The Twilight Saga






When edward left, bella was heart broke. She didn't eat and she fell ill, so ill she got lung cancer. She is living on borrowed time but for how long?


Ch. One


Bella's POV


I woke to the beeping of my IV thing. I had no idea what they called it. I yawned as a nurse came in. "Miss swan" she smiled.


"Hello" I said, numb. I hated being in the hospital. I knew he was gone. A tear rolled down my face.


"Are you in pain miss. Swan?" she rushed to my side.


"No. I would like to see the kids please."


"Of course" I smiled and unplugged the matchen.


I always went to see kids who had cancer too. I loved helping them through and cheering them on, telling them it would be okay. My favorite was a boy who was 8 years old and he reminded me of him. he had bronze hair and green eyes. He was beautiful. He always seemed to take things so smoothly, he acted twice his age. His name was Cole.


I walked down the hall in my robe and i walked into Cole's room. He looked so weak and pale. "Bella!" He yelled excitedly. My heart felt a little more put together. "Where is Jake?" He looked behind me to see if he was coming in.


"He isn't here today" I said softly. Jacob Black usally came and visited both of us. Me and Jake had gotten extremly close since...he left.


I saw Coles face drop and I wanted to make him feel better. "We can call him if you would like." I said and he nodded. I walked to his bed side where the phone was and diled his number quickly then handded Cole the phone. They chated for a bit then Cole hang up with a smile.


"He will be here tonight for dinner" I smiled at him the best i could.


"I can't wait" I ruffled his hair and chated about school with him. He was home schooled and i always helped him with his homework.  


"Bella?" Cole asked in the middle of his math homework.


"Yes?" i asked.


"Who is Edward?" He asked. I froze.



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plz read?
sounds very interesting and I would love to read more.
Wow! Did that kid just ask what I think he asked?
Yup! lol

Ch. 2




"Who is Edward?" He asked again. Just hearing his name brought the tears to my eyes.


"Why do you ask?"


"Just a man came in and I think his name was Mr. Cullen. He is a new doctor here. He caept mantioning a boy named Edward and a girl named Bella. Do you know him?" Carlisle. he was here. I nodded and went to leave.


"Cole i'll see you later." I kissed his cheek and went to leave but jake pushed his way in just as i went to leave. "Jake!" I yelled. How was i supposed to go around him. Had he grown in the past three days? Or was i really going crazy?


"Hey Bells" He smiled. He kissed my cheek and then handed me a bag of food that i gussed was our dinner.


"Jake, I'm tiered and going to my room." I lied. I prayed my face would not give me away.


"Okay" i narrowed his eyes ay me. I rused out of the room and ran to the front desk.


"Hi, I need to talk to a Dr. Cullen." I told the girl sitting there.


"Don't we all?" i thought i heard her mummer under her breath but then louder "One minute." she called in on the PA and ten long minuets later he stood in front of me.


"Bella?" He asked shocked. I didn't even get the chance to talk before my vision blured.

Sorry it's short

i LOVE it! it is WONDERFUL! AMAZING! FANTASTIC! AWESOME! more SOON please! haha!
I Will!! Thank you! :)
This is really good
thank you! =)
Lol my heart sipped a beat or 2 at the end of chater 2 ahahhaha ong wats he doin back Khufu ( random word of the day fluffy)I hate u ..... Ahha jkjk I love all ur story's


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