The Twilight Saga


Isabella Swan is alone in life since the age of 10. Both her parents were killed in a car accident. She lived in a foster home since the age of 15. She is 23 living in Forks Washington, she has always been a very bright student so she finished high school at the age of 15. Started college to be a doctor, she moved back to her hometown Forks. She buys a house to be alone in her darkest hours. What will happen when someone interferes in her dark life?



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Chapter 1

Another gloomy day in Forks Washington. I get up and head towards my bathroom, stepping in the shower. The water runs on my relieving my knotted muscles from the night before. The water starts to turn cold and I step out, grabbing my towel and walking into my bedroom. Changing into comfortable clothes, blow drying my hair and put it up into a messy bun. Rushing to my car and skipping breakfast like every day. I drive off to the hospital like my every day routine. Arriving at 5 am getting out of my car and walking into a very calm hospital.
“Good morning Ms. Swan”
“Good morning Nancy”
An every day good morning from the happy nurse. Stepping into my office, I sit down and review my patients papers. It hasn’t even been ten minutes when my name is being called.
“Ms Swan to the emergency room”
I get up an run to the emergency room to see what was waiting for me I step in.
“What’s the problem”
“A car accident everyone in the accident died in the impact, except one”
I walk over to see the survivor. He was already connected to the heart monitor, covered in deep wounds and a fractured leg and arm. His heart all of a sudden stopped.
“Get the heart defibrillator. Okay ready, clear” Nothing. Still no pulse.
“Come on one last time, ready, clear” Nothing
“5:45 death of Christian McCarthy”
The nurse covered the body and rolled it way. I walked toward my office and closed the door. Why always me, why could I never save anyone. I slide down to the floor and I start hyperventilating, ten minutes later I regain composure and I stand up and sit at my desk. Waiting for a new emergency. It is the middle of the day and nothing big has happened. It’s almost time for me to head home. I leave around 3 pm when I leave to my house, I arrived and park my car, step out and walk inside. The house was a bit untidy, I walked to my room and change into some shorts and a shirt. I start cleaning, first heading to my bathroom and bedroom and then working my way down. Two hours later, and the house is spotless. Walking into the kitchen and start cooking my dinner. A nice lasagna would be okay. I start getting out the ingredients and hour later its done. I serve myself a glass of milk. I sit down at the table and eat silently thinking about tomorrow’s work. I finish quickly and clean up. Not wanting to stay in the house. I go outside for a walk, walking by the woods I start to fell that I’m being watched but the thought then goes away after a few moments. Making my way home. Day turns into night and another painful day ends with the dark.
this sounds good and it is good. Please keep me updated if you can.


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