The Twilight Saga

I was hunting  when i had a vision
A little girl and her mother were in a car driving from somewhere.The little girl was crying.
"Mommy where are we going." she asked
'"i have to hide you some bad people are coming for mommy and i dont want you to get hurt."the woman said then she parked the car by the Welcome to forks sign and got out.
'"I love you mommy." the little girl said
"I you t-" something snatched her leaving the girl by herself crying

Why was i having this vision i didnt even know the child but i cant leave her there.I ran to the car and opened the door the girl screamed.
'Shh im not here to hurt you i want to help."i said and she stopped screaming
"Please dont leave me here."she said and i picked her up.
" I wont i promise how about you tell me your name." i said
"My name is Isabella but i liked to be called Bella." she told me laying her head on my shoulder.
"How old are you Bella.' i asked even though i new the answer
"Im 5. What about you." she asked
"My name is Alice."i told her
"Alice will you be my new mommy" she asked
"No but i will be like a sister my mother will be yours." i told her
"Is she pretty like you." she asked then she blushed
"I think so." i said
"Alice can we go home im sleepy." she said
"Ok but while im taking you you can fall asleep on my shoulder."  said
"Goodnight Alice." she said then she kissed me on the cheek before falling asleep. I cant wait till everyone sees her they'll love her just like me.

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lol your silly but no actually i marry edward and bella rips my head off JK lol
~ Yea first comment! ~
I love that she named the cat Eddie Boy!
lol I love it keep going!
Omg this is good. Please keep me updated.
luv ti please keep going !!! =^.^=
i like it scatch that i love it !
Love it, plz keep me updated
awwwwww sooooo cute please more soon
love it can't wait for another update!!
i will update later on tonight because its like !2:00 in the morning here and as soon as i finish this chapter im working on for one of my other fanfics im going to bed lol
This is really cute... keep me updated plz
So cute chapter,keep writing please


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