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I stared at them, my so called family. I remembered when “mom” abandoned me in the streets, I remembered everything so clear that it’s scary. I watched them in jealousy and loneliness from the forest. I just stared, that was when I saw her, the similar me. The one I didn’t knew, my “beloved” twin sister, Renesmee. I softly walked to the house and looked into the window. Mom saw me, she covered her mouth and made Nessie go to bed. I walked to the door and waited. Two minutes later, she opened the door, she stared at me.

“Elisee,” she said in shock.

“Mother” I said back at her. She looked around, then she stared at me and slammed the door in my face. I just stood there shocked, then I slowly walked back to the forest, feeling more lonely and unhappy. I collected some leaves, then I lay on them. I bit my lips and got into a little, warm ball, Then I closed my eyes and slept, still a little cold.

By the amazing Charlotte


Yep, My Twin sister is back!


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Check, Check, and Check. I can just put Alyssa and Paul and Blaze and her brother :)

hehe, you will see ;)

but I think Jane is awesome :p


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awesomeness :D, shoot, i can't remember who it is -_-
omg is that jane

Loved it!!

Who is it?

who is tha world did that?!?!?!?!?


post more soon

great story!!!!!!!!

Chapter 8


(I am sorry for this empty space, tts kept making everything like be in center and it was annoying, so enjoy the late update)


Elisee POV
I slowly opened my eyes, pain shook in my head as I groaned and tried to get up, only to be push back down.
“Don’t move.” said a familiar voice. I turned to see Nessie with a worried look on her face.
“What happen?” I asked her as I looked around the room.
“You should tell me, I found you in the forest when it was on fire all black out.” she said.
I stared sharply at her.
“Shoot!” I said as I unsteadily got up, Nessie grabbed me.
“Where do you think you’re going.”
“To the forest.”
“No you are not.” she said as she tightened her grip. “You are still injured.”
I shook her off.
“It was my fault.” I said as I ran out of the room, behind me Nessie yelled after me, but I didn’t stopped. I was panting when I got to the forest, it was still burning. It was my fault. What can I do?
How about using your powers to stop it
I glanced up to see the red bird.
I thought you were died I thought to it as I watched as a blue bird landed next to it.
I don’t died, I am one of your powers.
What? I thought back, bewildered
I am Flame, that made this fire. I nodded as a white one flied next to the blue one.
I am Water, your calmness that can help you, the blue one thought to me.
And I am Air, which helped you fly, thought the white. I stared at them in disbelieve.
“No way.” I said but shook my head when I saw the fire increasing. That time I knew exactly what to do. I said down criss cross  near the entry of the forest. I prayed to Nyx the goddess before asking for my water to come to me.
“My water, my calmness come to me.” I whispered. I could feel Water energy going into me. “Water flowed through the fire, Flame have make.” I could feel cold rushing water flowed passed me. The burning smell of wood disappeared to be replaced the calm, relaxing smell of refreshment After I deported Water, I got up and walked back to the house, feeling better. But another question flashed in my mid.
Who the hell pulled me?

Bella POV
Damn, I thought to myself as I watched her walked into the house. I almost had her. Felix was next to me suddenly.
“You know that Aro going to be mad.” he said. I smiled at him.
“I know.” I said as I walked with him back to Italy and which Edward think is work
Sorry, Edward. I have to give Elisee to Master. I am sorry every for betraying you guys. A smile curved on my smile.
Then Aro will leave Nessie alone, I thought to myself as I started to ran.

Seth POV
I stared around in shock at the now wet trees and the fire is gone.
Who saved it? I wondered to myself, but when I saw Elisee walked away. I knew.
“Thank you, Elisee.” I said softly

Alec POV
I watched her in amazement, she have such amazing powers. No wonder Aro want her. Jane appeared next to me and stared at Elisee smiling.
“She looks like someone I can be friends with.” she said, eyes shining. Then her eyes drifted to someone else and a scowl replaced her face. The smell got me. A pup.

Yep, I added a little "House of Night in it :p

Wow. I love it..

Hehe Im glad she saved the forest...

Hmm. So seth likes  her? What about Alec?

@Hannah HoN is awesome:D


@Edith hehe you will see :).. he will get in there soon and yep, Seth imprinted on her

I knew it.. Just making sure..I really dont remeber its been a while..
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