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I did not know much of anything about much before I was one of them. I did not even know that they existed. I only thought there were only humans in the world.








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Thanks for reading wolfgirl! I hope to have cahpter 1 up soon. i will keep you updated.

Chapter 1
My name is Isabella Swan or Bella for short. So here I am sitting on an airplane on my way to my father’s house. I had no clue what I would find in Forks, Washington. I did not want to leave my mother but I had no choice. It might help it I told you what happened about a year ago.
One Year Earlier Flashback
I was coming home from a short vacation at our beach house. I had to stop on the side of the road because my car had gotten a flat tire and I had to replace it. I had not heard anyone come up but I do remember what they said to me. “Don’t be scared. I am here to help you.” the male had said. “I noticed that you had a flat tire and I was wondering if you wanted help.” He said. I thought about and then decided that it might be a good idea. “Okay thank you.” I got up to let him get to the tire and the next thing I know there is someone else there right behind me bending my head back to get a better view of my neck. At that moment I knew the two people that came to help me were vampire and I happened to have been there meal. Something made them stop before they had killed me. I managed to get into my car and stay there until I would be able to move again. I was in so much pain for days. For some unknown reason I had covered myself with a blanket. I noticed that the pain was starting to go away from my limbs but it was heading to my heart. My heart started to beat faster and faster until it finally gave out. Once I was able to sit up I looked around to see where I was. I was still in the back seat of my car. I checked my phone and noticed that I was in pain for three days. I got to thinking that if the people that attacked me were vampires would that mean that they had turned me into a vampire. I got out of the car and went into the forest. I could see every detail, all eight colors of the rainbow and I could also smell everything. That was the first time that I had noticed that it was dark out. I smelled around me and noticed that all I could smell were animals. My new instinct told me to go after it and attack it and so that is what I did. I only got two deer. I went back to my car and looked at what time it was. I should be getting back to my mom and Phil. I wonder if I still had I flat tire. I checked my tire and it had been changed. I wonder who did that. I had gotten back in my car and head to my house.
End of Flashback
I could not believe that I was there for almost a year. From the time I was turned I had only feed from animals. I was crazy for staying in Florida for almost a year. I should have moved sooner but I did not know how I would be able to stand a plane full of humans. I was moving to Forks not because I wanted to live with my father but because of the weather. The constant clouds and rain they have. I have not run into any more vampires since I was turned. I hope that at some point I do. I also hope to run into the vampires that turned me so I can kill them. They had no right to leave me on my own. I was so lost in my thoughts that I had not noticed that the plane was landing. I was so happy to be on the ground. I think the most difficult part of my travel would be the hour ling car ride with my dad who is the Chief of the Forks Police. Nothing in society slows traffic down like a cop. I could not wait until I would buy my own car. I lived a few miles away from the school so I could run but I really didn’t want to so it would be better if I had a car. I had told my dad not to get me a car but if he wanted to get me something he could get me something for my room. My flight had finally landed and the only thing left was the long drive to the house. I only had one bag with me and it was my carryon bag. I was glad that I would not have to deal with baggage claim. I went to baggage claim anyway because that was where he was going to pick me up. I looked around and could not find me. However I did see a honey blonde guy waiting for someone. I noticed that he also had the same golden color of his eyes. He has to be a vampire. From the corner of my eye I noticed from the corner of my eye a small pixie like girl with black hair and golden eyes ran to the honey blonde and then kissed him. I noticed that a bronze hair boy also with golden eyes following her. They must be family. They all looked right at me. Dang what am I going to do to get out of this? My mind was racing with thoughts. “Who are you?” the bronze god asked me. “I am Isabella Swan but I prefer Bella.” “You are the chief daughter right?” he asked. “Yes that is right. Why?” I was getting annoyed with him but for some reason I could not look away from him. “Well I notice that we are alike and I was wondering if you were going to be staying with him.” “Yes I was planning on staying with him. I don’t care I was living like this with my mother and step father every since this happened about a year ago. I have not harmed a single human. I don’t like the way they smell. I only feed on animal blood.” I could tell that he was a mind reader. The pixie was a future seer and her mate could sense people emotions. I am so going to tap into their power and store it as my own. I could tell that the mind reader was trying to read my mind but that was not going to happen because I also have a shield. “I would not do that if I were you mind reader.” I told him. He looked really shocked. “You did not see this coming future seer? Or did you and did not tell him.” I wish I knew their names. It was as if the pixie could read my mind. “I am Alice and this is Jasper. That is Edward.” Wait I knew that name. I have come across that name before. “Edward Cullen?” He looked surprised that I knew his last name. “Yeah that is our coven. How did you know?” I then remembered the note the male had left me after turning me. It mentioned that if I needed any help to look for Edward Cullen. “Well the couple that had turned me left while I was turning but the male left a letter for me. It said that if I needed any help that I should find Edward Cullen. If you want to know who they were it will take some time for me to draw them to show or I would put my shield down for you to see it Edward.” I thought about it and waited for him to answer. “I think I know who it is but I wish my father could see this person.” I thought about it for a second and then remembered that I had my sketchbook with me. I pulled it out and began to draw the couple. It took me about one minute to completely draw them. I gave them the paper. “Oh thank you so much. I now can show this to Carlisle and see what he thinks.” “Well by the looks of it I think Charlie forgot to pick me up so I think I would have to run home.” I told them. I could tell that they were all thinking about whether or not to let me run or to drive me. I couldn’t believe that Charlie, my own father, forgot to pick me up. “We can take you to your house if you want? Or you could meet our parents and the rest of the family?” Alice asked. I wonder why she would ask because I know that she can see the future so wouldn’t she have seen me going to their house. “Alice let me guess you saw me going to your house didn’t you?” She squealed really loudly. I looked at the guys. “So I take that as a yes.” The both nodded their head. “Well let’s go already.” With that we were on the way to their car and on the way to their house. The whole time Edward was sitting in the back seat with me I could feel a pull toward him and I had no clue what that was that I was feeling. Was he to also feeling it? ‘I can’t wait for them to get together.’ Alice said. “I heard that Alice.” I said. “You heard what Bella? I didn’t say anything.” “But I heard you. Oh wait never mind I know why I heard you. I have the ability to tap into others’ powers and if I think they are good enough to keep I would keep them. I had done that to all of your powers.” “That means you heard my thoughts.” “Yea Alice I did.” “Oops.” “Why am I unable to read your thoughts Bella?” Edward asked. “Well I am also a physical and mental shield.” It seemed like a light switch had flipped and he understood.

Sounds really good!!!! Please keep me updated? Thank you for telling me about your new story! Please write soon! :)

thanks for reading!


<3 Alice Cullen <3

I love it! Please keep me updated and post more soon :)

plz continue!!!!

ps. sorry i haven't been commenting on any of your stories. but i just got my computer rights back!

thanks for reading!

<3 Alice Cullen <3

no prob. Alice!

thanks for reading!

<3 Alice Cullen <3

Loved it keep me updated

thanks for reading!

<3 Alice Cullen <3

Wow ur story is AWESOME, please keep me posted!!


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