The Twilight Saga

Bella is living in a private high school. Her parents sent her to the school so she could enhance her powers which she does not know she has. But she is not alone her brothers are with her, Daniel and Mark. Daniel is 18 Mark is 17, Daniel can control fire and the weather, Mark on the other hand can control water and the earth. Bella is 16 and is about to turn 17, she is going to be able to control fire, water, she can make things float, and she can go invisible. But she will have more powers in the story. And Bella is not as clumsy.

Please tell me if I should continue I need at least 10 comments from different people so I can post the first chapter.

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you should keep me updated
you should it sound kool and i well be here to read it WOW KoOl
alsome PLEASE write
no it wasn't deleted i just haven't updated it i have no ideas for that fan fiction
yeah i think you should definitely write it!!!!!!!!!
sounds totally
can't wait
Bella’s POV

The morning I just love the morning. The birds were singing their beautiful song, I got up from bed and went down to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. I opened the cabinet and got out some Cheerios and poured some into a bowl and then took out the milk from the fridge and pored some onto the cereal. I ate quietly while hearing the birds sing when I was done I put the bowl in the sink and went to my room to change into my running clothes. After changing I got out of the house and started running like every morning I didn’t bother bringing my iPod when everything around me was making some kind of noise making a wonderful like melody. I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost ten I started running faster even though the dorm was really close by. Yes I live in a dorm at a private high school. My name is Isabella Marie Swan but I prefer Bella better. I arrived in time and ran to my bathroom and toke a shower got dressed in my uniform and did my hair in a messy bun. My brothers were already waiting for me downstairs. My brothers lived with me in the dorm well you can’t really call it a dorm it is much like a normal house but without parents. I grabbed my book bag and ran downstairs to catch up.
--Finally I thought you would never come down.
--Be quiet Mark I was up before you two.
--Whatever Bella you just get up really early to run.
-- Yeah you have a problem I just want to stay in shape.
--No-- he got cut off by Daniel.
--Quiet both of you or we will be all late for school.--I looked at my watch and he was right so we started walking to school. The school was not far away so we arrived in 10 minutes. We said goodbye and headed to our first period. I stopped at my locker and got my Pre Calculus for first period with Mr. Vaner I walked over to the class, toke my seat and opened my book to today’s lesson. Mr. Vaner walked in right when the bell rang.
--Good morning students.
--Good morning Mr. Vaner-- the class said together.
--I hope you guys had a good weekend because I did.-- My weekend had gone pretty normal. The class had gone pretty fast, the bell rang announcing that we had to start going to second period. I got my book and headed to my AP English 11 class. Mrs. Clark just told the class that she wanted a 3 page essay about the novel we had been reading in MLA format by Wednesday. I had already finished reading the novel and started the summary in the past weekend. Third period had also gone pretty fast. It was already lunch time and I was walking over to the cafeteria I sat down at a table and waited for my brothers I toke out my iPod and started listing to “The Anthem” by Good Charlotte. I was not even half way into the song when I noticed that my brothers were sitting down next to me.
--So Bella whatcha doing.
--Are you blind Mark can’t you see I’m listening to music.
--Sorry I was just trying to be nice.
--Oh you know I was just kidding you know I love you--I turned sideways and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
--I know you do little sis--he gave me a kiss and hug also.
--So Daniel what did you do in school?
--Same old same old what about you?
--Nothing interesting
--Hey Bella are you ready for you birthday tomorrow--Mark
--Not really I hate getting old
--You won’t be after tomorrow--he mumbled, Daniel hit him across the head and mouthed shut up without Bella noticing.
--Hey I’m hungry, I’m going to get something to eat
--Okay you go we’ll stay here--I got up and walked toward the lunch line, I ordered a salad, an apple, and a bottled water. Walking back to the table I started to feel dizzy I was really close to the table when everything went black.

Daniel POV

How come Mark couldn’t keep his mouth shut. I looked up and saw Bella walking over with her food. She seemed very happy but then she fainted. I ran to her side and tried to wake her up but she wouldn’t , people were starting to notice.
--Daniel what happened?
--It’s starting we have to get her out of here--I got up with Bella in my arms, I fast walked to the nurses office we entered and I set her down on the bed , the nurse entered at that moment.
--Oh dear what happened to her Daniel?
--She just fainted, it’s her birthday tomorrow
--Then you should take her home
--Okay but can she stay here for a while I need to get my car
--Don’t worry she will be fine go--I ran out of the office and went toward the house I grabbed the keys to the Range Rover and jumped in and put the keys into the ignition and raced toward the school. I got Bella from the nurses office and went toward the car and placed her in the back seat, Mark got in the front with me and I drove home. I got Bella out of the car and went to her bedroom placed her on the bed and covered her I closed the door and walked toward the living room. Poor Bella she must be in pain I remember when I was in her place the pain was unbearable.
--Is she okay Daniel?
--Yeah but she’s going to be descending soon
--Poor Bella
--I know but all we can do is wait until it ends--We walked to our bedrooms and went to sleep.

(Bella Screaming)

I ran out of my room and went toward Bella’s room. I opened the door and saw Bella floating in the air. She was in pain and all I could do was watch, Mark was beside me in the same moment when Bella caught on fire.
--What’s happening to her Daniel we have to stop it--I just stood there watching
--If you aren’t going to do anything than I am--I blocked him before he could do anything.
--You can’t it’s almost done and if you interfere she can die just wait--he just nodded his head and tried to cover his sobs with coughs. But he knew he was suffering because Bella was in pain and he couldn’t do anything, she was his little sister and he felt useless . Bella was still floating when they heard thunder and rain and then all of a sudden water splashed Bella and the fire was gone.
--What did you do Mark I told you not to do anything
--I didn’t do anything, where did Bella go--I looked and Bella wasn’t there anymore but then she reappeared and started slowly coming down toward her bed. She was almost done, I looked at my watch 8:15 on September 13.
--Happy Birthday Bella--

Range Rover:

Running Clothes:

Bella’s Uniform:

Daniel’s Uniform:

Mark’s Uniform:

I hope you guys like chapter one I really worked hard on it. Please read and comment and tell people about it please I would really be happy if you guys did.
loved it plz update thx for telling me bye keep going ok bye
I love it!!!!! please keep writing!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for more!!!!!!
holy crap
totally loved it


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