The Twilight Saga

This is a story about Bella and Edward. Bella on her first day at forks meets Edward. Edward can't control his thirst and bites Bella. Now Edward and Bella have to find out what happens. Later on in the story Bella meets with James and Victoria and Laurent. James has a need for Bella, which will lead to bad problems.




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Chapter 1

 This was my only class with Edward Cullen. As i walked slowly and sat next to him in biology, his face hardned. I took a little glimpse of him. Edwards mouth was hanging out slightly, and it look to me as tho he was drooling. I didn't pay anymore attention to him. Then finaly after what seemed forever, the bell rang.


I sat in my chair, waiting for everyone else to get out, and the teacher (I love being last.) but Edward was still sitting like me. I stood up and so did he. My body turned to look at him, then he lurched forward. His arms locked mine on the side, and moved a couple of hairs strains away from my neck. Then there was pain, so much pain it hurt to move. I was able to hit him with 1 arm, and it made him stop. I fell to the flow, moving around akwardly.


Edward was standing above me, he had blood on his lip, and i think it was mine. Now i felt like i was fire, but i could not see it. Everything hurt! Someone was at my side lifting me up. Then i noticed we were in a car. Edward was driving me somewhere. I managed to speak. "Whats happening!" I screamed louder than ever. He didn't answer. I never noticed how much i was screaming, until the car came to a stop. Again like before he lifted me up taking me into a house and onto a silver platform. People all around me were speaking, but i couldn't not hear anything. There was too much pain. At that moment i knew my life was over, everything i had ever dreamed of would be gone. My eyes slowly closed letting me drift off in nothing.



Sorry its short, the other chapters are long.


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New Born Bella 2


Chapter 1


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Chapter 12

I was still laying there silently. My body motion quietly up grabbing the sticks. But then I droped them. I had made a decesion. I was going to run away, i needed to do this fast. They all thought, (except James.) that i wanted to be here.

I ran, sprinted in vampire speed. I made sure, at every second no one was following me. Leaves, and grass crackled underneath me. Surely my scent would be here for hours, resting on the leaves. My running increased, and in that moment, i honestly didn't know where I was!

So I opened my ears for any sounds, that were familiar. I could hear a stream, deer, trees, lots of animals. Still listening, I could sense a female and male building a house next to a tree. Soon the female would give birth to a young deer. Bella, listen you can do this. I told myself. I so badley wanted to see Edward.

Thats when I heard something. It was familiar, so close I wanted to grasped it in my hands. It was my family. Yes I did it! I Found them. I ran with joy and hurried as fast as possible. "Edward!" I shouted, just so if he could hear me he would run to save me. I was close, and finaly I reached the house.

Let them be here, let them be here! I thought back and fourth through my mind.

"Bella." God yes, oh yes, someone heard me. There he was Edward, my Edward. I ran to him and we embraced and hugged. I never did let go, so i rested my head o n his shoulder as he rubbed my back. "We were just about to come get you, how did you get free." So they did know about the James thing.

"They trusted me because James lied and said I wanted to be part of their group, so i decided to run." I was so happy to be home. I would never go hunting without someone else ever again. We still held each other.

"Alice had a vision about this, before you left to hunt. I didn't think you would go at that time. She saw you hunting when James captured you-"

"Bella?" A small voice said. "Bella!" Someone riped me out of Edwards arms and into theirs. It was Alice. "Your back! How?!" She pulled me away from her.

"I ran away." I told her, I didn't think I wanted to repeat what I said to Edward. He would sooner or later tell her the rest.

"I'm so glad we dont have to save you!" She said with enthusiam, Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me back to him. His arm went around my waist, and my hands rested on his chest. "Well I have to go tell the others your ok now. Bye!" She ran away leaving us alone.

That got me thinking, what if James noticed I was gone, and he decedied to come get me back. Don't think about that. I said to myself. Edward and I went into his room, cuddling with each other. He was on his sofa, while i laied ontop of him.

"What did they do to you Bella?" Edward asked, playing with my hair. I really didn't want to tell him, but I should.

"Well I let a human go, and Victoria got mad. So we fought. Then after that we stoped, she trusted me. Laurent was sorta friendly, I think he's the nicest out of all of them." I stoped. Someonthing out of the corner of my eye, caught my attention. I looked out the window seeing nothing.

"What about James?" He asked. Hell what do I tell him. The truth, the tiny little voice said in the back of my mind. I sighed.

"The reason why James captured me was, he had a obsession with me. James likes me, or wants me in a way that I don't want him. I tried to stay away from him as much as possible, but it seemed everywhere I turned he was there." Edward brought my head up for me to look at him.

"I'll protect you Bella, no one will harm you." He rested his head on mine.
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