The Twilight Saga

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My story, It all comes out. Is about being told secrets and holding some in. The vampires in the saga are still vampires (plus additions). The wolves are still wolves (plus additions). Felicity, Molly, Steph, Amy, Monique, Shayla, Christofer, Tom, Lewis and Ashtin are all my charecters.




Chapter One

Every now and then you find a flower, the flower that could either change or ruin your life.



My name is Felicity, Felicity Lexor. I live in a small town in Washington. The town, well it is Forks of course. I moved here a couple of months ago. I have a few close friends and but not as many as some. Bella Swan is my friend. Bella Swan is nothing like the others, neither is her boyfriend Edward Cullen. They are pale, have the most GORGEOUS golden eyes and are very, distant from others. I have a boyfriend, Jacob Black. But he lives on the Quiliette Reservation. He 16, same age as me, and is tanned and VERY tall. I do really like him but i feel like hes hiding something from me.

I met Bella a couple of months ago. She never seems to change. But she has the most good natured and happy personality you will ever meet. She is basically, like a flower.


"Felicity, Do you wanna come out for dinner?!" Bella asked, it was unusual but of course i would go.

"Sure, Of course. Movies afterwards?"I asked

"Of course Licie, Are you bringing Blaster?" She replied, giggling.

Blaster is my friend and no more, but everyone knows he likes me. His realy name is James Hannigan. He gets called Blaster because this one time at band camp he farted in the middle of a performance, so now all he gets is Blaster.

'No, He is not coming. I'll bring Jake." I told her and smiled my cheeky grin.

“Okily dokily. Me and Edward will come get you at around 6.00 yea? That gives you enough time to change and make yourself 'beautiful' for your man." She giggled while saying.

"Okay, well i got class now see you later." I smiled and waved.

"Bye sweetie." She waved to me and then walked to her class with Edward.

The day dragged on so by the time it was 2.20 I was definatly ready to go home.

When the bell went at 2.40 i quickly packed my things and ran to my car. I drove home as fast as my little car would let me.

When i was home i got out and slammed my car door behind me. I hurried inside and went to my room. I then got undressed and had a shower. I got dressed in  tight leggings and a ruffled blouse. When i sat down to my shoes on i sat on a peice of paper that read,


I came but you were in the shower. I'll see you tonight, i need to tell you something.




Oh how sweet. I got dressed and waited until 6.00

They arrived and i hoped into the car. The trip was silent. The radio played alot of songs. But i hummed along to Taylor Swift's - Tell Me Why.Once we had picked up Jake we were on our way to the dinner. Jake held my hand all the way there. I had never noticed before but his hand was severly hot.

Once we got to the resurant we all got out and i herd Jacob and Bella whispering "You cant, Its a risk Jacob." I shook it off and went to grab Jakes hand. The waitress led us to our table and we sat down suddenly they all looked and me and Jacob said  "We have to tell you something Felicty."





Chapter Two

“What is it Jake?” I asked confused, looking at his worried expression.

"Felicty, Im a werewolf."Jake told me.
"And Edward and I are vampires." Bella also added, looking very scared.

I couldn't help but laugh, they were playing with me. There's no such thing as vampires and werewolves, is there?
"You guys are silly, come on tell me what you were going to tell me." I said, still laughing.
"We just told you Felicity." Edward told me, without looking away from Bella's scared face.
"There's no such thing as vampires and werewolfs." I asked.
"There is in our wold. Come with me, I want to show you something." Jacob told me.

"Okay?" I said still slightly laughing.

They walked out of the little resturant and out into the carpark, of course i followed. They started walking towards the forrest.
"We cant go in there at night! Something might hurt us!" I told them sternly and scared.
"Liccie, dont worry. Trust us. Nothing will hurt you. I swear on my life." Jake smiled, a scared smile and put his hand towards me, I grabbed it of course.

We walked into the forrest and walked for what seemed like ages. I looked at my watch, only 7.00. We kept walking and i finaly ended up getting tired. But they stopped. And all three of them looked at me.
Jake leaned round and looked at Bella. "Dont let her fall Bella." He said
Bella suddenly had my hand and Edward was behind as to catch me if i fell.

Jake kissed my cheek and whisperd "I love you" in my ear. Suddenly he started running. Then, BAM! There was no more Jacob, Just a big russet colored wolf. I didnt understand. Were did Jake go?
I turned around and said to Bella, "Were's Jake?"
"That's Jake, Liccie. He's a wolf." She told me softly. "JAKE!" She suddenly called to him.

The horse sized wolf trotted over and layed down next to me. I knelt on the floor next to him.
"Is that really you Jacob?" I asked confused. The great big wolf nodded it ENORMEOUS head.
It was nothing like I had ever witnessed in my life. His fur was soft and he had these gorgeous eyes. So he was a werewolf. Did that mean it was also true about Bella and Edward.




Chapter Three


"Is it true that you guys are vampire's then?" I asked them.

"Yes, But we cant show you because we dont magically turn into bats or have wings or burn in the sun." Bella explained.

“Oh, well thanks for telling me all this can we go back to dinner?” I asked.

“Well, Edward and I don’t eat human food.” Bella told me

“Im not really hungry but we need to go to the Cullens anyway so you can have food there yea?” Jacob asked me.

“Urrrm okay?” I smiled and then we all got into Edwards volvo and we went to the Cullens.


There house was so pretty, so spacious. I had never seen a more gorgeous house.

“Their house is beautiful” I whispered to Jacob.

“Thankyou.” a girl with reddish brown curly hair smiled to me. “You must be Felicity, Im Bella’s Daughter.” She told me.

“Urmm okay? Hey?” I said confused.

“Nessie, I think you should go inside. Felicity let me explain. See when I was human, I carried and gave birth to Renesmee but their was complications and Edward changed me into a vampire.” Bella explained.

“How old are you Bella?” I asked her, still clinging to Jacob.

“Eighteen.” She told me.

“How long have you been eighteen?” I replied.

“A while.” She smiled.


(Thumbs up for the ‘Twilight’ quote.)


 I laughed as did Bella, Jacob, Edward and the girl Renesmee.

When we walked in a blonde haired girl glared at me as she walked outside. Then a pixie looking girl ran up to me and gave me a hug. “ Im Alice.” She smiled and went to stand next to the short blonde male. “Jasper” He said, sounding a bit depressed.


“We are Esme and Carlisle.” The two older looking adults told me. I just smiled.

“Felicity whats wrong?” Jacob asked me suddenly.

“I think I need a drink.”

As soon as I said I needed a drink Edward was back with a glass of water and handed it to me. “Thankyou.”


I needed to lie down and sleep but I didn’t want to be rude and leave.

“You can go if you want Felicity.” Edward told me.

“How did you know what I thought?” I asked him.

“ I’ll explain later. Jacob take her home in my Volvo.” Edward told Jacob.


Jacob walked me to the car, strapped me in then said goodbye to everyone then got in the car.

“Im taking you to my house. I need you to meet a few people and explain some things.”




(Hey guiys im Christine, i recently deletd my story the flower of truth and redid it because i got told i had bad grammer and things. I hjave renamed this story and i hope you all like it. Please comment.) 


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i give you a thumbs up for the quote lol & i like it very nice
I give you thumbs up for the quote too!! Lol. And i like it plz write more!! (:
love it cant wait till more
love itt ! amazing ! plz update me when you write more . :)
thanks guys, ill update probably in the next couple of days.
I love it. Its nice. Your character is so realistic.
I know its not that good of a chapter and that i havent written for agers but i do hope you like it. Took me agers to write it.

Chapter Four

I had no idea why I was going to Jake's but i went along with it. I was tired. So when i opened my eyes we were at Jake's house. There were 6 boys, girl, a lady and Billy, Jakes dad.

"Felicity, This is Sam, Quil, Embry, Paul, Jarad, Seth, Leah, Emily, Sue Clearwater and you already know my dad, Billy." He pointed to each person when their names were said. I gave Billy a hug when I saw him.
"Why do you have Edward's car?" The boy or rather man, Sam, asked Jacob.
"Because the Volturi are coming." Jacob told Sam scarcly.

"What's that got to do with us?" The girl Leah asked Jacob rather rudely.
"Well, seeing as it's about Felicity and i imprinted on her i think its ENTIRERLY about us." Jacob laughed.
I whispered but no one heard "Who are The Volturi?"
Everyone started arguing, I could feel Jacob shaking next to me.

"Come with me sweetie." Emily took my hand and we started walking to a little house.
"Im Emily. Im married to Sam. Jacob basically came here because he needed to speak with Sam and the other wolves. Im guessing he told you about imprinting." She told me.

"Um no, sorry. What's imprinting?" I had to ask.
"Imprinting is finding your other half. No secrets, nothing. It happend to everyone, Jacob twice. He imprinted on Renesmee, Bella's daughter. At first Renesmee loved it, and thought she was in-love with him but she found her other half and broke Jake's heart. When he found you, he was happier then ever. Trust me. It influenced on the whole pack. We are all just happy that Jake has someone to love." She smiled.

"Oh, i really do like Jake. I do. Ive never met someone like him in my ENTIRE life. He treats me like an angel. Like a blind man seeing to sun for the first time." I smiled back to her.
"That's because he's imprinted on you." She told me

I heard footsteps behind me.
As i turned around I saw Jacob. He had a slash from the start of his left 'v' line to his right shoulder. I ran out to him. "What happened?" I asked horrifiied.
"Nothin babe, dont worry. It'l heel in anothor minute." He told me giving me a hug.

Jacob took me back to his house.
I said goodbye to everyone and then got into the volvo. While i was in the car i thought. I had found out to day that every single thing i thought was mythological was all real. Vampires, werewolves, humans.

I got home said goodnight to Jacob, went inside and got changed. I went to bed that night thinking that i was just human. But i had a vampire for a best friend and a werewolf for a boyfriend. But i was still only a human.

I also thought, 'Who were The Volturi?'
love it!
love it cant wait for more
soooo good ! plz write more soon ! :)
Chapter Five.

I had a very restless night that night. My dreams had never been so vivid. They were colorfull, but also scary. When i woke up Jacob was there on my chair at the end of my bed.
"Your dad called. He was scared something was wrong but he didn't want to wake you so he called me. Are you okay?"
I couldn't reply. I knew i had had very bad dreams but they were always in black and white. I started to cry. As soon as I did, Jacob was with me. His hot skin against my cold skin. I cried, but I didnt know why.

Once i had myself together I leant up to Jake and asked, "Who are the Volturi?"
He breathed in a heavy breathe and answered, "The Volturi are a very old and ancient Vampire coven. You heard me talking about them last night because someone, we have no idea who, was in the woods or the resturant when we told you what we were."
"But their vampires, What are they going to do about you telling me your a werewolf?" I asked.
"They cant to anything, what they can do is kill you, Bella, Edward and their whole family because they told you what they were." He told me.
"Jacob, i dont want to die." I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.
"You wont. You have the whole pack to protect you." He told me while i snuggled into his chest.

"Do you want to come over to Sam and Emily's tonight, their having a party. The Cullen's are coming as well. You can meet Renesmee, And Emily would love to see you again" He smiled.

I knew Renesmee was his ex, and i knew she had hurt him. But he didn't know i knew.
"Emily told my about Renesmee and you." I told him scarcley.
"Nessie and me have abit of history but she's still and always will be my friend. I do still love her but I have you know and your what is making me function." He laughed.
"What kind of history?" I was curious to hear their story, because I knew i would probably make friend with her but before I did I wanted to know what my boyfriend and his ex's history was.

He sighed. He knew I wouldnt give in and it was just easier to tell me rather then make me complain.
"I imprinted on Renesmee. She is a good friend I will never deny her that but she did, break my heart. When a wolf imprints, its as though they have found their other half. I thought she was my other half till Ashtin came along. He was everything she wanted. She was kind of forced into going out with me because i knew her and all. But he was her age, half vampire, and everything she wanted. She took me and him on a date at one time, just her and us two guys. She held my hand, but i could feel her sadness, how upset she was but i listened she said to me, 'Jacob Black, I love you. I really do, but your not all i want in a man. I mean your perfect and i do love you but i also love Ashtin.'" He started to shake a little
"I didn't know what to do, it was like Bella all over again. I was shattered. And he just stared at me and smiled. As i was getting in my car she came out and asked my for a kiss. I denyed her it. I wasnt going to do it again, kiss someone that was inlove with another guy. I said goodnight and went home. "

"Once I was home i fased into a wolf. I stayed the wolf for a fair while but I missed my dad and my friends so i went home. When i got home I saw Edwards volvo. I just expected it to be Bella and Edward so i stayed in my shorts. But you were there. You were next to Bella, she looked like she was sheilding you from harm. But once I looked at you, I knew i had imprinted. Renesmee was there and she looked at me. You saw me and just stared." He laughed a little.

"You had no top on and had extremly hot abs, what was i supposed to do. Vomit?" I laughed.
"Well i went outside and Renesmee was waiting for me. She smiled and explained herself and Ashtin had broken up and she wanted to get back together. Then Bella came out." He laughed

Suddenly Bella was next to him. "And I said I knew the look he just gave you and walked off laughing."

We all started laughing. "Come on missy, we have things to do, people to see." Bella said to me.
"Well I was invited to Emily and Sam's place." I looked at Jake.
"Hello, reatard. My family and I are going as well. Now come on." She laughed and started tugging at my hand.
"Okay, Okay im coming. Bye Jake, love you." I smiled at Jake and then started walking with Bella.
"Bye Babe" I heard him say, a little louder then usual.


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