The Twilight Saga

Never Again

Chapter 1

~Bella's pov~

When I found out, they were coming back. I really didn't know

what to think, I mean what would they
think, when they'd see me as a vampire. It wasn't really my

fault though, I didn't mean to become one.

I just decided to go to the meadow, to relax & think & they

were there. Vampires, sparkling in the sun,
then it all happened so fast. I thought they would drain me,

but they didn't. To my surprise they ran,
leaving me there, shaking like crazy.

And then, I saw a were wolf. Later on, I realized it was a

friend Jacob. That's when I found out Jacob
was a were wolf. I remembered hearing him, "No! We have to

save her!" he repeated with fear.

But sadly, he really couldn't. He didn't mean to save me from

dying, he meant to save me from being a
vampire, Jacob hated vampires, but he still loved me.

Then everything went blank for a while, and all I could see

was Edward, which made me pissed. I was
angry at him, I didn't want to see him at all - I hated him.

So when I woke up, I was screaming.

I realized I was in Jacob's garage tied up, his grampa & his

were wolf friends were there. "Bella." Jacob
said, he was so worried about me. I struggled to get out of

the tied ropes, "What's going on?" I asked,
I nearly forgot everything.

Then Jacob kneeled down next to me, nervously and cautiously.

"Are you okay Bella?" he asked, I nodded
my head. "Of - course I'm okay. Why wouldn't I be okay?" I

asked, now the ropes started to feel less
tough. Then I pulled out of them, and they all backed away

from me. Except Jacob.

"Wow, she's strong." someone commented, I gasped as I spotted

a mirror near me. It was shattered, but I
could still see myself. My eyes were red, and my skin was

more pale. My hair looked silky & soft. I looked
amazing, I didn't recognize myself at all...

"Bella, how are you feeling?" Jacob asked, walking carefully

to me. "Oh no..." was all I said, and I started
to cry, I wanted to be a vampire, but not like this. Not when

I'm alone, not when they just left me. I don't
know what to do, I feel like a lost puppy, that would be

wondering alone. What about my dad, could I
stand being near him! I can't hurt him...

I just broke down, trying to cry... Then I could hear Jacob

kneeling, "Don't Jake!" Billy warned, but Jacob
ignored him. Then to my surprise, his arms wrapped around me.

And he actually smelled okay, much like
a dog, but I didn't care. I looked up to him, and he cringed,

probably from the sight of my red eyes.

"What am I going to do?" I said, still no tears were coming

out. But I continued to sob, and Jacob sighed.
"We'll do something Bella. We'll do something, Don't worry."

he said, now hugging me tighter. I hugged
him back, and he flew back like he was out of breath.

"Your right, she is strong." he admitted, and his friends

laughed. I half smiled and Billy just looked at me.
"Do you... Are you thirsty Bella?" Billy asked, I gulped.

"Truthfully. Yes. But I don't smell anything delicious."
I admitted, that was the first time, they realized I could

control my thirst.

Now, I was here, a house near the woods. Hidden, close near

La Push, but the good part was Jacob always
came over. So... Here I was, getting ready, for a 'Welcome

Back Party' for them. I can't believe I was actually
coming, but I do need to see them. I need to confront them, I

can't pretend like it never happened...

I put on some faded blue jeans, and a white long sleeve

sweater, along with a matching white scarf. It
was getting pretty cold, it was Fall in Forks, close to

Winter. I was outside, when I spotted Jake on my truck.

He jumped off, with a bright smile on his face. "Hey Bella."

he said, It was a good thing, I was controlled. Jake
still looked & talked to me like I was Bella. Even though, I

looked more different. He still loved me, and I still
loved him...

"Hey Jake, what's up?" I asked, pushing a hair piece behind

my ear. "I just wanted to see how your doing. Did
you hear?" he asked, and I already knew what he was talking

about. "Yeah. I'm actually going." I replied,
"Wow. Why?" he asked, Jacob really didn't want me to go, one

of my extra talents from being a vampire
was sensing emotions, kinda like Jasper... I had more, but

I'll explain them to you later.

"Jake, I can't act scared. I need to confront them." I said,

I made my way to opening the car door. But Jake
stood in front of me, "Or you can just ignore them & let them

realize what they've done when they see you."
Jake replied, I just sighed. "Jake, they didn't do this. It

was other vampires." I said, he just looked at me. "Well,
they did something even worse, they left you. Bella, it was

their faults." he said, I just half smiled.

I loved it when Jake, acted protective. I hugged him tighty,

but not too tight. "Don't worry. I'll be okay. I just
need to see them, and maybe it'll be the last time I see

them." I said, he tried to get out my hold. But I was
too strong. I couldn't help but giggle, I pulled away & he

playfully glared at me.

"Not fair. Don't use your vampire strenghts." he said, I

laughed agian. And then pushed him lightly away,
and got into my truck. My truck changed a lot, it has a much

better paint job, more red & shiny. But sometimes
the motor acted up. "Okay, then. Do you want me to come with

you?" he asked, I smiled and he smiled too.

"No. I'll be okay. Anyways, I heard you guys are having

another bon fire thingy." I said, he rolled his eyes.
"It's okay. I can really come with - "I interrupted him, "No.

I'll be fine. Have fun. I'll see you later, okay?" I said,
Jake smiled and rolled his eyes. "Fine then. Bye." he said,

he ran into the woods and I could hear his light
fast foot steps, turning into loud thumping paw steps on the

hard ground.

Then I made my way to Dr.Higgs house. Dr.Higgs was a close

friend of Carlisle, and created the 'Welcome
Back Party'...

* * *

When I got to Dr.Higg's house, I hadn't realized how huge it

was, but then again he was a doctor. He was the
first person to greet me, "Bella! How have you been?" he

asked, he knew me alot, esspecially before I was a
vampire, I was very clumsy. "I've been good." I replied, with

a half smile. "I haven't seen you in a while. You
haven't changed, you still look young. You need to tell me

your secret." he said, I smiled.

"Well, I've just been hanging out at La Push... I have

friends there. And theres no secret, I'm just taking care of

I said, he smiled. "Charlie would be so happy to see you

right now." he said, "He'd be proud, you've grown to become
a beautiful young lady." he added, and I blushed well I was.

You can't really tell though, because of how pale I was.

Charlie died, three years ago. He died, when I was supposed

to turn 20... but technically I'm still 18 of course. He died
from a heart problem, it was hard on me, esspecially my mom.

I was surprised to see how much she actually cared for him.
But I still own his house, keeping it for memories of him.

My thoughts were interrupted by Dr.Higgs again, "You should

get a tan. You've become quite pale you know." he added
again, I smiled. "Thanks for the advice. I'll be going in." I

said, and he nodded. "oh, yes! of - course, I'm sorry If I've

you standing here... Carlisle and his family are already here

too..." he added, and then I felt a pang of worry.

"Oh okay." I said, and slowly walked in, through his huge

house. I looked around slowly, I thought I heard my heart

but it wasn't mine... Then I spotted Jessica, Mike, Eric &


"Bella!" they screamed, they looked continued to look at me,

astonished. "Hey you guys." I said, they all smiled. Angela
hugged me, and I hugged her back gently. "Wow, you look

amazing." she commented, and I pushed hair piece back,
"Thanks. You too." I said,

"You look like you haven't aged! Where have you been?" Eric

asked, I shrugged. "Just hanging out at La Push." I admitted,
"We should hang out sometime." Jessica said, with a nervous

smile. "Yeah, like go to the movies." Mike added, it was

I could sense Jessica, she was feeling a little jealous. Mike

was surprised. Eric was happy & Angela was calm. I wasn't
really surprised by their moods, they hadn't seen me in 3


"So, have you heard?" Jessica asked, I shook my head. "Me and

Mike are engaged." she said, with a smile. I smiled back,
"Congradulations!" I said, they smiled. "Thanks." Mike

replied, "Were getting married around April." Jessica added,

an excited smile. I couldn't focus on Jessica, because just

then I saw them.

There stood the Cullens...

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okay i love it and where is the rest of the . please
Ohh I Love It(: Can't Wait For More


~Bella's pov~

There stood the Cullens. Along with another female, she was with Edward.
They hadn't changed at all. Carlisle was smiling, then he spotted me. His smile
dissapeared. Then all their eyes shifted to me, I felt a little uncomfortable, but I just walked away &
ignored their stares.

I was outside, standing with Jessica & Angela. Jessica was telling me, about how Mike proposed to her.
"... And then after we walked on the beach, he kneeled down and said 'Will you marry me?' my heart
melted and I just screamed with joy!" Jessica finished, I half smiled, "That's great." I replied, she continued
to smile. Then I noticed Angela's annoyed face. "So what about you Angela? How are you & Eric doing?"
I asked, trying to help her into the convo. She sighed, "I don't think he wants to marry me." she admitted,
I gulped. "Do you love him?" I asked, she nodded her head. "Yes! But, I don't think he does... Don't you hate
that, when you really love someone & they can't even love you back?" she asked, now rambling off.

Truthfully though, I did. Well actually Me & Edward loved eachother, then he just stopped caring. After that
day, when Jasper nearly went crazy over my blood. Then he blamed his self, stupid him. Couldn't he under -
stand, that trouble would happen? He couldn't always protect me, I always argued with him, telling him
that he wouldn't have to protect me or worry about me, if he just changed me, but no, he wouldn't.

I didn't know it, but Angela was still talking to me. So I quickly snapped back, "Yeah." I said, she sighed.
And then tears formed in her eyes, "I hate him." she said, then Eric appeared with a bright smile on his
face, along with Mike. "Hey Girls! How are you guys doing?" he asked, and Angela started to cry harder,
running out of everyone's sight. I was about to run after her, but Eric stopped me. "What happened?" he asked,
sounding a little worried, I just said "Go find her. She needs to talk to you." and then he ran off after her...

Jessica sighed, "Wow... Now I feel kinda bad." she admitted, "What happened?" Mike asked, before
Jessica could reply, there was another voice that came out of no where. "Hey..." it was light and bright,
also familiar.

Jessica & Mike looked behind me, and I turned around. There stood Alice & Jasper. The rest were behind
very cautious. "Hey..." Jessica replied, very quietly. "Um. Do you mind if we could talk to Bella alone?"
Jasper asked, kindly. I could tell, he was less tense, than the last time I saw him. He was more comfortable,
you could say.

"Sure." Jessica&Mike replied, at the same time, and left quickly. Then I faced them, with a straight, blank face.
Not sure what to say, Not sure what to do. "Bella." they both said, I nodded. "Hey, Alice & Jasper." I replied,
they continued to look at me.

"What happened to you?" Alice finally asked, I sighed. "Isn't it obvious?" I asked, Jasper gulped. "Who did this
to you?" she asked, I just shrugged. "I don't know." I replied, "Did you do this to yourself?" Jasper asked,
sounding a little angry. "No." I replied calmly.

"We need to go somewhere." Alice said, "Oh okay." I said starting to walk away. "No Bella. You need to
come with us." Jasper added, I stopped and turned around. "Why?" I asked, "We need to talk about this."
Alice said, "This?" I asked, "About you." Jasper replied.

"Look theres nothing to talk about. I am, what I am." I replied, "Bella, don't make this complicated." Jasper said.
I ignored him, he sounded like he was getting even more angrier. "We want to know what happened to you."
Alice said, then I just stared at them.

Why would you want to know what happened? You guys left me? Why do you care? I just wanted to scream at them,
I was trying to keep chill. And then as my mouth opened, I spotted someone from the corner of my eyes. It was

"Hey Everyone!" he said loudly, and they all greeted him. He was wearing a suit, with no tie, but some worn out dress
shoes. He looked great, and had a cup in his hand. He walked up to me, with a smile on his face. And stood next to me.

"Hey Bells. What's up?" he asked, I just stared at him, my mouth open. "Jake, what are you doing here?" I asked, I didn't
even bother to look at Alice & Jasper. He smiled, "I thought I'd stop by. Anyways my friends are here with me too." he admitted,
and soon enough I spotted the rest, already grabbing food.

I sighed, and closed my eyes with a gulp. "Bella, we need to talk." Jasper said, I turned back to them. And to my surprise, there
stood all of them. Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmet, Edward & another girl... Probably Edward's new mate.

"Um. Honestly it's not a good time." I said, and the music turned on. "Okay Everyone! Time, to get your date & dance!" someone
screamed, people cheered as they got on the dance floor. I sighed, as Jake & his friends were dancing like idiots on the dance

I looked back to them, and saw Edward's eyes piercing into me. He looked gorgeous, he reminded me why I fell in love with him.
He reminded me, why I cried for him. He reminded me, Why I longed for him. But now, it was different. The hole he created,
was almost closed and he couldn't open it again, he wouldn't. Could he?

I quickly looked away from him, "Bella, we should talk." Carlisle's calm voice said, I sighed. "Look. It's nothing you don't really
need to know. You can just let it go - " " - No. We need to know." Esme said, her voice still soft and kind. "Why?" I asked,
"Because Bella... We still care about you." Alice finally said, and I let out a nervous laugh... I didn't mean to let it out, but I did.

They all looked ashamed now, and that's what I wanted to avoid. Then I felt someone's arm around my arm. "C'mon Bella, let's go
dancing..." Jacob said, sounding drunk. I looked at him, "Jake. Your drunk." I said, "No I'm not!" he said, and quickly pulled me
lifting me nearly up. He dragged me to the dance floor, and I nervously looked down.

"Jake, this isn't a good time." I said, he just smiled and put his arms around my waiste... Then I just gave up, and put my arms around
his neck, I'm lucky he was strong, because if he hadn't pulled me up a little, I probably wouldn't be able to reach him...

I glanced back to them, and they all continued to stare at me & Jake. The Music slowed down, to a romance song... And I gulped
trying to pull away...

Jake often did this, trying to get me. He loved me, and I knew it, I loved him too, but not the same way he did. Once I remember
he took me out to the beach, and set up a candle lit dinner I immediatly left him... I already told him, I don't do that kind of stuff.
Ever since Edward left, I decided that I would never fall in love, that I wouldn't get myself hurt or my heart broken. But Jake
never gave up, but he was a good guy, I know he would never hurt me, or break my heart, he loved me too much...

So when I glanced back, Edward had a blank expression, Alice looked nervous and Emmet just rolled his eyes and I heard him
mutter, "Stupid Mutt..." but Jake ignored them.

Then I just layed my head down on Jake's shoulder. I could sense his lips curling into a smile, I sighed and whispered, "We should
go..." and he continued to smile. "I love you Bella." he said, I sighed and finally lifted my head. Then I pushed Jake away, and
ran out of the party area, trying to contstantly stay to human speed...

I ran into the woods, and just found a rock. I sat down on it, and tried to think. Tried to push away the thoughts, but they all
came at once, and I thought tears would come out, but as always, they didn't. Then I quickly looked up, to a slight noise.

And there they were... All of them. I just sighed, "What do you want?" I asked, Alice stepped in front of all them. "We want to know
how you've been?" she asked, "We know it's a stupid question..." Emmet added, and it was. Then I stood up, and stuck my hands
into my pockets. "Alright... I'll tell you everything." I finally said.


Very interesting.  Can't wait for more.  :)
Great, can't wait to read more


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