The Twilight Saga

"My Heart Keeps Beating if You Keep Breathing"

I held his hand as tight as I could, not wanting to let go. Her thin arms wrapped around my waist and tugged me back and away from the shaking man.
"Stop!," I screamed at her, fighting against her locked arms.
A rip came and a ferocious scream, it sounded as if it were a human scream and a dog's growling combined. I stared in fright as he transformed into a monstrous beast. It was horse sized but skinny, with fur as black as night. Its teeth were dripping with a silver saliva that reeked of dog breath and venom. At the ground lay his Wolf Blood pendant, just barely hanging on its chain. I lunged for it, breaking free of her arms. I didn't get there in time. The werewolf lunged toward her, toward my Mother, and with the impact, it cracked her skull against the ground and snapped her neck. I could hear the deafening crack and the labored breathing of the wolf. I watched in horror as it began to feast upon my Mother's flesh, ripping away the skin and muscle from her bone. I cried out without a second thought and immediately regretted it.
The werewolf turned to face me, its teeth bared and dripping with blood. It approached me slowly, the fur rising on its back. I snagged the pendant off of the ground and tied it around my neck with shaking fingers.
"Daddy! Please! Remember me! Remember me!," I cried, crawling backward with streams of tears running down my face.
He was there, in front of me within a second, his razor sharp teeth bit into my shoulder. I screamed from the pain and at the same time, the wolf stumbled back and howled with both rage and hurt. It collapsed onto the floor and I went with it. The will and strength just poured out of me along with my blood. My head hit the floor, my arms went limp beside me, the life drained out of me.

Chapter One:
My shoulder ached as I finished the last of my push ups, letting my body fall flat against the cool blue mat. My hair and neck were dampened with sweat and my mouth was dry. I stood up after a moment rest and revolved my shoulder in a circle to relieve them of their stiffness. I made my way towards the woman's locker room and freshened up with a cold shower and a splash of my Strawberry&Champagne body spray. When I exited I was met with his saddened, smiling face.
"Hey, how was the work out?," He asked, standing up and handing me my gym bag.
"Easier now that it's healed," I answered, watching him flinch from the corner of my eye.
"Good," He said, walking out with me and towards his beat up pick-up truck.
I threw my gym bag in the back and climbed inside, slamming my door shut and wincing a bit at the pinch of pain in my arm. It was quiet on the way back home, neither of us exactly sure on what to say. Dad pulled into the driveway and parked but did not move to unbuckle his seat belt or to open the car door.
"Ever, there's something I need to tell you," He said slowly, running a shaking hand through his hair.
I didn't speak for I knew that if I waited long enough, he would come clean. He began to speak only a few minutes later.
"We have to move, I'm unable to keep up with the mortgage on the house now that.... Your Mother.... I have a house already, down in Washington. It was the first house I ever lived in, the one my parents bought for me," He said, flinching at the part where he mentioned. . . Her.
"Where in Washington?," I questioned.
"La Push reservation, First Beach. It's a nice place, nice people. You could find some friends there," He said, looking over at me hopefully.
I just gave him a look, my specialty actually. It was a mixture between questioning his sanity and are-you-kidding-me?
"It was worth a try," He shrugged, giving me a little shove in my good arm.
I giggled a little before unbuckling my seat belt and opening my car door.
"Are you coming inside?," I asked him after one foot had already touched ground.
"In a minute, I just have to. . . Think," He sighed at the end of his sentence.
I nodded and tried not to show the twinge of pain I felt on my face.
"Alright then, I'll just go make dinner. Salmon and asparagus?"
He nodded, not looking at me, staring ahead with misty eyes.

After dinner was ready, Dad came into the kitchen and gathered the plates and silverware. His hand reached for a third plate but stopped briskly, tears forming in his eyes. He blinked them back quickly and gave me a smile.
"Guess I'm just not used to it yet," He said with a saddened smile before grabbing two cups and placing everything on the table.
We ate quietly, chewing every bite of salmon with care. I missed how it was, the joking, the conversations, the. . . Happiness. I shook my head to clear it of those thoughts before I could start crying.
Dad dropped his fork onto his plate, entwining his fingers and propping his elbows on top of the table.
"We'll need to start packing, the Realtor wants us to be out of the house by next week"
The fork dropped from my hand.
"So soon?," I choked, staring wide eyed at him.
He nodded,
"The sooner the better. We can't keep living like this, we need a new environment. You need a new environment," He stated, staring at me from across the table seriously.
I looked down at my hands, twiddling my thumbs around one another, gulping back the spit that pooled in my mouth.
"I'll try to be packed by the end of the week," I answered him, picking up my fork again and playing with my vegetables.
"Good," He nodded and leaned back in his chair.

Dinner finished and afterward I cleared the table and began washing dishes. Dad came up beside me and began drying every dish I washed. We left them on the rack and climbed the stairs to our bedrooms. Dad gave me a kiss on the forehead and wished me a good night before heading on into his own room. After dressing for bed, I stood at my window and stared up at the sky. Soon the full moon would come and it would be my turn, the day I would transform into what killed my Mother, into what my Father is. Tears prickled at my eyes and I turned and walked to my bedside. I bent down to my knees, dug under my bed until my finger tips touched it. I pulled out a medium sized black box and held it in my hands. Slowly, I pulled off the top and looked inside. I pulled out the coffee stained picture and stared at it with misty eyes and a smile. There was Dad and I, I was only three, he held me in his arms as I tugged on his long hair. And there she was, her arms wrapped around Dad's waist, a smile lightening her face. Her hair was thick and luscious, the warm color of mahogany upon her head was placed in a messy pony tail and her face was without make-up, bringing out her many freckles (or angel kisses as Dad liked to call them). I felt the wetness leave my eye and drip down my face, crawling down my cheek and dripping down my chin onto the picture. I shoved the picture back into the box, placed the lid back onto of it, and pushed it back where it had been in the first. Crawling into bed, I pulled the covers up to my chin and wiped away the tears that had leaked from my eyes. My eyes closed, my breathing slowed, and my mind went silent as sleep took over my tired body.

Thank you for reading and I promise that the next chapter will be posted soon.

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"No more coffee for you, it affects your transformation. You don't want to be too hyper for your first changes, less accidents," He said, pushing it into my hands.

Sorry, messed up in that sentence =)

I loved that little Emily the Strange thing, she seems so underrated sometimes! But she's awesome, just like this chapter was! Keep up the good work!

Chapter Four Continued. . .
Seth, feeling my gaze on him, paused in the middle of taking one large bite out of his brownie and looked over at me from the corner of his eye. He swallowed quickly and smiled at me, I quickly looked away and down at my empty tray. I was still starving for food, what I had eaten had not been enough to let the werewolf hunger rest. My stomach was practically begging for more food but I feared that if I ate too much people would think I was weird, or worse, wonder if something was up. My stomach growled loudly and all conversation around the table paused for a moment before Paul cracked up laughing. He made an imitation of my growling stomach but instead it came out garbled and rather inhuman-like. Another piece of pizza was then pushed in front of my nose and I soon devoured it, not caring if I looked like a starved wolf (ha ha). I finally let myself relax as I finished off my fourth piece of pizza and third brownie. I smiled - if you could even count a lip twitch as a smile - at Seth in a form of thanks then looked around the table until I spotted Paul (or *sshole as I liked to call him). I smirked evilly to myself then grabbed at Quil's uneaten pudding. Quil gave me a "what?!" face but I just winked at him before I opened the pudding and tossed the pudding cup up into the air with a perfect arch only for it to splatter all over Paul's head. Silence. It was what filled the lunchroom for a moments pause before erupting into a giant roar of laughter. I received a high-five from both Embry and Quil as Seth gave me a swift (awkward) hug around the shoulders. I giggled girlishly but acted as one of the guys, for once in my life I felt as if I belonged.

As we left the lunchroom, I saw Paul with chocolate pudding still dripping down his face head into the boys bathroom. I giggled to myself then headed off to my locker to gather my things for sixth period.
When school was over I practically ran out of that place, excited to get home and inform my Dad of my not-so-suckish first day of school. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't paying attention as to where I was going and slammed right into - you guessed it - Seth Clearwater. My book bag went flying out of my hand and scampered across the hallway.
"Oh, Everlynne, I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking and - "
"No, no apologies. It was my fault - "
"No, of course not. Completely my - "
"How about we just say we're both to blame," I suggested, snagging my book bag off the floor.
He smiled softly then murmured,
We stood there awkwardly before, at the same time, we both began to talk.
"I'd better go - "
"Do you think we could - "
We both stopped short. What was he asking?
"Uhm, you go first," I mumbled, looking down at my shoes, not making eye contact.
"Well, I was wondering if you and I could go to the bonfire together?," He asked hopefully.
"Bonfire? When?," I asked, suddenly curious.
"Uh, it's tomorrow night actually. We Quileutes all gather up on the cliff edge and sit around the fire as the elders tell the legends of our tribe. There's also a lot of food too," I looked up at the mention of food.
"Uhm, I'd have to ask my Dad first. . ." I trailed.
"Of course, of course," He muttered, his hopeful smile dimming the slightest bit.
For some reason I found myself wanting to make his smile as bright as can be so before I could stop them the words came tumbling out of my mouth,
"But I'd be happy to go with you to the bonfire. I'm sure my Dad won't mind," I smiled softly(really my lip just twitched. It must look weird).
Seth's smile turned to full brightness and I felt as if I should cover my eyes from the blinding force of happiness.
"Great! I guess I'll pick you up at seven tomorrow night?"
I just nodded. As Seth turned his back on me, I slumped my shoulders and mentally cursed myself but all the while I was smiling. . .

Sorry it took so long! More coming soon! COMMENT and BANNERS PLEASE?!

So you said you were sad because no one was commenting... so I'm going to try and leave a nice long comment! (It might be a little random...) So, first off, I love this story. If it were really a book I would go to the store and buy it. Well, depending on how much it is. Because I only have $15 and I still need to buy Christmas presents for people! But then maybe I could buy the book for someone... hmm... Not a bad idea, except it's not actually published! Oh well. Hopefully (if you want to be an author) someday you will get published and I can actually buy one of your books! Even though it most likely won't be fan fiction (I don't know if you can even get that published). And also I wouldn't even know if it was you or not but whatever just imagining it is cool. :) But now I have to go and read some of your other stories because I haven't been on here in a while and I need to catch up with everything!

Ha ha, thank you, Emmaline Rose for commenting! I actually am trying my hand at writing my own novel. The title of my book is Frostbite and it is mainly about this gifted girl who's fifteen and trying to live through every day with the memory of her Mother's death haunting her every second of the day. Of course, this girl comes in contact with the supernatural world and finds out that she herself is apart of it. I've been working on it for three years now and I hope that when I finish it that I can get it published.

i loved this chapter!!!!


i cant wait for another one :<)


it is soooo ausome i love it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post sooon!!!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Chapter Five:

September 7th, 2010


Dear Journal,

It is only one week before the coming of the full moon and I can honestly say that I am scared out of my mind. Things have been happening, such as, my senses are heightening, I feel much more energized and excited, and I've grown in muscles. My eyes are beginning to change color too. Instead of my usual misty-gray they have changed into sort of a metallic silver. My hair is much longer too, it's now down to my knees and still lengthening.

Truthfully, I did not begin this entry just for the purpose of letting you in on my physical changes. It's been just a couple of days since Dad and I came here to La Push Reservation and already attachments are being made. I've met a boy, a few actually, but none have ever really caught my attention as much as this one. His name is Seth Clearwater and the feelings that have dawned in my being run much deeper than just a simple attraction. I cannot remember the last time I had ever felt this strongly for a person, I don't even think something like this has ever occurred on my part. I am unable to describe to you the emotions that erupt inside of me when I am around him, it's hard to even imagine. Honestly, he is the most beautiful creature my eyes have ever had the honor of seeing. Though my heart flutters when he is near, I know that something is off about him, he is different. I can't help but to hope that he is something close to my kind. It's foolish of me, I know, to wish for such an evil thing but we all know, the heart wants what the heart wants.


Everlynne Amelia Claire Claythorne


I slowly shut the cover of the smooth, black journal in my hands then carefully stuffed it under my mattress. I stood up from where I sat on the bed and walked over to the mirror to take a last glance at myself before Seth arrived. Tonight was the bonfire Seth and I would be attending together and for the entire day I had been fretting about what to wear on an occasion such as this. Choosing my clothes carefully, I now wore a pair of my black skinny jeans, my spiked double belt, a pair of my buckle knee-high Converse, a black shirt with slits in the front with a neon purple tank top underneath, and my regular, every day black jacket. My accessories consisted of a black bat beaded choker, plastic bangles crawling halfway up both arms, and my Mother's silver locket that always hung around my neck since the day of her death. There was the soft ding of the door bell, the sound of Dad's soft thumping footsteps, and then his voice calling down the hall to me that a strange bulky boy was here to pick me up for the bonfire. I clambered down the hall and into the front living room where both Seth and my Father stood awkwardly next to each other. Dad was giving Seth the look that said "mess with my daughter and I mess with your face". While Seth on the other hand was smiling like an awe struck idiot as he took in my entire frame.

"You look really great, Evie," Seth complimented me as I shuffled in beside him.

I could feel the blush rising to my cheeks as I looked down at my feet, letting my hair fall around my face.

"I want her home no later than midnight, you hear?," Dad demanded in his Fatherly tone.

I smiled at him lovingly and I saw the humor in his eyes. He was doing the whole big, mean Father on Seth just for kicks, I nearly doubled over laughing when Dad started the whole "no funny business" act. Seth just stood there and took it like a man, only interjecting himself when needed. Soon, Seth was leading me out the door and helping me up into his small, beat up Ford pick-up truck. The short drive consisted of light conversations and small compliments from Seth's part. Mostly the ride was left in silence, but not one of those Oh-My-God-This-Is-So-Uncomfortable silences but more of the This-Is-Nice silences. I don't know what it was but for some reason I just felt safe and secure while Seth was with me, something I hadn't felt in such a long time. Yet still, as I looked out the window and up at the fast approaching night sky, this fear bubbled up in the pit of my stomach. My hand involuntarily grasped at my Mother's locket, twirling it between each finger. With all my might, I hoped that the following nights would slowly fall into place.


"We're here," Seth said as he pulled the Ford to a stop.

I looked up ahead of the hood and saw that we were up on the highest cliff on the reservation and already the fire-pit had been lit. Surrounding the pit was Embry, Quil, Jared, Paul, Brady, Collin, Kim, and a few others that I didn't know the names of.

"Come on, you should come meet everyone," I hadn't even noticed Seth had gotten out of the truck and made his way over to my door.

I took Seth's outstretched hand and let him help me out of my seat. Seth slammed the car door behind me then lead me up to the top of the cliff where I caught the scent of mouthwatering, delicious food. There was hot-dogs, hamburgers, cookies, brownies, mashed potatoes, corn-dogs, and much, much more. Almost as if on cue, my stomach growled loudly. Seth chuckled lightly as a blush filled my cheeks and I stared longingly at the long table of food.

"Here, let's get some food before we both attack the table in mad hunger," Seth joked breezily.

We both dove into the food like the world was about to explode, filling our plates with piles and piles of food. When we sat down our plates were over flowing with hot-dogs and cookies, stuffing our faces with as much food as our mouths would allow.

"Woah, slow down there, honey, you might blow a gasket," Joked a tall, russet skinned girl.

She was striking, one of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her hair was silky smooth like black satin, her skin flawless and the perfect mix between red and brown, and her eyes wide and the most wonderful shade of hazel. I'm sure she would have won the beauty contest had it not been for the three, long, ragged scars that raked across the right side of her face and curved past her neck, all the way down to her right hand. Even though the scars ruined the beauty of one side, I still found the scars beautiful in their own way. All scars told stories and this story was one that had me shaking in my seat. The woman held out her hand to me as she sat beside me with a lopsided smile.

"My name's Emily, Emily Uley," She said as we shook hands.

"Everlynne Claythorne, but I prefer to be called Ever," I told her as our hands dropped to our sides.

"Emily is Sam's wife, the Alfa - a good friend of mine," I didn't miss it when Seth slipped up.

In fact, my ears had strangely become more alert since we came unto the sands of First Beach.

A breeze whisked by my face, the hairs rose on the back of my neck, my shoulders tensed, my eyes narrowed, and I watched as the pale faced creatures crossed onto Quileute territory. There was five of them, golden eyed except for one. At least she had a heartbeat. But her scent was off so I was sure she wasn't human, more like half. Two males, three females. The one with the heartbeat looked around fourteen, fifteen years of age but I knew she was much younger than she appeared to be. Her fingers were laced into those of a Quileute boy, one I had never come into contact with. He had much of the same traits as the other Quileutes but it was obvious he was in charge of something in someway. Behind them came the bloodsuckers. The two that caught myt attention most was the bronze haired male and the mahogany haired female. They held hands and looked around the bonfire inquisitively, as if they were looking for something - or someone. The other two was a small, pixie-like female with spiky black/brown hair and the last was a honey blonde male with warning, troubled eyes. But what really had me tense in my seat was that the small, pixie girl's eyes were trained soulfully on me. When I moved, her eyes moved with my, they flickered with every breath I took. In that moment, they knew what I was and I knew what they were. But none of us spoke as to not create a problem.

I helplessly tried to relax my shoulders and have a good time but I was unable to release the tension that held my body stiff. They weren't glaring at me really, more like curious stares. They were wondering why I was here, why they had never come across my scent before now. And one of them was a mind reader. Don't ask how I knew this, for not even I knew how this information surfaced in my head. Quickly, I remembered some of the conversations I had had with my Father and come across what this weird sense of magic was. Rarely werewolves were gifted with the power of the Knowing. The Power of the Knowing allowed the werewolf to seek the information with-held by the enemy and use it against them. This gift was extremely rare, extremely powerful, and extremely dangerous if in the wrong hands. I breathed in deeply in an attempt to calm my raging muscles but then catching their scent once again only put me more on edge. It was half-way through the legend of the Spirit Warriors that I lost all control.

"Excuse me," I muttered before jerking up in a standing position and practically running halfway down the beach.

My breaths were quick, my heartbeat was racing, I was only a few meters away from the lining of trees. My body began convulsing, twisting, turning, bending. The pain was unbearable, the screams working their way up my throat. The dampened sand pressed into my cheek, crawling into my mouth. The tears stung my eyes painfully as heat spread throughout my limbs, turning my heart to ashes. I climbed to my knees and tried my hardest to scramble into a standing position. I could barely move my muscles, they were contracting too fast, pulsing with a fiery flame. Just a squeak was able to escape my suddenly dry lips before the sky started spinning. I struggled just to hold on to consciousness, to grasp onto the remaining ounce of will power.

I didn't notice it when the cool arms lifted me from the ground or when the loud banging sound of the front door echoed throughout the house.

"Evie? You're not supposed to be home until - "

His sentence was cut short for at that moment I lost all control over my human body and the beast was released. . .


OHMYGOD! Cliffhanger! I wonder what's going to happen next! Actually, I already know what happens, but you don't! Don't worry, I won't keep you all waiting for too long, the next chapter will be posted soon! Please comment and the next chapter will be posted sooner than you think! Thanks for reading!

Luved it!!!!! Please post soon!!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!! <3
Oh My God! AMAZING! Please, please, please update soon!
Very nice :)


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