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Hey i came up with this idea just popped into my head so im hoping you all give it a chance and read it! its about bella she moves from ireland to australia a month before her birthday but since in australia the schools dont start till february she has to spend it alone. She has many questions running through her mind like will people in her new school like her? will she make friends? she is worried and extremely lonely after leaving all her friends behind. In ireland she was quiet popular hope you all will like it.



Chapter one

Hi im Isabella Swan, Bella for short. I loved my life, everything about my life was brilliant, i had an amazing house, amazing family, amazing friends, i was popular enough i no 295 friends on facebook isnt that much but to me it was, i was never one of them really confident girls i kept to myself but i still liked to go out on the weekend with my friends and have fun. Not that thats all i did in my spare time, i visit fanilies, go to football with my daddy, read books and just chill out and relax in my bed room rocking out to music.


Then one day it all changed when my mum and dad told me they were getting devorced, daddy was moving to australia and mum was staying, down side to this problem is that as much as i loved ireland and my friends, i loved my daddy more. Were ever my dad went i went, i was truely a daddy's girl though and though. So i had to chose between my dad or my friends! I never got on with my mum and well Australia seemed like such an adventure. So four months later here i am in a night club with all my friends, my "surprise" leaving party, i found out about it a month a go but never had the heart  to tell every one i new so i had to put on my best shocked face.


Oh i also forgot to mention I'm kissing a fella called Gary O'hare he's the best, but we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend, we are still allowed to kiss other people after all there is no point going steady if im leaving the country in the morning but still he is thee best. Hes amazing he has bronze hair, brilliant body, a footballer, fair enough he wasn't gifted in the looks department but i didnt care i really like him, he is just everything i want in a boy.


So sitting there by myself with a drink in my hand laughing at my friends dancing and having fun, when a random guy comes up to me. "Hi I'm Gareth mind if i sit?" fair enough he is stunning, long hair but not to long, very nice skin, and a amazing smile so i did what any other girl would of done in this situation.


"Nice to meet ya im Bella, and sure thats no bother work away" giving him my newly straightened teeth, when i was fourteen i got braces and i just got them of. So after a while of us talking and flirting he kissed me. But when we finished kissing i look up to see Gary storming past me, i didnt no what was wrong, now looking back i was seriously foolish. So i got up and ran after him.


"Gary? gary? GARY? whats wrong?" he wouldnt even look at me he was to busy punching a smoking machine. "will you look at me? what is wrong?" still no response, so i grabbed his hand as he pulled it back to take another swing at the machine, that got his attention, he turned around and when he seen it was me he just picked me up in his arms and swung me around kissing me.


Laughing while he put me down i said " now do you want to tell me why you are beating the life outta the poor defenceless machine?"


He just looked at me "I didnt like seeing you kissing that fella bella, i like you i mean i really like you and i just cracked. i no your moving to another country in a few days but Bella i dont want you to leave, even just thinking about you leaving makes me feel like im empty as if i lost the biggest, best part of me. Bella you are my life you make life worth living." he whispered with tears in his eyes, i have to admit never has a fella said anything that nice to me ever, well besides my daddy who tells me im perfect but he has to say that. Your asking what my responce was? i just gradded his face and kissed him with as much passion as i possibly could, to show his feelings were mirrored.


The next day my last day in Ireland i spent it with Gary, that had to be the best day of my life no doubt about it. As he was leaving he kissed me good bye and left, breaking my heart to see him walk away little did he no that he had a piece of my hear with him. Five minutes after i watched his car leave not moving from that spot i couldnt move that would be the last time i would see him, then i got a text


That was thee hardest thing i have ever done, i didnt think i was strong enough to walk away <3 Gary

Tell me about it, that near broke my heart lol :) <3 Bella

Is poor we Bellas heart broken? never thought i would see the day :P <3 Gary

Shut up before i break your ugly face ;) <3 Bella

You wouldnt do that :D i no you to well ;) <3 Gary

And why would i not break it? you dont no me as well as you think ;) <3 Bella

Its simple because i love you and you love me so you wouldnt have the heart to heart me :) <3 Gary


That was the first time i realised that he even mentioned love, and he was right i was in love with him.


He promised me that he would stay up and text me all night so im not by myself, but he fell asleep! And i stayed up all night crying my heart out. He never seen me cry and he never would, then my dad walked in saying it was time to go. So i pulled out my Blackberry and texted him

I no you fell asleep, it doesnt matter you have school you need your sleep, but i want to let you no that you are the best thing thats happened to me, that you made my life in Ireland so much better. But ill be talking to you on facebook and skype flat out so i can see that ugly face of yours ;) anyway this is it gary im just about to walk out the door and get on a plane, just please dont forget me, and dont forget i love you <3 Bella

I got on that plane with my phone turned of but as i landed the first thing i did was check my phone, but i never got a reply, that was it as soon as i left he forgot me, and that broke my heart into a million pieces.



Hope you all liked it just comment and let me no, and if you like it i will update :)



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Very interestin...I really like it!
Huh.  Interesting.  Hope you keep writing.  :)
keep writing....

Interesting, still need to work with your writing a little bit and it will be perfect.

Can't wait to read more.


not bad I would like to see where this goes and just for the record I hate Gary

please let me know when you update


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