… I tried to slower myself down, but I couldn’t. I found myself crashing into the pups. So ungracefully. One of them groaned. I ignored them and got up.

“Pups.” I hissed the word out. The older looking one looked at me.

“You’re that..”

“Yes, I am that one,” I snapped. “Now, got out of my way or I will kill you.” I threat. He growled at me. I rolled my eyes and snarled back at him. Ugh, this is so why I hate wolves. I smiled sweetly. Boy is this going to be fun.

“Pain.” I said softly. He dropped to the ground and groaned. I laughed as I skipped back him and walked away, Mission Number One: Keep the girl away from Alec. Not complete. Secret Mission: Make an annoying wolf drop in pain, completed. I stopped and touched my throat. I sighed a little. Crap, I am thirsty.

Alec POV

I slowly walked to my room and lay down. I sighed. Why do she have to come back to this life? I jumped up and went to my drawers and pulled out the bow. I gently traced the symbols on it and sighed again. I unlocked it and got out her picture. Her long brown hair wild as she laughed, her brown cat like eyes full of joy. The was the one different between the two half vampire. The new one have cat like eyes, her eyes. I put the picture back in the bow and went back to the couch. I closed my eyes. For once I wished I can sleep. I could still remember that time…

“Rose, my dear Rose.” I murmured to myself.

The time when she died….

Elisee POV

After a few hours, we were talking like we always knew each other.

“I see..” I said when dad talked about the past.

“I never knew that you were my daughter too.” he continued, then he smiled gently at me. “I am very happy to meet you, Elisee.” I could feel the warm fatherly love in those words. I wanted to cry. I let go of all of my pain. But I can’t, then I wouldn’t be Elisee anymore. I decided to do one thing. I walked to him and hugged him tightly.

“I love you Daddy.” I said quietly. “Even if this is the first time.” He chuckled and pat me on the back. Then suddenly the door opened.

“Edward, where is Elisee?” said a excited voice. I let go of Daddy only to be hugged back someone else.

“You’re Elisee, right?” said the person. I slowly nodded. “Oh, sorry!” The person let go of me. I looked at the person, it was a female. She was very pretty like all vampires. Behind her was a blond male, he stared at me and raised an eyebrow.

“I am Alice!” the girl said.

“You’re Mom’s best friend” I said slowly. “And family.” She grinned at me, then she frowned slightly.

“Have you already meet the Volturi?” she asked me. I stared at her in confuse.

“She did.” Dad said quietly. Alice sighed.

“Then now we have to keep her away from them.” she said. I raised an eyebrow and was about to ask when Nessie ran in.

“Mom is home!” she said. Then suddenly the blond dude and Dad grabbed me and tossed me in a closet. Before they left me there, Dad said,

“Oh, this is Jasper.” pointing to the blond dude. I nodded.

“Nice to meet you.” I said, then they shut the door and left me in the dark. What the hell? Well, at least I am not tied up as I lean over to listen to them.

Bella POV

“I am back!” I said as I walked in. Edward smiled me, then he gently kissed me on the forehead.

“Welcome home, Bella.” he said. Alice jumped up and down.

“Bella!” she said then she hugged me. “Can you do me a favor?” she said sweetly. I groaned, ‘doing a favor’ means being a dress up doll..again.

“Hey Mom.” said Nessie, yes I got used to it. I moved away from Alice and went and hugged Nessie.

“Nessie, how are you today?” I said smiling.


“Where did you go?”

“I went….with Jack.” she said.

“You haven’t mean any girl that looks like you?”


“Good.” I sighed in relief, then I went upstairs to change, not hearing the quiet sighs of relief from the others.

Elisee POV

I lean back and sighed. She don’t want me. Why? What did I do that is so wrong? I thought to myself as I drifted to sleep.


Seth POV

I went to Jake and helped him up.

“Are you ok, dude?” I asked him. He weakly nodded. I put his arms around me and started to walked back. I thought to Leah, Need a little help here, sisshe thought back. I sighed, that little vampire girl is dangerous.

Got it, coming,

Alec POV

I drifted back into the memory, the same memory that always threats me every second of my days:

“Drink from me.” Rosemarie said as she leaned closer to me. “You need it.”

I slowly shook my head and backed away.

“I can’t, Aro…and I don’t want to hurt you.” I said to her. She didn’t listen and gently grabbed my hand. Her brown eyes looked right at my red ones. Her blood singing for me. I then couldn’t take it anymore. I gently pulled her closer to me. Then I went to her neck and bit her. Drinking her sweet blood. Then suddenly everyone came. Jane stood back Aro’s side, she stared at me with an I am sorry face. Felix walked over to us, he quickly shot me a I-am-sorry face and I know what was going to happen.

“No!” I shouted, but I was too late. He ripped her head out. Her brown eyes froze with fear. Then it went blank as he dropped it on the floor. Her warm body went cold and lifeless and it too was kicked down to the floor by Felix. All I could do was sitting there froze. She is gone, my one, true love is gone.

haha xD yay!


awesome L=
Aww poor Alec :(
i wanna know whats up wit bella and how come alice didnt see elisee before in any of her visions

Chapter 6

Leah POV

I ran to where my brother is and stared at Jake.

“What happen?” I asked as I helped him. Seth shook his head and sighed.

“A vampire.” he said. I bit my lip and sighed.

“Those bloodsuckers…” I murmured to myself as I carried Jake back to the pack, his pack.

“It was only one.” said Seth.


“A little blond girl.”

“..I see” I said as I dragged Jake. “Hey Seth, help here. He is almost heavy as an ten feet elephant!” I yelled.

“Hey, I not that heavy.” Jake murmured. I rolled my eyes and hit him in the head.

“Shh” I said. Seth laughed as he went over and helped me. I sighed in relief and continued to walk.

Elisee POV

I woke up to found myself in a bed. I blinked and looked around, only to see Nessie’s face in front of me. I yelled and tumbled into the ground. Nessie stared at me for a moment, then she pointed and laughed.

“That was soo not funny.” I said with a little pout.

“So was!”

“So isn’t”
















“BOTH OF YOU QUIET DOWN UP THERE!!” said dad quietly, but it echoed in the room.

“Sorry!!!” we both yelled at the same time. Then we looked at each other and glared at each other. I turned and walked out of the door. When suddenly a hand covered my mouth. I froze then I bit down hard on the hand. And for once I was glad to be a vampire.

“Hey!” said a voice as the hand moved away. I turned to see an.. ummm… ummm…big dude. He grinned at me and pat me on the back.

“Dangerous, aren’t you?” he said with a chuckle. I just stood there and stared at him. “Oh, sorry!” he said “I’m Emmett.” still with that big, wide, happy smile. I never saw anyone like this Emmett.

“I’m Elisee.” I said.

“Elisee?” he asked back. I slowly nodded. His grin widen. “Nice to meet you Elisie!” I nodded again.

“Me too.” I said then I looked down and walked away. Only to crash into someone else.

“Ah, sorry!” I said as I quickly got up and helped the girl up. She looked up at me and frowned slightly.

“It’s ok” she said as she stared at me. I stared back, she was beautiful! With wavy long blond hair and prefect features. All I did was stared, finally I snapped out of my shock.

“Are you ok?” I asked. Stupid me! Of course she’s ok. Stupid, stupid me…

“Of course.” she said as she looked down at her perfect nails. “You’re that new girl, Elisie right?”

“Elisee” I corrected her.

“So you’re her?” I nodded, why is everyone asking me if I was Elisee. Of course I am. I switched from being sweet to being my old self.

“Duh, who else would look like Renesmee?” I said as I put my arms on my knees and rolled my eyes at her. She froze, but then a small smile went on her lips.

“I like you,” she said. I straighten up.


“I like you and your attitude, girl” she said, then she rolled her eyes. “Better than when she,” she turned to a picture of mom. “was a normal, so blah.” I laughed.

“I see.” I said. “Thanks.. I guess”

“I am Rosalie by the way.” she said. “What to talk, you can come to me, a bad girl is better with another bad girl” then she turned and walked away. I watched her go. A bad girl, huh, I thought to myself as I went downstairs. I saw a flash of someone out the corner of my eyes, but when I turned, there was no one there. I gazed at the window, then I shrugged and continued my way to the kitchen. It smelled like heaven. My mouth began to water as I took in the yummy smell. I looked around the kichen and saw another beautiful woman. She saw me and smiled. Then she dropped whatever she was holding and went over and hugged me.

“Nessie have told me a lot about you.” she said. Then she let go of me and studied me. “You look just like her except for the eyes.” he said gently.

“My eyes?”

“Yeah, your eyes, dear”

“What about them?”

“They are that of a cat’s, very rare, very beautiful.” I stared at her. Cat eyes? I thought I have Mom’s eyes. Well..I do, but it’s catish. I shook away my thoughts and smiled at her.

“Thank you, umm..”

“Esme.” she said motherly.

“Thank you Esme.” I said then I looked around again. “what’s for breakfast?”

Seth POV

We put him down and throw cold water at me. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know really. Jake coughed and jumped up glaring at both me and Leah. Leah chuckled a little and I gave him an sorry look before I went outside again. I phased and ran around the forest, feeling free. I laughed/purred as I ran faster. Then suddenly I crashed into a big rock or is only a rock?

Awesome ;)

Loved it!!

Can't wait for more!!!

Chapter 7


Elisee POV
After I said my thanks to Esme, I decided to go on a walk. I looked around the forest, dazed by my old home that I would so want to live in again. I skipped around absent-minded when I bumped into someone and tripped over a rock. My eyes widen as I looked down to see a wolf. I quickly got up.
“Sorry!” I murmured to the wolf.
It stared at me and tilted its head. Then it walked closer to me and nudged me. I hesitated for a moment, but then I leaned down and ran my hand in its fur. It felt warm and soft under my fingers as I cuddled closer to it and pressed my head close to its face.

Seth POV
I stood there frozen, moments after I found out that the “rock” was Elisee. My heart speeded up as she lean closer to me, so close to my face. Even if I am in Change, that doesn’t mean that I would care, of course I would. I nudged her on the head and stared at her. Her eyes were gentle but was full with sadness. I couldn’t stand her being so sad, so I nudged her hard, then I turned to run. Knowing that she was following. She was almost silent except for the crumpling of leaves. Suddenly she pounced on me playfully and without me knowing I changed back.
“What the- Seth?” she said as she got up and frowned down at me. I almost thought that she was going to snarl or hiss at me, but she only said,
“Are you ok?” She sat on a rock and stared at me.
“Umm, I guess.” I murmured to her as I got up. She just stared at me. “’re a wolf?” she asked. I slowly nodded and looked away from her.
“That’s nice.” she said softly. “You get to run free.”
I turned back and looked at her to see her looking at the sky.
“Something is going to happen I can feel it, something that will make a big different.” she continued, she glanced back at me. “When that time come, there is no turning back. Do you hear me?”
“Why are you telling me this?” I asked her.
“Because I feel like I can trust you.” Elisee said, then she turned and vanished away from my sight in a speed that I never saw before, she was faster than Edward. Not leaving a trace of her at all. But everywhere she stepped, the grass turned greener and it almost turned into spring. She is special, that Elisee. But before my eyes, the grass turned crumpled and yellow, all the trees lose their leaves. A tormented chirp echoed the forest, I glanced up to see a bird dropping down from a tree…..dead. I sniffed the air, my eyes widen when I saw it, a fire. I changed and began to run to warn the others. Who dare hurt this forest?

Elisee POV
I ran from the forest, something is wrong. A scream echoed the forest. Blood poured into my ears. I covered them to stop the screaming. But then realized it was me. I panted and turned back and ran in the forest. Birds screams entered my body.
“Stop it!” I screamed out. My cold body became warmer into it was burning. This isn’t right. The birds yelled in my ears, but I could hear them.
 I going to die.
I tumbled to the ground, the world began to spin and became unforced. A few birds flied around me still screaming. I only get a few words.
“Run, Elisee. Run!” yelled one that got me focus. I unsteady got up and began to run. I turned to see the same red bird that first talk to me
“Faster” it yelled again. “Faster!” I speeded up, I suddenly feel like a bird. I spread my arms out and continued.
“Now, FLY!”
I turned and stared at it in confuse.
“Fly” it said again, then it pecked me. I jumped up and continued to flapped my arms, then suddenly I was flying.
I rolled my eyes at it and glared.
“Aren’t you little Ms. Bossy.” I said to it as I flapped harder, it felt so good. Then suddenly someone grabbed me, jerking back to the ground. My head slammed against a rock. That was when everything went black.

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