The Twilight Saga

Never Again

Chapter 1

~Bella's pov~

When I found out, they were coming back. I really didn't know

what to think, I mean what would they
think, when they'd see me as a vampire. It wasn't really my

fault though, I didn't mean to become one.

I just decided to go to the meadow, to relax & think & they

were there. Vampires, sparkling in the sun,
then it all happened so fast. I thought they would drain me,

but they didn't. To my surprise they ran,
leaving me there, shaking like crazy.

And then, I saw a were wolf. Later on, I realized it was a

friend Jacob. That's when I found out Jacob
was a were wolf. I remembered hearing him, "No! We have to

save her!" he repeated with fear.

But sadly, he really couldn't. He didn't mean to save me from

dying, he meant to save me from being a
vampire, Jacob hated vampires, but he still loved me.

Then everything went blank for a while, and all I could see

was Edward, which made me pissed. I was
angry at him, I didn't want to see him at all - I hated him.

So when I woke up, I was screaming.

I realized I was in Jacob's garage tied up, his grampa & his

were wolf friends were there. "Bella." Jacob
said, he was so worried about me. I struggled to get out of

the tied ropes, "What's going on?" I asked,
I nearly forgot everything.

Then Jacob kneeled down next to me, nervously and cautiously.

"Are you okay Bella?" he asked, I nodded
my head. "Of - course I'm okay. Why wouldn't I be okay?" I

asked, now the ropes started to feel less
tough. Then I pulled out of them, and they all backed away

from me. Except Jacob.

"Wow, she's strong." someone commented, I gasped as I spotted

a mirror near me. It was shattered, but I
could still see myself. My eyes were red, and my skin was

more pale. My hair looked silky & soft. I looked
amazing, I didn't recognize myself at all...

"Bella, how are you feeling?" Jacob asked, walking carefully

to me. "Oh no..." was all I said, and I started
to cry, I wanted to be a vampire, but not like this. Not when

I'm alone, not when they just left me. I don't
know what to do, I feel like a lost puppy, that would be

wondering alone. What about my dad, could I
stand being near him! I can't hurt him...

I just broke down, trying to cry... Then I could hear Jacob

kneeling, "Don't Jake!" Billy warned, but Jacob
ignored him. Then to my surprise, his arms wrapped around me.

And he actually smelled okay, much like
a dog, but I didn't care. I looked up to him, and he cringed,

probably from the sight of my red eyes.

"What am I going to do?" I said, still no tears were coming

out. But I continued to sob, and Jacob sighed.
"We'll do something Bella. We'll do something, Don't worry."

he said, now hugging me tighter. I hugged
him back, and he flew back like he was out of breath.

"Your right, she is strong." he admitted, and his friends

laughed. I half smiled and Billy just looked at me.
"Do you... Are you thirsty Bella?" Billy asked, I gulped.

"Truthfully. Yes. But I don't smell anything delicious."
I admitted, that was the first time, they realized I could

control my thirst.

Now, I was here, a house near the woods. Hidden, close near

La Push, but the good part was Jacob always
came over. So... Here I was, getting ready, for a 'Welcome

Back Party' for them. I can't believe I was actually
coming, but I do need to see them. I need to confront them, I

can't pretend like it never happened...

I put on some faded blue jeans, and a white long sleeve

sweater, along with a matching white scarf. It
was getting pretty cold, it was Fall in Forks, close to

Winter. I was outside, when I spotted Jake on my truck.

He jumped off, with a bright smile on his face. "Hey Bella."

he said, It was a good thing, I was controlled. Jake
still looked & talked to me like I was Bella. Even though, I

looked more different. He still loved me, and I still
loved him...

"Hey Jake, what's up?" I asked, pushing a hair piece behind

my ear. "I just wanted to see how your doing. Did
you hear?" he asked, and I already knew what he was talking

about. "Yeah. I'm actually going." I replied,
"Wow. Why?" he asked, Jacob really didn't want me to go, one

of my extra talents from being a vampire
was sensing emotions, kinda like Jasper... I had more, but

I'll explain them to you later.

"Jake, I can't act scared. I need to confront them." I said,

I made my way to opening the car door. But Jake
stood in front of me, "Or you can just ignore them & let them

realize what they've done when they see you."
Jake replied, I just sighed. "Jake, they didn't do this. It

was other vampires." I said, he just looked at me. "Well,
they did something even worse, they left you. Bella, it was

their faults." he said, I just half smiled.

I loved it when Jake, acted protective. I hugged him tighty,

but not too tight. "Don't worry. I'll be okay. I just
need to see them, and maybe it'll be the last time I see

them." I said, he tried to get out my hold. But I was
too strong. I couldn't help but giggle, I pulled away & he

playfully glared at me.

"Not fair. Don't use your vampire strenghts." he said, I

laughed agian. And then pushed him lightly away,
and got into my truck. My truck changed a lot, it has a much

better paint job, more red & shiny. But sometimes
the motor acted up. "Okay, then. Do you want me to come with

you?" he asked, I smiled and he smiled too.

"No. I'll be okay. Anyways, I heard you guys are having

another bon fire thingy." I said, he rolled his eyes.
"It's okay. I can really come with - "I interrupted him, "No.

I'll be fine. Have fun. I'll see you later, okay?" I said,
Jake smiled and rolled his eyes. "Fine then. Bye." he said,

he ran into the woods and I could hear his light
fast foot steps, turning into loud thumping paw steps on the

hard ground.

Then I made my way to Dr.Higgs house. Dr.Higgs was a close

friend of Carlisle, and created the 'Welcome
Back Party'...

* * *

When I got to Dr.Higg's house, I hadn't realized how huge it

was, but then again he was a doctor. He was the
first person to greet me, "Bella! How have you been?" he

asked, he knew me alot, esspecially before I was a
vampire, I was very clumsy. "I've been good." I replied, with

a half smile. "I haven't seen you in a while. You
haven't changed, you still look young. You need to tell me

your secret." he said, I smiled.

"Well, I've just been hanging out at La Push... I have

friends there. And theres no secret, I'm just taking care of

I said, he smiled. "Charlie would be so happy to see you

right now." he said, "He'd be proud, you've grown to become
a beautiful young lady." he added, and I blushed well I was.

You can't really tell though, because of how pale I was.

Charlie died, three years ago. He died, when I was supposed

to turn 20... but technically I'm still 18 of course. He died
from a heart problem, it was hard on me, esspecially my mom.

I was surprised to see how much she actually cared for him.
But I still own his house, keeping it for memories of him.

My thoughts were interrupted by Dr.Higgs again, "You should

get a tan. You've become quite pale you know." he added
again, I smiled. "Thanks for the advice. I'll be going in." I

said, and he nodded. "oh, yes! of - course, I'm sorry If I've

you standing here... Carlisle and his family are already here

too..." he added, and then I felt a pang of worry.

"Oh okay." I said, and slowly walked in, through his huge

house. I looked around slowly, I thought I heard my heart

but it wasn't mine... Then I spotted Jessica, Mike, Eric &


"Bella!" they screamed, they looked continued to look at me,

astonished. "Hey you guys." I said, they all smiled. Angela
hugged me, and I hugged her back gently. "Wow, you look

amazing." she commented, and I pushed hair piece back,
"Thanks. You too." I said,

"You look like you haven't aged! Where have you been?" Eric

asked, I shrugged. "Just hanging out at La Push." I admitted,
"We should hang out sometime." Jessica said, with a nervous

smile. "Yeah, like go to the movies." Mike added, it was

I could sense Jessica, she was feeling a little jealous. Mike

was surprised. Eric was happy & Angela was calm. I wasn't
really surprised by their moods, they hadn't seen me in 3


"So, have you heard?" Jessica asked, I shook my head. "Me and

Mike are engaged." she said, with a smile. I smiled back,
"Congradulations!" I said, they smiled. "Thanks." Mike

replied, "Were getting married around April." Jessica added,

an excited smile. I couldn't focus on Jessica, because just

then I saw them.

There stood the Cullens...


Thanks for reading R&R=)

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Awesome!!! Please keep me updated!!!

Wow! I really need to read what happened!


- LoveCookkies

Sounds awesome. PLEASE keep me updated please. This is a very great beginning :)
Great job
I love it! Please I beg you to keep me UPDATED! AWESOME!! haha! LOVE THIS STORY!
loved it!!!!please keep me updated

Never Again

Chapter 5

~bella's pov~

It was dark, but then suddenly my eyes fluttered open. I was lying in a small room, it looked
familiar. Then I felt heat on my cold body, and immediatly caught the scent of Jacob. I got up,
and he did too... We were both sitting up.

"Are you okay?" he asked, I just gulped. "W-what happened?" I stuttered,

Jake wrapped his arms around me, "It's okay..." he mumbled, but I shook away
from him. "No! It's not!" I shreeked, I was feeling so horrible, yet I sounded
gracefull, it was too overwhelming.

"Don't worry Bells. He's gone..." he replied, I stared at him, wide eyes. "You guys...
you guys killed him?" I asked, and he nodded his head. "We got him. He was being
complicated, but we got him." he admitted, and I gasped.

"No way..." I whispered, still shocked. He nodded his head, "He was actually pretty easy...
but then again most of the time he ran." he mumbled to himself.

I just sat there, motionless, I could do it so well, that I looked like I was frozen. That always
scared Jake. Jake shook me, "Bella!" he screamed, and I finally snapped out of it.

"What's wrong?" Jake asked, I just sighed. Then I remembered everything, about how
Laurent explained that Victoria wanted revenge, to kill me. Mate 4 mate... I shivered
a the thought, and I gulped.

I started to calm down, Laurent is gone, he won't hurt me. But then again panic hit me
again, Since Laurent is gone, Victoria will get suspicious... She'll come back to Forks,
then she'll find me, alive. Victoria is going to kill me, I can't do anything. I don't know
how to fight for myself, to defend myself.

I just looked down, not sure what to do. Everything was going too crazy, just because
the Cullens came back. The Cullens wanted me to join their family... Laurent is gone,
killed by my friends. And Victoria wants Revenge, she wants me to die. And she would
have it... I would die.

"Bella!" Jake finally screamed, shaking me, he was really concerned. I looked at him,
and hugged him. "What's wrong?" he asked, and I just sobbed, no tears of - course.
He hugged me tightly, releasing heat all over me. And the smell of him, was normal.

"It's just..." again I didn't know what to say. "I think, I need to go see the Cullens." I
admitted, and he gave me a confused expression.

"Why?!" he asked, sounding surprised and angry. I sighed, So I can learn how to fight,
I answered in my mind. It was a good thing, Jake wasn't a mind reader.

"Because... I think, I need to forgive them." I lied, and he still looked at me surprised.
"Bella, are you sick?" he asked, I shook my head, still he placed the back of his
hand gently on my forehead, and I rolled my eyes.

"Jake. Vampires don't get sick." I teased, and he just looked at me. "Seriously Bella...
What's up? First you hate them, and the thought of them makes you upset, now you decide
to give in & forgive them. They should be apologing... & you shouldn't be forgiving." he
rambled off, I put one finger over his mouth.

"Jake!" I said, and he shut his mouth. I hugged him, "I think... I need to learn how to fight." I
blurted out, and he pulled away, looking more concerned. Probably not the smartest thing
I thought, but I had to be honest with some things to him.

"Why?" He asked, and I bit my lip. "I think it's time I learned. I mean, what if you didn't
make it on time. I wouldn't be here... I need to learn how to protect myself." I said, and
he immediatly replied. "No. I'll never be too late. I'll always be there for you Bella." I
shook my head, a little frustrated.

"Jake... Please, let me do this." I said, and he looked at me, trying to read me, but
he couldn't, no one could. Then he sighed, "Okay. Fine." he said, looking down. I smiled
and hugged him tightly, almost too tightly. "Can't breath." he choked out, and I pulled
away, patting his back. "Sorry... I forgot." I said, and he was still looking down.

"What's wrong Jake?" I asked, I really didn't want him to be upset, because of me
going to see them again. He looked up, his eyes were watery. "I just... I just don't
want you to get hurt." he replied, and I sighed. Then I wrapped my arms around
him once again, and his body heat rised...

I hugged him gently, and kissed him on his cheek. "I won't get hurt. The whole point
of going there is to learn to protect myself." I smirked, but he still was serious. "He
could hurt you." he said, and I shook my head quickly. "No. He wouldn't. He already
found someone else." I said, sounding angry & bitter. He looked at me.

"I'm sorry..." I said, "You don't have to apologize." he replied. I just looked down,
"It's just... I'm jealous," I admitted, "She's gorgeous. No wonder Edward is with her."
He sighed, "Bella, your more gorgeous than that blood sucker. Edward is stupid
for leaving you." he said, his voice tense.

I smiled, and just hugged him even tighter, luckily not too tight. We hugged for a while,
finally we pulled away, not sure what to say. We just looked at eachother, and started
to laugh, for no reason.

Soon enough we were out of Jake's room. Outside, it was bright, yet not too bright.
Some parts of my body was shining, it was a good thing I had on Jake's hoodie, it
was large over my small body.

"So what are you up to for today?" I asked, he sighed. "Gonna go hang out with
the guys. Do some cliff diving. Want to join?" he asked, I smiled. I remember when
Jake used to hate me, when I came along to the cliff jumping thing. I did it once and
nearly killed myself, the second time, I hurt myself by spraining my ankle.

Now he & I always did cliff diving, esspecially since I'm much 'Stronger'. "No. I
need to go see them today." I said, I could tell there was Remorse in his eyes,
he didn't want me to go, but I had to. If he only knew, but I couldn't let anyone knew.
This would be one secret I would always keep.

"Ya sure?" he asked, now sticking his hands in his pockets. I nodded my head, and pushed
back a hair piece. He half smiled, "Alright then. I'll see you later. Tell me about 'everything'"
he replied, making an emphasis on 'Everything'. Just then I spotted his friends, all shirtless
like him, runnning towards him with smiles on their faces. There was a couple of 'hi Bella'
I just waved and started to walk away.

So when I turned back to them, they were gone... But I could hear pounding, the sound
of paws against the ground. Then I turned back, and made my way into the forest. Towards
my house... First I should change... I have changed... Now, I did care about my looks, sometimes.
But that was only when I wanted to impress someone, and to my surprise, I realized I did
want to. And that one person was Edward, that made a chill go down my spine...


R&R hope you enjoyed it =)

Love it!!
love it... please keep going...
Love it!!! Please update me!!! Thank you! Please write soon!! :)
Never Again

Chapter 6

~Bella's pov~

After going through my house, and changing... I made my way to their house. The woods
were suddenly dark, and I felt like I was being followed.

I continued to slowly walk through the woods, then I heard something snap. And I found
myself running.

As I ran, I glanced back to see something bright red... or orange a little... I gasped
and remembered Victoria's bright red hair.

I held in a scream, and continued to run. 'Please, don't let me die. Not like this' I thought.

And then I tripped, 'just great' I thought. And I started to scream, my eyes were shut tight.

Then I heard a chirp, and opened my eyes. There stood a red bird, it looked really unique,
I never saw anything like it.

Then It looked at me, and I gulped. The bird flew away, and I just sat there, mortified. I was
really glad that no one saw me, but felt so stupid.

I finally got up, and couldn't stop thinking about how stupid I must've looked. Now I really
wished they had never left. That Edward & I were still close, that they taught me how to fight
or defend myself. But then again, me & Jake would of never gotten close...

But here I was. Scared out of my mind, even though I was a strong creature. I am really
pathetic, was all I could think.

Then I stopped, when I spotted their house, a couple feet away. I slowly made my way,
and was soon on the porch... 'Here we go' I thought, and I clutched my hands onto my other
hands. I was really nervous.

Soon enough, I was on the porch. And before I could even knock, the door flung open. There
stood Esme, she smiled at me. "Bella!" she said, I just stood there. "Come in! Come in!" she
gestured, waving her hands in. I half smiled, and walked in. The first thing I noticed was, they
had changed a lot about the place. The piano was there again, probably a new one.

Everything was in a different place. Then I spotted, Alice, Edward, Emmet & Rosalie sitting
on the couch. Acting casual. They probably thought I was someone else...

"Bella! What brings you here?" I heard someone say, I turned my head and spotted Carlisle
walking downstairs.

I took a deep breath before talking. "I need... to talk to you guys." I said, I looked around
at everyone. Then Jasper & Edward's new mate entered the room.

"Of - course. Anything..." Carlisle said, and sat down on the side of the couch. They all waited
for me to start. Finally I took another deep breath.

"I need you... or at least one of you... to teach me how to defend myself..." I said, it was quiet.

"You don't know how to defend yourself?" Alice asked, "I wish... But I only hang out with were
wolves... and they don't know the skills of vampires." I pointed out, she nodded her head.

"What about the vampires who changed you?" Edward asked, sounding a little angry. I glared
at him. "Must I remind you, they changed me and then left. I think they're dead anyways, my
friends took care of them." I replied, now not looking at him.

Then everyone was screaming at me, 'This isn't a good idea' I though. I was so close to saying
'You know what? Never mind...' and just leave that place.

Then Carlisle stopped the commotion. "Everyone! Shh..." he said, then looked at me. "Just one
question Bella?" he asked, I nodded my head. The sound of quiet, was somewhat soothing,
Carlisle's voice was too...

"Why do you want to learn to protect yourself?" he asked, then I gulped. That was the one
question I didn't want to be asked, but I quickly replied "Just to learn. In case..." my voice

"Bella, is something after you?" Rosalie asked, I sighed. "Nothing is after me." I quickly
replied, surprised by how good I was lying... "I just want to know. In case." I replied.

It was an awkward moment of silence, and I wondered what all of them were thinking.
Luckily only Edward could do that, yet again he couldn't read my mind... Or could he?

I looked at him, but the expression immediately gave me an answer. He was staring at me,
like he was constipated, like those super heroes who tried so hard to use their powers,
then I just looked down & smiled.

"Let us talk Bella." Esme finally said, and I looked up suddenly. They all surrounded
each other, like they were about to play a game...

I leaned back on a wall... and tried my best not to eavesdrop. So they whispered as
quietly as they could. But I could hear Edward's harsh voice, whenever he whispered.
He obviously didn't want me here, but I didn't care.

If he didn't want me here, I don't care. I'm here to learn, and if he won't teach me,
I'm sure Alice or Emmet could teach me... Hopefully.

Finally they all looked up at me, and I stopped leaning on the wall. I pushed a hair piece
back, behind my ear. "We've made our decision." Emmet said, with a sly smile.

I wasn't sure if his smile was a good thing, but I just listened. "We've decided to teach you.
Actually just me, Emmet & Jasper." Alice said, her voice so light & soft. "Because of what
we did to you..." Esme pointed out, and I looked down. 'Can't you just forget about it?'
I thought, they really know how to bring back bad memories.

"We're really sorry Bella. And we just want you to forgive us." Carlisle said, and they
waited for me to reply back. But then I realized, they really were sorry... Or then again,
it probably wasn't their fault. Edward was the one who thought it would help... or something
like that. So I just had to forgive them... but not Edward, I kept thinking.

"I forgive you." I replied, and they all smiled. "Thank you Bella." Esme said, she walked
up to me, and reached out for a hug. I awkwardly still hugged her, I remember when I loved
getting hugs from her, now I found it was awkward.

Emmet & Alice soon welcomed me, along with Jasper... He was very cautious around me, I noticed.

Then I spotted Edward, whispering to his mate. And they all were asking me questions, like I was
family to them again...

"We should go shopping Bella. I see you've improved on your fashion sense." Alice teased, I rolled
my eyes, and to my surprise smiled. I remembered hanging out with Alice all the time, it
was fun. Yet of - course, there was this feeling of awkwardness... I still couldn't really be myself
around them.

Then I noticed it was getting a little dark. I sighed, and interrupted everyone. "Excuse me. But I think
I should go now." I reply, "No. Why don't you stay for a little while?" Esme asked, I sighed.

"No. I have some plans." I lied, "I'm sorry... I'm just busy today. Tomorrow, we'll start my lessons, Right?"
I asked.

"Alright. It was nice to see you again." Carlisle said, and they all greeted me goodbye
except for Edward & his new mate, yet it didn't bother me.

So I left. And when I left, I quickly ran away... hoping that, the stupid red bird wouldn't scare
me again.

Hope you like R&R


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