The Twilight Saga

This is a story about Bella and Edward. Bella on her first day at forks meets Edward. Edward can't control his thirst and bites Bella. Now Edward and Bella have to find out what happens. Later on in the story Bella meets with James and Victoria and Laurent. James has a need for Bella, which will lead to bad problems.




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Chapter 1

 This was my only class with Edward Cullen. As i walked slowly and sat next to him in biology, his face hardned. I took a little glimpse of him. Edwards mouth was hanging out slightly, and it look to me as tho he was drooling. I didn't pay anymore attention to him. Then finaly after what seemed forever, the bell rang.


I sat in my chair, waiting for everyone else to get out, and the teacher (I love being last.) but Edward was still sitting like me. I stood up and so did he. My body turned to look at him, then he lurched forward. His arms locked mine on the side, and moved a couple of hairs strains away from my neck. Then there was pain, so much pain it hurt to move. I was able to hit him with 1 arm, and it made him stop. I fell to the flow, moving around akwardly.


Edward was standing above me, he had blood on his lip, and i think it was mine. Now i felt like i was fire, but i could not see it. Everything hurt! Someone was at my side lifting me up. Then i noticed we were in a car. Edward was driving me somewhere. I managed to speak. "Whats happening!" I screamed louder than ever. He didn't answer. I never noticed how much i was screaming, until the car came to a stop. Again like before he lifted me up taking me into a house and onto a silver platform. People all around me were speaking, but i couldn't not hear anything. There was too much pain. At that moment i knew my life was over, everything i had ever dreamed of would be gone. My eyes slowly closed letting me drift off in nothing.



Sorry its short, the other chapters are long.


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Chapter 7

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New Born Bella 2


Chapter 1


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OH that was LIVELY!!! o soo goood
who was laughing??Em or eddie anyways l.o.v.e.d it

still a fan
Write more!!!!
I loved it!! They better get together! So excited! :]
waaa! omg! waa! i wantmore but no pressure lol ^^
OMG! This is so good! When will you be updating again? Please update soon. Oh yea! After you finish updating can you send me a message? Thank you! ^_^
send me updates please please please please please please
Chapter 7

Someone laughed from across the room.

"Edward get over here." Alice said. She gestured her hands for me to stand next to Edward. "Now, I want you Edward to put you hand around her waist." Carfulley Edward slide his hand. "Bella, get closer to Edward." We scooted together. "Now smile!" Alice said happily. I smiled nice for her. "Ok I'll be back soon, I'm going to take these photos in." Alice said, and waved goodbye to us.

As soon as she left, Edward pulled his arm off my waist. Instead he grabbed my my wrist, staring into my eyes.

"What are you thinking?" He asked. There were many things I was thinking, but didn't want to tell him. "Bella."

"Ummm......" I hesitated. Edward's face got closer to mine.

"I'm sorry Bella I made you a vampire." He stoped, because I caught him in a kiss. He didn't stop it. The kiss was tense, passionate, and warm. The touch of his lips, made little fire crackers start inside my mouth.

Then he pulled away.

"I'm sorry." I said to him breathing a little hard. Then he came in for another kiss, and this time the kissing seemed to last forever. All the bad thoughts went away, he was mine now.

His hand moved from my cheeks to my waist, while I wraped my arms around his shoulder. The softness, that came between us, was warm.

After a couple of minutes, our faces pulled away. Our eyes stayed locked with one another.

"I wasn't expecting that." He said smiling a half crooked smile. I couldn't help but smile with him.

"Sorry." I mumbled back to him. His finger touched my lip.

"You don't have to be sorry, I liked it." He said back. So he did like me! I thought in my head. Edward pulled me in for a hug. I rested my head softly on his chest.

"Whats going on here!?" I heard Emmett, from behind us. I quickly got out of Edwards arms. "Did I just see you two, hugging?" He asked pointing at us.

"Yes, you did." Edward asked grabbing my hand.

"So your a pair now?" Emmett asked. His smile got bigger.

"Yes." I answered for Edward. He squeezed my hand, then as I looked back to Emmett, he came and gave us both a big hug, and backed up.

"I'm going to tell Carlisle and the rest." Emmett said and rushed off in a second.

Edward moved me so I was facing him. "Don't worry about Emmett."

"Ok" I said back.
enjoy, sorry its short.
please please please post more soon!
yes yes yes !!! so glad that theyre together (;


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