The Twilight Saga

"My Heart Keeps Beating if You Keep Breathing"

I held his hand as tight as I could, not wanting to let go. Her thin arms wrapped around my waist and tugged me back and away from the shaking man.
"Stop!," I screamed at her, fighting against her locked arms.
A rip came and a ferocious scream, it sounded as if it were a human scream and a dog's growling combined. I stared in fright as he transformed into a monstrous beast. It was horse sized but skinny, with fur as black as night. Its teeth were dripping with a silver saliva that reeked of dog breath and venom. At the ground lay his Wolf Blood pendant, just barely hanging on its chain. I lunged for it, breaking free of her arms. I didn't get there in time. The werewolf lunged toward her, toward my Mother, and with the impact, it cracked her skull against the ground and snapped her neck. I could hear the deafening crack and the labored breathing of the wolf. I watched in horror as it began to feast upon my Mother's flesh, ripping away the skin and muscle from her bone. I cried out without a second thought and immediately regretted it.
The werewolf turned to face me, its teeth bared and dripping with blood. It approached me slowly, the fur rising on its back. I snagged the pendant off of the ground and tied it around my neck with shaking fingers.
"Daddy! Please! Remember me! Remember me!," I cried, crawling backward with streams of tears running down my face.
He was there, in front of me within a second, his razor sharp teeth bit into my shoulder. I screamed from the pain and at the same time, the wolf stumbled back and howled with both rage and hurt. It collapsed onto the floor and I went with it. The will and strength just poured out of me along with my blood. My head hit the floor, my arms went limp beside me, the life drained out of me.

Chapter One:
My shoulder ached as I finished the last of my push ups, letting my body fall flat against the cool blue mat. My hair and neck were dampened with sweat and my mouth was dry. I stood up after a moment rest and revolved my shoulder in a circle to relieve them of their stiffness. I made my way towards the woman's locker room and freshened up with a cold shower and a splash of my Strawberry&Champagne body spray. When I exited I was met with his saddened, smiling face.
"Hey, how was the work out?," He asked, standing up and handing me my gym bag.
"Easier now that it's healed," I answered, watching him flinch from the corner of my eye.
"Good," He said, walking out with me and towards his beat up pick-up truck.
I threw my gym bag in the back and climbed inside, slamming my door shut and wincing a bit at the pinch of pain in my arm. It was quiet on the way back home, neither of us exactly sure on what to say. Dad pulled into the driveway and parked but did not move to unbuckle his seat belt or to open the car door.
"Ever, there's something I need to tell you," He said slowly, running a shaking hand through his hair.
I didn't speak for I knew that if I waited long enough, he would come clean. He began to speak only a few minutes later.
"We have to move, I'm unable to keep up with the mortgage on the house now that.... Your Mother.... I have a house already, down in Washington. It was the first house I ever lived in, the one my parents bought for me," He said, flinching at the part where he mentioned. . . Her.
"Where in Washington?," I questioned.
"La Push reservation, First Beach. It's a nice place, nice people. You could find some friends there," He said, looking over at me hopefully.
I just gave him a look, my specialty actually. It was a mixture between questioning his sanity and are-you-kidding-me?
"It was worth a try," He shrugged, giving me a little shove in my good arm.
I giggled a little before unbuckling my seat belt and opening my car door.
"Are you coming inside?," I asked him after one foot had already touched ground.
"In a minute, I just have to. . . Think," He sighed at the end of his sentence.
I nodded and tried not to show the twinge of pain I felt on my face.
"Alright then, I'll just go make dinner. Salmon and asparagus?"
He nodded, not looking at me, staring ahead with misty eyes.

After dinner was ready, Dad came into the kitchen and gathered the plates and silverware. His hand reached for a third plate but stopped briskly, tears forming in his eyes. He blinked them back quickly and gave me a smile.
"Guess I'm just not used to it yet," He said with a saddened smile before grabbing two cups and placing everything on the table.
We ate quietly, chewing every bite of salmon with care. I missed how it was, the joking, the conversations, the. . . Happiness. I shook my head to clear it of those thoughts before I could start crying.
Dad dropped his fork onto his plate, entwining his fingers and propping his elbows on top of the table.
"We'll need to start packing, the Realtor wants us to be out of the house by next week"
The fork dropped from my hand.
"So soon?," I choked, staring wide eyed at him.
He nodded,
"The sooner the better. We can't keep living like this, we need a new environment. You need a new environment," He stated, staring at me from across the table seriously.
I looked down at my hands, twiddling my thumbs around one another, gulping back the spit that pooled in my mouth.
"I'll try to be packed by the end of the week," I answered him, picking up my fork again and playing with my vegetables.
"Good," He nodded and leaned back in his chair.

Dinner finished and afterward I cleared the table and began washing dishes. Dad came up beside me and began drying every dish I washed. We left them on the rack and climbed the stairs to our bedrooms. Dad gave me a kiss on the forehead and wished me a good night before heading on into his own room. After dressing for bed, I stood at my window and stared up at the sky. Soon the full moon would come and it would be my turn, the day I would transform into what killed my Mother, into what my Father is. Tears prickled at my eyes and I turned and walked to my bedside. I bent down to my knees, dug under my bed until my finger tips touched it. I pulled out a medium sized black box and held it in my hands. Slowly, I pulled off the top and looked inside. I pulled out the coffee stained picture and stared at it with misty eyes and a smile. There was Dad and I, I was only three, he held me in his arms as I tugged on his long hair. And there she was, her arms wrapped around Dad's waist, a smile lightening her face. Her hair was thick and luscious, the warm color of mahogany upon her head was placed in a messy pony tail and her face was without make-up, bringing out her many freckles (or angel kisses as Dad liked to call them). I felt the wetness leave my eye and drip down my face, crawling down my cheek and dripping down my chin onto the picture. I shoved the picture back into the box, placed the lid back onto of it, and pushed it back where it had been in the first. Crawling into bed, I pulled the covers up to my chin and wiped away the tears that had leaked from my eyes. My eyes closed, my breathing slowed, and my mind went silent as sleep took over my tired body.

Thank you for reading and I promise that the next chapter will be posted soon.

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your banner is finished!! i hope u like

Special thanks to Aleesha Hale for this wonderful banner

Chapter Six:

When my eyes finally fluttered open I was disoriented. I could only see shadows and it took me quite awhile to understand that it was dark in the room I was in. I sat up suddenly then slammed back down on the pillows when the nausea swirled painfully in both my stomach and my head. I lay there silently for a few minutes before I finally had the strength to sit up properly. I looked around me and realized that I was in my bedroom only. . . it didn't look right. The window was broken out and boarded up, the walls had long, ragged scrapes running down them, furniture was busted and broken, the place was in complete disarray. The bed sheets were ripped and pillows were completely torn apart. Stuffing and feathers were scattered all over me, the bed, and the floor and the door had a dent the size of a horse, in the shape of something rather inhuman.

". . . I know perfectly well when the transformation back into huma - "

"Lucas, that's not what I am getting at. I simply think that it would be much safer if we allowed her to - "

"At the moment, Edward" - the name was said with venom - "I don't give a damn about what you think"

I was absolutely shocked that Dad had said words with so much hatred, he'd never been that type of man. He was kind, sweet, practically innocent.

The door opened suddenly and I looked into Dad's warm yet tired eyes.

"Daddy - " I croaked before I completely busted out in tears.

I sobbed hard, my body shaking violently and tears running down my face with a nasty wad of snot beginning to drip out of my nose.

His warm arms then surrounded me, encasing me in a giant bear hug that I gladly accepted. I buried my face into his cotton tee shirt and cried until I could cry no more.

Dad pulled back and looked into my eyes with sadness and pain. Then he reached around his neck and unclasped the thin chain from behind. My eyes widened with both fear and surprise as he held out my hand and gently placed the pendant into my hands.

"B-b-b-but you c-c-can't keep your m-mind wi-without the Moon stone," I stuttered, wiping away the trails of salty water from my face.

"That may be true, but you are much more important than me. A new werewolf is unstable for the first couple of years and we can't have you accidentally shifting and causing the death of someone," His eyes turned anguish at the thought.

"She forgives you, you know. She loves you," I spoke to him in a misty voice, eyes glassy with the memory.

He just stared at me in pain before laying a soft kiss at my temple and standing from the bed.

"I have breakfast for you in the kitchen and we have some. . . Visitors," He said the last word with a bit of disgust on both his face and in his voice.

I gave him a curious look but he just shook his head at me and gave a weak smile then left the room. I looked at myself and scrunched up my nose. My clothes were basically shreds now, jeans torn it strips and shirt stretched out to it max. I stood up from the bed and made my way into the bathroom. It was destroyed, the sink was broken in half, the toilet way lying sideways on the ground, the shower had tiles ripped from the wall, and broken glass was scattered all over the drowning floor. One step in and I felt a sharp pain on the bottom of my right foot. I looked down and saw that the water surrounding me was quickly becoming an odd shade of silver. I quickly pulled back and stepped back into the room, a thought had just come smashing into my head. I dove under the bed and frantically thrashed around for the small, square objects. WHen I looked with my eyes I saw that it was not there. 

I stood up panicked and ran around the room, throwing things around me, searching for the most precious thing I had ever owned. It was no where in sight. Finally, I gave up and walked out of the room, down the hall and into the kitchen, ignoring the searing pain my foot. I felt weakened, defeated, as if I had no more will power to carry on. I sat slumped into a chair, not noticing that a rather pale man was sitting beside me. I could feel the wetness pooling around my foot and yet I did nothing, not even a glance downwards. I rested my cheek against the table and closed my eyes, picturing her perfect face in my mind. The mental image soon changed into a handsome young man. His hair was lusciously black, short and choppy, his eyes the most breathtaking shade of emerald green, his skin warm and russet. . . 

I looked up suddenly, quickly pushing away the mental image of the one that held my hear- no, I would not give in that easily. Love was only a weakness and I could not stand anymore weakness, times were too hard now. 

Dad entered the room then and his attention was immediately on me, or rather my foot.

"Everlynne! What did you do to your foot?!," Dad questioned as he rushed over to the sink and gathered a wash towel, dampening it then coming to wrap it around my foot.

"Glass, in the bathroom," I said vaguely, staring down at the pool of silver.

"Interesting. . ."

I heard a voice murmur from beside me. My head slowly turned and I was met with a pair of golden eyes. My body leaped backwards, I stumbled onto the floor and scampered backwards until my back hit the wall. My chest was heaving and my heart was racing as I stared into the eyes of a predator. Dad stood up straight at the same moment that this beautiful monster got up from his seat.

"Ever, this is Edward Cullen, I believe you saw him last night at the bonfire. He was the one to bring you home," Dad explained, standing next to Edward with a hard expression.

"D-d-d-d-don't m-m-m-move," I stumbled over my words, my eyes as wide as an owl's.

"Everlynne, it is alright, they won't hurt you," Dad said, taking a step towards me.

"Them?," I asked just as the Quileute boy and the odd pale girl from last night entered the room.

I pulled my knees up to my chest and hid behind them, shaking slightly with fear.

Behind them came the mahogany hair vampire and a white blonde haired male. I couldn't move, I couldn't, speak, I could just stare at them with frightened eyes.

"The Cullens. Carlisle, Bella, Renesmee, and Jacob Black, he's a Quileute," Dad explained, staring into my face with guarded eyes.

I just nodded before calming myself down and standing on shaky legs.I went and stood beside my Father, slightly behind him and yet not too far to where I was hiding.

"Do they know?," I asked in a whisper.

"Yes, they know," Dad answered with a sigh.

I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, trying to get used to the scent. I scrunched up my nose in disgust and hear husky laughter.

"I know, stinks, right?," Asked Jacob Black.

I giggled lightly then said,

"I'm with you on that one, Jacob Black"


"So what you're saying is that all of the Quileute boys are. . . Wolves?," I asked with disbelief.

"Yes, they are kind of like your kind except we don't need the full moon to phase," Jacob stated, nodding his head.

Jacob had just finished explaining to me the Quileute legends of the Spirit Warriors and how almost every person I met on the reservation was either a shape-shifter or an imprint. I shook my head then placed both hands on the sides of my face, rerunning everything that had happened through my head.

"Ever, we think it best if you explain to the packs of what you and your Father are, just incase something like last night were to repeat itself," Carlisle explained as he sat next to me in the open seat.

I jerked up and looked at him frantically. What would they think? . . . What would Seth think? . . .

"Ever," - Dad said, placing his hand upon my shoulder - "It's for the best that they know"

I looked down at my hands, my mind blank, not even a fleeting thought was able to make it through. I stood up, not meeting eyes with anyone - anything.

"I'm. . . I'm uh. . . I have to think," I mumbled, my eyebrows knitting together before I half ran out the door.

I ran as fast as I could, my feet pressing into the soggy sand. I slowly came to a stop at the shore line and plopped myself down into a sitting position and curling my knees into my chest. I stared out at the sun that was slowly rising into the sky and just let my mind wander. I didn't think of anything specific although there was a lot of questions along the same lines.

Would Seth hate me? Would he think of me as a waste of space? Would he put me into category with the vampires? Would Seth never want to see me again? Would Seth care if I was such a monster?. . .

I didn't let myself think anymore and just laid back into the sand, not caring if my raggedy clothes were being dampened and not even noticing the soreness and swelling of my right foot. I just closed my eyes and breathed.


Thank you all for waiting so patiently! I hope you enjoyed :) Please comment and more will be posted soon.

Luved it! Looking forward to another awesome update soon! Please???? <3


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