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Summary: This is story is Embry's imprinting story. Embry is a over large looking but a normal boy who falls in love with a girl that has secrets she doesn't share with anybody. Will they fight for the obstacles that gets in their way to become happy? (I'm bad at summaries, sorry.)


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I looked up at the clock tower as it chimed, and ran for my other half. Ding, the first bell. Ding, the second bell. Then Di- I heard my soulmate screaming for me to come and rescue her, and I ran as fast as I could to the vent. I growled as the vampires started to rip the human's head off. Please be alive, keep fighting! I thought, and I crashed the door open to see Aro fighting with her. I lunged for him, and with a defeating crack, I fell. I fought the urge to stay alive. There was no way I would live without her. I heard another crack, and they growled furiously. Death, seemed like good for right now.




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Chapter 2
Wedding Planning
The day finally came. To go to the store to buy suits, as we like to call it, 'Monkey Suits'. It made us feel like we were trapped in the outfit, and we needed to keep our calm so when our emotions got out of hand, the suits wouldn't rip. Yeah, I hate it. I hate shopping. Unless I was with Nina. I sighed in pure blithe, I was so happy with Nina. I kind of felt bad for Seth though, but it's not really likely to imprint on someone for us werewolves. So most of us has imprinted, which is rare for a pack.
"Dude! You're disgusting man, you're smiling at nothing!" Paul shouted, and everybody in the car turned around, even Sam, who was the driver. Everyone smirked at me, and the car swerved left. "Man, you better not get killed before the wedding, Sam, or Emily will bring you back to kill you again." Quil said, chuckling. I was really glad the subject has changed. I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I imprinted, on Nina. If I told any of my brother, I would easily get laughed out. Not something you want.
The car swerved to the right this time, and the car jerked to a stop. I looked up and realized that we were near the Cullen's mansion. "Why'd we stop?' I asked, and everyone turned around to look at me, again. "The car broke down." I groaned and got out of the door. I heard Seth mummble, "Why isn't Jake in the car when we need him!?" We all chuckled at Seth's disgruntled face. "Hey, Embry! I thought you could fix cars? You work with Jakey boy right?" Sam asked. I nodded, and started to open the car hood halway until I smelt gas. "Everyone, get out of the car, now!" I yelled, and ducked. I knew it! It was Edward.
Edward came out clapping from their driveway and slapped me on the back. "You've gotten better, Embry. I'm glad." Sam growled ferociously, and lunged at Edward, before I stepped in front of Edward and blocked the way. "Nessie and Jacob started it, with my old car. You know, the blue Honda?" They all nodded. "Nessie wanted to learn how to fix cars, so Jacob taught her. But the problem is, Jake fixed the wrong place, and it exploded!" I made a hand gesture and the sound of 'boom'. Seth nodded eagerly, wanting more. "But then, I was fixing it, so I got angry at Jacob and I got him back. It was his cell phone." I smiled wickedly. "I'm pretty good at fixing cell phones, and accidently, Jake's phone broke down. I told him all was forgotten, so he told me to fix it for me. I did the opposite." Quil barked out a laugh. "I took his phone and buried a mini self explosion bomb so that it wouldn't work. You know how Jake hits the things that's broken down? Yeah, I expected it. And he did. And it exploded. Nessie got a scratch from it, so Edward got me back with this. It was a good thing Jake wasn't here, or he would've gotten you guys killed, because he knows none of  our prank." All werewolves burst out laughing, rolling on the ground.
"You did great, man! I'm glad Jake wasn't here." We all froze, even Edward.
"Embwy, you're here!" Nessie exclaimed. Jake was glaring daggers at me. Oops...

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Chapter 3



Nessie launched herself at me, and I caught her just in time.

"Embry! It's been years, hasn't it?" Renesmee asked.

"We saw eachother yesterday, didn't we?" I chuckled, and Renesmee laughed with me.

"You were so occupied with Nina, was it? We didn't have time to talk like old times!!" Nessie exclaimed, and hugged me again. I earned a growl from Jacob.

"Well, maybe later. We kind of have to go get monkey suites so we can attend the wedding for Sam and Emily." I frowned at the idea, but Nessie's face brightened at the idea.


"I bet you're gonna get in trouble if you're late! Hey, you can use Daddy's car!" Renesmee voiced her idea, but then added,

"Of course, Alice and I are tagging along, though." That made us groan, I mean all of us guys.

"Still a daddy's girl I see." Seth said from next to Edward.

"You can use my new truck. I might add. And it seems that the bad vampires are tagging along, werewolves!!" Edward said, and just on que, the Cullen's cars came from the driveway. Esme stuck her head out the window,

"We've been listening, plus Alice's powers that ables her to see the future explains why we're right on time." Her motherly tone made our tense stances loosen and made it impossible to deny.


Everybody clambered in the back of the truck with Edward driving with Bella on the passenger side seat. We talked about nothing and everything until Renesmee moved herself on to Jake's lap.

"Hey, Beautiful," Jake whispered in her ear,

"Having fun with Embry? I'm a little jealous." Jake added, which made her giggle.

"Well, Embry was keeping me warm with his arms around me." Renesmee giggled some more when Jake growled at her words.

"I'm supposed to keep you warm." He growled out again.

"Possessive much?" Edward murmured, which we all heard. Their lovey-dovey eyes made us sick, except for those who had their imprints. I wasn't included in the group because I wasn't at that stage, yet. Edward laughed out loud. Yep, still keeping tabs on my mind.

"I'll tell you later, Love." He said to Bella, and all of us in the back of the truck gagged. Next to Sam and Emily, Edward and Bella were like parent figures that we could talk anything to, and watching your parents while they were doing some specific things is not something we are happy about. That included Sam and Emily. We always go to their house at night after the patrol, and we hear some, um, disturbing things, which gets us want to throw up, which makes us leave the house not wanting to here anymore. Seth and I looked at eachother in understanding; we were on night patrol because we haven't imprinted, that was, until recently.


"We're here!" Jake said, and jumped off the truck with Renesmee still in his arms before the truck could stop. Every human being was staring at Jacob as though he was crazy, which he is, to humans anyways. We jumped off the truck but when I looked up, Seth was in a death lock, by none other than Emily. Yep, we're late alright!!



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