The Twilight Saga

Bella is living in a private high school. Her parents sent her to the school so she could enhance her powers which she does not know she has. But she is not alone her brothers are with her, Daniel and Mark. Daniel is 18 Mark is 17, Daniel can control fire and the weather, Mark on the other hand can control water and the earth. Bella is 16 and is about to turn 17, she is going to be able to control fire, water, she can make things float, and she can go invisible. But she will have more powers in the story. And Bella is not as clumsy.

Please tell me if I should continue I need at least 10 comments from different people so I can post the first chapter.

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:) moree?
I LOVE it send me updates please!
oh my gosh that was awsome update soon please
love it
amazing i love it :)
please write more
Love it
Love it..........can't wait to read more!
Please remember this story, don't leave it hanging.
Wow this is really good keep me updated


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