The Twilight Saga


I stared at them, my so called family. I remembered when “mom” abandoned me in the streets, I remembered everything so clear that it’s scary. I watched them in jealousy and loneliness from the forest. I just stared, that was when I saw her, the similar me. The one I didn’t knew, my “beloved” twin sister, Renesmee. I softly walked to the house and looked into the window. Mom saw me, she covered her mouth and made Nessie go to bed. I walked to the door and waited. Two minutes later, she opened the door, she stared at me.

“Elisee,” she said in shock.

“Mother” I said back at her. She looked around, then she stared at me and slammed the door in my face. I just stood there shocked, then I slowly walked back to the forest, feeling more lonely and unhappy. I collected some leaves, then I lay on them. I bit my lips and got into a little, warm ball, Then I closed my eyes and slept, still a little cold.

By the amazing Charlotte


Yep, My Twin sister is back!


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awesome, i havnt read HoN yet...but anyway :D

Loved it!!

She saved the forest :)

So so so sooooo awesome!!!!!

Loved it! keep me posted!!!!



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