The Twilight Saga

i will write more later

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can't wait to read!
Thanks!! Can't wait to read yours!
part 1.I was walking down a misty path. My bare feet thoughed the cold hard rocks. It was pouring rain. It felt like the rain was coming out of nowhere. It was so misty I could barly see where I was going. I couldn't breath. After a while nothing was in sight. But I was not afraid, though.
Thanks I will!!
part 2.I mean what was there to be scared of? She was a veary brave girl. Then she found, in the middle of nowhere a very open strange house. She was human, though. Her name is merissa. As she got closer she heard running right to her. It was the Cullens. They wanted to hurt her.
good chhapter1
Then I started to run, fast but they got me! I was screaming like never before!!! They grabbed my arms ang threw my backpack and tore it to peices and grabbed my shoelaces and used them to tie me to a tree 100 feet of the ground. So I was dangling on a branch that would break in five minetes. They tied it so tight that I couldn't climb out of the shoelaces. But than Emmet climbed up and rested on a branch next to me. He yelled who are you and why are you here!!? I was just on a walk after school and I didn't try to come here. Than he stared at me for a while. Then he said that's the worst exuse I've ever heard.
The exuse was that he thought that she found out about them. Instead of just walking home from school.
And I was right, the branch broke but I landed on someone. They all were just staring at me but than I just started to run. They followed me going 100 miles an hour! Than one pushed me and I landed on a roof. I had cut myself all over. Like before only one came up. And this time is was Alice... She was very nice . she asked are you ok? Im fine . Sorry about all that. That's just my family. Alice stop!! Jasper called out. Noo!!! She yelled. Bella came racing out of the house to find Alice. She climbed carefully as she sat on the roof with me and Alice. She said are you ok? She's fine. Mumbled Alice. Alice what happed? Asked Bella. Then she pointed. Bella followed her finger and it let to Jasper, Emmet, Edward and Rose. They did this Bella asked. Yep, Alice Replied. How could they?! I don't know. I was just trying to help. This is bad . Yes, it is. Good said Rose. What asked Jasper. Supper on a roof Rose mumbled. They giggled.


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