The Twilight Saga

Never let you go


(After Battle in Eclipse)


Ch 1

Edwards Pov

I sat in the corner of my room,I didn't breath speak or think

all I felt was pain,and it was coming from my broken heart

it had to  2 weeks since Bella has chosen the mut over me

I was happy,I know that he could protect and give her a human life

but then again,I couldn't bare to think,about Bella in another mans arms

I shut my eyes and took in a sharp breath,I tried to fight the pain,but that didn't work

no matter how hard I would try,she would always be with him and not me

the pain was so unbarbale,that a sob cam threw my lips,I was so happy that the family wasant here

they were out hunting and away from me,I was thinking about leaving

it would hurt the family,but it was for the best,I couldn't put theme in pain any longer

I had no reason for staying here ,Bella,my entire reason for living ,was gone,her heart taken away by a dog

suddenly there was an intense burn in my throat,I garbed it,the pain was growing everyday

so I quikley Jumped out the window of my room and let my sciences take over

when I found the deer,I snapped its neck then sunk my teeth into its neck

as the blood went down my throat,the burning went away,I buried the dead animal and left to the house

I got into the shower and took a shower washing off all of the blood,then I sat in the room

glancing out the window,The dawn was breaking,I watched as the sun came over the mountain,it relay was beautiful

then I herd other voices and foot steps,concerned and worried thoughts

Edward please be ok~ Esme

How could she do this to Edward~ Rosalie

I sighed then stood up and walked down to the living room

they glanced at me with worried eyes and thoughts

"I'll be fine" I assured my family with a smile

they nodded there head and gave me a smile

Alice walked up to me and pulled me into a hug

"stay strong Edward,she will Return" Alice wisperd

I pulled away with a smile,then walked out the door

"I wish I could believe you" I wisperd my voice stressed

I walked out of the house,the family didn't fallow,but I herd theme sigh

walking over to the garage,I noticed the motorcycle,Emmet bought me it

I smiled,even if it was dangeras,I would have loved to drive it around with Bella

I noticed the helmet hanging on the Wall, I garbed the helmet and shoved it on

I dint need the Helmet of course,but it helped to look more human

I garbed the keys and put it into the ignition,the bike roared to life

there were surprised thouths,that's when I let go of the brakes

and I was flying,"Edward!!"I herd Emmet's shocked voice,but I contained to drive

the wind was flying past me,it felt good,just like when I was running

but it was missing something,I missed when Bella's arms were around me

my anger boiled as I thought of that mutt kissing her,my hand emideatley edged for more gas

but I stooped as I herd more cars come around the corner,I spotted the Newtons camping store

I pulled up and took the keys out,I was going to need some stuff,Maybe the newt wasant up yet

to my surprise he was there,behind the counter and fully awake,as I walked in he glanced at me then glanced away

I went over to the bagging area and grabbed a back pack,and a couple other things,just to look even more human

I walked over to the counter to pay for the Items,Mike glanced up at me but didn't say anything

After I Paid for the stuff I was about to walk out when Mike called my name

"Cullen!"I glanced back, and walked back to the counter

"what is it Mike"I asked in a low voice

"I just want to say sorry for what happened to you and Bella"he said

I glanced up his eyes held sympathy,his hand went to my shoulder

"I know that you loved Bella ,and I would have rather wanted you with Bella and not Black"he said

I smiled back at him "thanks mike, I agree with you" he chucked

"have a good day Cullen"he said  walked out of the store and got back onto the bike

I doped off the stuff and hid it in my room,I was leaving tonight,it would be for the best

I drove with my siblings to the school,I was still using the motorcycle thought,it was the last day that I was going to use it

as I pulled up into the school,head turned to stare,look all you want,you wont see me ever again

Alice glanced at me with a serious look "you cant"she wisperd,I gave her a sad smile as I got off of the bike

"what are you talking about" Emmet asked,I glanced at him,but said noting"its dosent matter,whats done is done"I said then continued my way into the school,I ignore the stares and wipers,then i was hit by Bella's scent,I kept my head down and frowned,the scent of a dog was all over her,A sudden pain came to my chest,but I pushed it away

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