The Twilight Saga

See I never thought that I could walk through fire

I never thought that I could take the burn

I never had the strength to take it higher

Until I reached the point of no return

And there's just no turning back

When your hearts under attack

Gonna give everything I have

It's my destiny

I will never say never

I will fight for forever

Whenever you knock me down

I will not stay on the ground

Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up up up

And never say never



I heard the sound of glass shattering from his little building. Fear rose in me as I ran. Was he in danger? Or had he just dropped something accidentally?


I opened the door cautiously and moved inside. There was only a large candle lit across the room, making it very dark inside. But I could still see the whole scene before me perfectly. The dim light made it look even more eery.


Drake was on his knees, clutching a picture in his hands. His breaths were comming hard and quick. And the wall covered with mirrors was completely shattered. The shards layed in ruins around him. I noticed his knuckles were bleeding from where he must have punched the glass.


I took a step toward him cautiously. Glass crunche under my feet. Then I noticed a news paper burried under the ruckage. I picked it up and looked at it closely.





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Sounds really awesome Nina!
WOW haha the song is pretty awesome. love the banner, love the prologue. bring it on, i say!
Loved it
Cool! :)
sounds really good
sounds good :)
cool like it more ASAP


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