The Twilight Saga

Summary: This is story is Embry's imprinting story. Embry is a over large looking but a normal boy who falls in love with a girl that has secrets she doesn't share with anybody. Will they fight for the obstacles that gets in their way to become happy? (I'm bad at summaries, sorry.)


Please read, and if I don't get 10 comments, I will not write.




I looked up at the clock tower as it chimed, and ran for my other half. Ding, the first bell. Ding, the second bell. Then Di- I heard my soulmate screaming for me to come and rescue her, and I ran as fast as I could to the vent. I growled as the vampires started to rip the human's head off. Please be alive, keep fighting! I thought, and I crashed the door open to see Aro fighting with her. I lunged for him, and with a defeating crack, I fell. I fought the urge to stay alive. There was no way I would live without her. I heard another crack, and they growled furiously. Death, seemed like good for right now.




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By the way, my first language is not English, it's completely different from English, so deal with me if I have any grammar or spelling mistakes! I'll try not to make any.



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this sounds awesome~!!!!
Thank you Ròs! I was afraid that people wouldn't read it!
Sounds awesome!! Please post!
Kylee ~Paramore Fan~,
Thanks, and I'm writing the chapter right now... Even though it takes about a month to update! Sorry!
Sounds awesome! :D
Thanks, Kimberly Jane :D!
thanks, suckers of love pack, and I'll probably update in a few weeks. I've got another story to write before this.
omg i cant wait to read it!!! post more!!!
Wow! That was really good! I CANNOT wait to read this story! Please post soon! :)
Thanks, Amanda -->, I'm planning to focus on this story after I finish two others, so be patient with me!
Thank you, ♥vamplvr27♥, for reading both of my stories!
=D it sounds great


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