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I did not know much of anything about much before I was one of them. I did not even know that they existed. I only thought there were only humans in the world.








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Love it post more soon!:)

Chapter 5
I found the room where the music was coming from. I saw that it was Edward was playing the piano. “Hello stranger.” He said. “Hello to yourself.” “How have you been?” “I have been better. I cannot believe that I made Charlie his dinner. So how long have you played the piano?” “I have played ever since I was ten. I was turned in 1918 at the age of 17. Do you play any instruments?” “I do. Some of them I taught myself to play in the past year since all nothing to do at nights. The others I have played since I was ten.” “What instruments do you play?” “Well I can play the flute, guitar, piano, clarinet, and the saxophone.” I sounded like a bit of a show off with know how to play all of those instruments. “How long have you been playing them?” “Well I knew how to play the flute, piano and saxophone since I was nine. During this last year with nothing to do at nights I learned how to play the guitar and the clarinet. Even though when I play the guitar or the clarinet it sounds like I have known how to play them longer then I actually have. Would you like to hear something?” He nodded. “Okay. What instrument should I use the guitar or the flute?” “I want you to use my piano. I want to hear you play that.” “Okay that works with me.” I went over to my bag that I brought with me and grabbed the music that I had composed earlier. I went back over to the piano. I sat down on the bench and Edward sat down right next to me. I started playing. I focused on my emotions and that was the only reason that I had not started crying while playing. I finished the piece and it seemed like Edward was speechless. “So what do you think?” “Ohm… That was really good. Who wrote it?” “I did. I wrote it earlier. I wrote it because I had recently become inspired. Do you want to know that name of the song?” He nodded his head. “It is called Edward’s song. It is named after the person that inspired me.” His jaw dropped. “Did I do something wrong?” I short of felt like I was doing something wrong. I was just waiting for him to stay away from him. I could cry if I was able to do that. “No you did nothing wrong Bella. I was just shocked by the song. I also wrote a song because I was too inspired.” I moved over to give him front and center at the piano. He had played the most wonderful piece that I ever heard ( ). I was in awe. I could not find works to describe the song. “What did you name this song?” I think that he might have done the same thing as me and named it after the person that had inspired him. “Well I hadn’t really given it a thought about what to name it but I think I will name it Bella’s Lullaby.” I dropped my jaw. “Bella you might want to close your mouth that way you don’t catch any flies.” I had to giggle when he said that. As we were sitting there we had began to lean toward each other without noticing. The next thing I knew he kissed me. I kissed him back with so much passion. I never knew that I had that much passion. I suddenly became glad that I had decided to move to Forks. “You know I am glad that I moved to Forks. I don’t know how long it would have been until I met you.” “I am so glad as well.” “Do you want to hear another song? This song I had written for Uncle Carlisle but this was long after he had moved.” “Sure. I would like to hear it.” He moved over to give me the center spot. I began the song from memory ( ). This song is one that I would never forget. I got lost playing the song that I had not heard someone walk into the room. I finished the song and a heard someone from behind me clapping. I turned around and saw that in was Uncle Carlisle. I could not believe it. “Oh I didn’t hear you come in here Uncle Carlisle.” “I heard someone playing the piano but I could tell that it was not Edward who was playing so I wanted to see who was playing. I didn’t know that you played the piano.” “Yeah I have been playing since I was nine. I had written that song a couple of years ago. I wrote for you.” I was unsure of how he was going to react. “Well that is a really wonderful song Bella. Thank you so much.” His pager went off. “I am sorry but I am on call and I need to be get to the hospital.” “Bye dad.” “Bye Uncle Carlisle.” “Bye guys. I will see you later.” I started to see something. My vision was in the near future. I think maybe it was tonight that this would be happening. Edward and I were dancing in the middle of a meadow, I think that it is Edward’s and my meadow. There were lights everywhere and the piano was there. Plus we were both dressed up. I am glad that my shield was up. I also put it up around Alice so Edward would not see what we saw. “I will be back I need to go talk to Alice.” I kissed him and left to go find Alice. I found Alice in her room. “Did you see the same thing that I saw?” “Well Bella that depends on what you saw.” “Well I can show you what I saw.” I went over to her and put my hands on either side of her head. I showed her what I saw. “Did you see that?” “Yes. I had seen that.” “Do you want to help me get this ready for tonight?” Her eyes light up and she nodded her head. “Okay, well I figured I would go and set up the lights and take the piano out there. Try and keep Edward here and then at midnight I want you to get him to change. If he were to ask you were I went tell him that I went back to my house and that I would be back by midnight. Once he gets dressed texted me that way I can get to the meadow and that way he could follow my scent to the meadow. After I have everything set up I will come back and get dressed.” She left. I went to get my bag and I put it in Alice and Jasper’s room. I went to go find Emmett I found him and Jasper outside wrestling. “Hey guys. Can I talk to you? I need to ask you something.” They stopped and I went out to where they were. “Hey Bells. What do you need?” Emmett asked. “I was hoping that you would help me set up something for later tonight?” “What would you want us to do?” Jasper asked. “Well I would need you guys to help carry some things to an area. Then later help carry them back.” They looked at each other and then nodded their heads. “We’ll help you.” I nodded my head to let them to know that they should follow me. “I need you guys to take the piano out to the woods. I will head out to where you should go. You should follow my scent that is the freshest.” I went to the garage and grabbed strands of lights. I went out to the meadow with Jasper and Emmett a little ways behind me. I got to the meadow and started to set up the lights. I wanted the lights to make a path to the meadow. I had all the lights set up around the center of the meadow when Emmett and Jasper came with the piano. “Guys you can set the piano over there where the extra strands of light are.” They took the piano over there and sat it down. I had all the lights set up and grabbed the extra lights to take them back. I looked at the time and saw that it was 11:15 pm. I need to be getting back to get dressed. I went back with the guys to the house. I went into Alice and Jasper’s room and found my bag. I went to the bathroom they had to wash my face. I went back into the room to get dressed ( ). Once I was dressed I went back into the bathroom to do my makeup. I also had done my hair differently ( ). I heard someone at the door of the bedroom. I listened for the thoughts and it was Alice. “Come in Alice.” She came into room and stared at me. “What are you staring at?” “I was staring at you. I never saw you dressed up.” “I’m not as dressed up as I can be.” “You look absolutely beautiful.” “Thank you. I need to be going.” It was 11:50 pm and Edward will be there about midnight. “Thank you so much helping me Alice. Please can you text me when he leaves.” She nodded her head. I left the room and head out to the meadow. I got there and it was about midnight. All I had to do now was to wait. I felt my phone go off so I checked it. I had message from Alice. The message said that Edward had just left. He will be here soon. I went over to the piano and start playing his song and I could hear him getting closer.

Awwwww!!!! Thank you for the update!!!!!!!! I can't wait for more!!!!!!! Awww it sounds like such a great date for Bella & Edward!!!!! Please write soon!!!!!!!!

Loveee it :)

Chapter 6
He walked into the meadow and his jaw dropped. “Hello Edward.” He looked over at me. “Did you do all of this?” “Not really Emmett and Jasper helped and so did Alice.” “You are a very sneaky girl you know that right.” “I know I am.” He came over to me and gave me a kiss. “So why did you do this?” “What I am not aloud to do anything special every once in a while?” “Yeah you can. This just surprised me. If I didn’t know you the way I do I would have guessed that Alice had planned this.” I just laughed and shuck my head. ‘Let’s dance.’ I thought to him. He nodded his head and took me to the center of the meadow to dance. We danced for hours. So about 4 am Edward and I cleared the meadow and went back to his house. I did not want to leave but I have to be back at my house before 5 am because that was when Charlie was going to be getting up. It was 4:30 am when I left the Cullen house. “I will see you soon Edward.” I kissed him and left to go home. I didn’t want to go but I had to. Once I got home I put my clothes away and also put my instruments away as well. It was 5 am and I heard Charlie’s alarm clock go off. I giggled to myself. I am so glad that I don’t have to deal with the alarm clocks. I had an hour before I would have to get a shower. I went to my closet and choose an outfit to wear to school. I decided to wear a blue dress with matching heels. My makeup would match as well ( ). I laid my outfit on my bed and then got everything ready. I had about 5 minutes before I could get a shower. I went downstairs to greet my father. “Good morning Dad.” “Oh good morning Bells. You’re up early.” “Yup. I had to get a shower this morning and plus I was woken up by your alarm clock.” “Sorry about that.” I noticed that he was almost ready to leave. “Do you have to at work early today?” “Yeah I do. A security guard at the mill was killed early this morning and they need me to go in early.” “Well be safe Dad. I will see you tonight at dinner right?” “No honey sorry. I will not be home for dinner.” “Oh okay well I will put the leftovers in the fridge for you then when you get home.” “Bye Dad. I hope to see you later.” “Bye Bells. Have a good day at school.” As soon as Charlie was out the door I was upstairs taking a shower. While I was taking my shower I could help to think that something was going to go wrong today. I got out of the shower and went to my room. I was glad that I still had my towel wrapped around me because when I walked into my room Edward was there sitting on my bed. “What the heck are you doing here?” “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I came to talk to you.” He turned around and faced the wall. I went and grabbed my dress off of the bed and put it on. “Okay you can turn around. What did you want to talk about?” I went over to my mirror to do my hair ( ). “Well I get this feeling that something is not right.” My jaw dropped when he said that. I quickly turned around to face him. “You have had that feeling too. I thought it was just me. Anyway I am coming over to your house after school right?” He nodded his head. I then remembered that Carlisle was on call tonight. “Uncle Carlisle has my cell phone number right?” He thought about it. “I don’t think he does. Do you want to go over there before school so you can give it to him” “Yes please. If I still have this feeling later I think that it would be good for him to have it.” I put on my shoes and grabbed my bags. “Let’s go.” I just hope that I won’t be getting a call from Uncle Carlisle later tonight and it be about Charlie. As we were on our way to his house my phone rang and it was Renee phone number. “My mom is calling me.” I told him. “Hello.” “Hello. Is this Bella Swan?” “Yes it is. May I help you?” “I am the chief of police in Miami, Florida. I am sorry to inform you that your mother Renee and step father Phil were in a car crash and were killed.”“When did they die?” “They died yesterday.” “Would it be possible for their bodies to be shipped here to Forks, Washington?” “Yes ma’am. The bodies should be there in a couple of days. Again I am sorry for your loss.” I hung my phone up and started to sob. Edward pulled up outside the house and got out and came around to my side of the car. He opened up the door for me to get out. I got out and hugged him and continued to sob. He picked me up and went inside the house. There is no way that I will be going to school today. ‘There is no way I am going to school today.’ “I know. Alice told me.” By this time we were in the living room and sitting on the couch. Everyone was in the living room and they were staring at me. “Will please stop staring it is rude. If you have something to say or something to ask just say it or ask.” “Bella what happened?” Rose asked. “Well I was on my way here when my phone rang. It was my mother’s number. I had answered it. Well it was the chief of police there. Well he had to call because he needed to inform me that Renee and Phil were killed in a car crash. I need to be at the air port in the next couple of days to receive their bodies. I am going to get them buried here.” “Oh my! I am so sorry Bella.” Esme said and come over to me and gave me a hug. “I will not be going to school today. If anyone asks tell that my mother died. Plus I am going to call the police officer back to see when I have to be at the air port and not to mention but I need to call the funeral home to arrange everything.” We sat there in silence the rest of the morning until the others left for school. Esme went ahead and started weeding in her garden and Carlisle left to go to the hospital. I called the officer at lunch time. “Hello I’m Bella Swan. I am calling to talk to the chief of police.” “Please hold.” I was on hold of about 2 minutes before he picked up. “Hello Bella. What can I do for you?” “Hello. I am calling to see when the plane would be landing at the air port.” “Oh let me see. The papers say that the plane will be landing at 3 pm.” “Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. Good bye.” I hung up. I then looked up the number for the funeral home and told Edward to call them because I would not be able to talk to them. I didn’t even listen to the call. “Bella, honey, the funeral home said they could have two cars be at the air port by 3 pm to pick up your mother and Phil.” “Thank you Edward. Can you take me home? I want to change. I don’t feel like wearing the color pink anymore.” “Sure.” We went out to where Esme was to let her know that we would be going to my house and then out to the air port. “We will see you later Esme. Edward is taking me to my house to change and then we will be going to the air port.” “Well Bella if there is anything you need in the mean time let me know and I can get it for you.” “Thanks.” Edward and I left to go to my house. Once we got there Edward waited in the living room for me. I went up to my room and changed into a black dress with black heeled boots ( ). I also changed my hairstyle ( ). I just straightened my hair. I could not believe that my mom and Phil were dead. I finished getting ready and went downstairs. As soon as I got downstairs I heard my phone ring. I pulled my phone out to see who was calling me. I saw that it was Uncle Carlisle. No, I can’t be getting more bad news. ”Hello Uncle Carlisle.” “Hello Bella. I know that you do not want any more bad news today but I have no choice in the matter. I am calling because I was called by the police saying that one of their officers was shot and killed and I am afaird to tell you that it was you father. He was shot and killed.” I could not move I went numb. I feel to my knees and started sobbing. I lost both my parents and my step father. Edward rushed over to me and took the phone. I can only assume that Carlisle told Edward as well. He hung the phone up and then called the funeral home again. I guess that I will be hosting a mass funeral for them. The next thing I knew was that Edward and I were at the air port waiting for my mom and step father. The funeral home director and the assistant was there to pick up their bodies. Once the plane got there my mom and Phil were moved into the cars and then Edward and I followed that cars back to the funeral home. I have no clue how I was going to pay for all three funerals. “Bella, Carlisle told me that if you needed any money to pay for the funerals that we will help if you need us to.” “Thanks. Plus I have no idea what I am going to do. I mean that I will have no place to go. I may end up having to move again out of state.” “There is no way I am going to let you leave. I also know for a fact that no one else in the family is going to let you leave either.”

So sad! I'm crying! That's spooky sad! Poor Bella!!! Edward will help her through it, I'm sure of it! I love it! Send me updates please!

Awwwww so sad!!!!!!!! I can't believe that Charlie, Renee and Phil died!!!!!!!! Poor Bella!!!!!!! It seems as if someone planed it! Thank you for the update!!!! I can't wait for more!!!!!!!! Please write soon!!!!!!! :)

Oh no! I have a feeling that someone wants revenge on Bella. What did she do? Please update soon!

Poor Bella ...This is so sad!!!

Chapter 7
‘I can’t believe this. I have never done anything like this before. Carlisle knew this was coming.’ “Uncle Carlisle knew what was coming Edward?” “Oh you heard that. I am sorry. Shortly after I met you I talked to Carlisle and he said that if we were away from each other for too long we would become depressed. He told me that at some point that we would move into together. So I want to know if you would want to move in with me. We can share my room or you can have the attic to yourself.” I could not believe that he has asked me to move in with him. I had no idea what to think. “I will need time to think about it Edward.” “Ok Bella take all the time you need. Once we get to the funeral home you can take my car and go to the hospital Carlisle wants to talk to you.” I just nodded. Once we got there he parked right out the front door and got out. I got out and walked around to the driver’s side of the car. I gave him a kiss and a hug. He then turned and walked inside I got in the car and drove to the hospital. Once I got to the hospital I got out and went in to find Carlisle. I went to the front desk to ask the lady where Uncle Carlisle. “Hello. May I help you?” The lady asked. “Yes. Hello. I was wondering where I could find Dr. Carlisle Cullen?” I asked. “Are you family?” “Yes I am. I am his niece.” “I will page him for you. You can wait over in the waiting room.” She pointed to the waiting room. “Thanks.” I went over to the waiting room and waited for Uncle Carlisle. I waited for about 10 minutes before Uncle Carlisle came in looking for me. “Bella?” I looked up at him. I got up and went over to where he was. “Edward told me to come over because he said that you needed to talk to me.” “Yes I do Bella. Will you follow me to my office?” I nodded. We were off to his office. Once we got there he closed that door. “Uncle Carlisle what was so important that you have to tell me in private?” “Well I was the doctor that had to determine the cause of death for your father and I had to lie. When I looked at him something wasn’t right. It looked like he was mauled by an animal instead of being shot. I had to tell everyone that he was shot. He was actually attacked by vampires. Their scent was still all over him. I could not recognize the scent either. I am sorry Bella. I thought you needed to know that truth about his death.” I could not believe what I was hearing. I thought I saw something. I was pulled into the future. I was having a vision. Two vampires were standing at the other side of a clearing. It looked like a baseball field. ‘Hello Bella.’ ‘What do you want?’ ‘We just wanted to tell you that no matter what you try to do all the Cullens and you will die by our army. Plus we wanted to tell you that we killed your father.’ ‘You are dead.’ “Bella is everything alright?” “I need a piece of paper.” He gave me a piece of paper and a pencil. I started drawing the two people from my vision. Once I was done I did not know who they were. “Do you know that people?” I showed him the drawing. “Yes Bella I do know them. Why do you ask?” “Well Uncle Carlisle they will kill our family with an army. Plus they were the ones who kill Charlie.” “How do you know that?” “I copied Alice’s power. So I am only assuming that she saw that same thing that I had. Is there any way for us to prepare for the fight against the army?” “There is a way. Jasper was a major in the civil war. He can train us in fighting.” I thought about that there were other supernatural things out there. I could smell that there were werewolves in the local Indianan Reservation. “Carlisle who is the leader of the werewolf pack in La Push?” He thought about it. “Sam Uley. Why?” “Do you think that he would agree to an understanding? I thought that if we had their help than we would have the upper hand.” “Your right.” “I will go there now. I will see you later. I will call you after I talk to him to let you know that he says.” I left the hospital and went toward La Push. I got to the treaty line and waited. It did not take long for a werewolf to find me. “Are you Sam Uley? I need to talk to him.” ‘Who are you?’ “I am Bella Cullen. I was adopted by my god father Carlisle today as Charlie was killed by red eyed vampires.” ‘I am Sam. What do you want?’ “I was hoping that you might agree to an understanding. There is an army of newborn vampires on their way here. I was hoping that your pack could help us. The newborn army would never see you coming until it was too late to do anything.” ’We will help you Bella but not for your safety but of the safety of our people.’ “Thank you Sam. Will there be a way for me to contact you to let you know where to meet us to train?” ‘You can just call Jacob and tell him. He will relay the message to me.’ “Goodbye Sam.” I left and got back into my car and called Carlisle. “Hey Uncle Carlisle. The pack said they would help. I need to go. I will talk to you later.” I then called Edward. “Do you need me to pick you up?” “No I don’t Bella. I ran home. I am waiting for you.” “Well then meet me at my house. I should be there soon. I need to pack.” He hung up. I arrived at my house shortly after Edward hung up. He was waiting outside the door for me. I got out of the car and went to the door. “What did Carlisle want?” “He didn’t tell you?” “No he didn’t tell me. All he told me was that he needed to talk to you and that is was important.” “Well I will tell you when I tell the other in the family.” We went in and went up to my room. I started packing and Edward started helping me pack as well. With his help my room was packed quickly. “Phil’s funeral is tomorrow, Renee’s is the day after and then Charlie’s is the day after that.” “Thank you Edward for doing that.” “We should be getting back.” We took all my stuff and put in the car. I looked at the house for the last time before locking it up for the final time. I went back to the car and Edward was there waiting for me. Once we got back to his, well now our, house he helped me take my stuff inside. “So where are you going to stay Bella?” “Do you really need to ask?” “I guess it was stupid to ask.” I just giggled and nodded. “Is everyone home now?” “Yeah they should be.” “Okay well we need to have a family meeting.” “When?” “Now.” “I know you all heard her. Meeting is in the dining room.” Edward grabbed my hand and we left to go to the dining room. “Okay everyone. It seems like faith has been against me today. Earlier today I was called to talk with Carlisle at the hospital. I went there and he told me that he was in charge of determining Charlie cause of death. Well he had to lie. Charlie was actually attacked by vampires. I drew them and showed them to Carlisle.” I looked over to him to let him know to speak. “When Bella showed me the picture I knew who they were right away. They are Victoria and James.” Emmett raised his hand. “Yes Emmett.” “Bella, why did you have to draw who attacked Charlie? Plus how did you know what they looked like?”

So good write more soon :)

Lov e it


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