The Twilight Saga

New Dawn Based on the Twilight Saga
Written By Jessica Pearce

Bella’s Point of View

Chapter 1 -A new beginning

It was early Dawn and I was excited I was going to meant up with Jacob there was a part of me that was falling for him and I didn’t know why, I mean we have been friends for ever and have been through hard times like him transforming into a werewolf. It come as a shock to both of us me mostly, Jake had heard stories about it but never thought it was true but he sure does now.

I moved from my window facing out onto the road to go get ready. I chose a black pair of shoes, my favourite jeans and a red t-shirt that showed a bit of cleavage. I guess I wanted to show off for Jake he is so perfect his perfect smile, he huge muscles and he six pack but best of all he is mine. Well not jet but I am hoping, hoping that he is falling for me as much as I am him.

My trail of thoughts was interrupted by a nock on my door “Bella” a voice called that I could recognise any where of course it belonged to Jake “come in” I called back, then I realised that I hadn’t even changed out of my pjs “nice” Jacob said looking up and down me “sure” I couldn’t tell what he was think did he rely think that I looked good in my pjs “ you could look good in any thing Bella” ok now I am sure he said I could look good in any thing did I hear correctly “sure Jacob” I said rolling my eyes the walked back to my bed to get my clothes for the day. “ can you like get out so I can get changed” I said feeling a little silly “ and why would I do that I have seen you in less than that” Oh that is just great he always has to bring a child hood things “ Get out now Jacob Black” I said getting a little angry “ keep your shirt on bella, oh actually you might want to change it, it makes you look..” Oh that little “don’t even think about finishing that sentence Jacob Black” he went several shades of red and then said “ it makes you look to beautiful” What he thinks I am beautiful I went up to him and started kissing him and the weird thing was he was kissing me back.


Jacob’s Point if view

Chapter 1 -A new beginning

I was so happy I was planning a perfect day for Bella my precious, clumsy Bella the only girl I could every love she was my other half my every thing the only problem was she didn’t even know yet. She was in on the whole werewolf secret but what she didn’t know was that I had imprinted on her. Imprinting was meant to be rare but almost every one else in the pack has imprinted already.

I looked at the time and the went out into the lounge room to say goodbye to Billy than ran out the door and into the forest. I took off my jeans and tied them around my leg. I had more chlothes at Bella’s house since I have been spending most of my time there and charley would think we were up to no good if I started walking around with no shirt on, not that I would mind. “dude enough information” Paul’s thoughts entered my mind “leave him a lone just because you haven’t imprinted Paul doesn’t mean you have to pick on others” I could tell it was Seth’s. “ Paul mind your own business” Sam’s thoughts now filling my head, “Thanks Sam and Seth and Paul go find a blow up doll and leave me alone”. buy now I was at Bella’s an upside to being a werewolf being able to run so fast, I didn’t wait to hear Paul’s reply but I new I would be in for it later I transformed and but my jeans back on then walked across the road to and walked into Bella’s house and grabbed a good shirt that was hidden under the couch seat.
I slowly walked up the stairs feeling rely anxious and knocked on the door and called out to her. She called me in and was shocked at how beautiful she looked even if she was still in her pjs, I just said “nice” I mean what kind off a comment is that stupid idiot she just looked at me and said “sure” I didn’t even notice that I had been looking up and down her. I couldn’t believe that I had to spell it out to her she was so beautiful and again with out thinking I said “you could look good in any thing Bella” I mean I can be so stupid some time I just let it slip that I thought she was beautiful what would she think of me now? She mustn’t have taken it in to much because she just replied as a simple “Sure Jacob” I don’t know if I wad disappointed or is I was glad. She walk so swiftly over to her bed and stumbled a little bit. She looked at me and I wasn’t sure why then she oped her mouth and I was only half listening to what she was saying I was to busy looking at he lips move wishing they were on mine. “I have seen you in less than that Bella” what the hell did I just say I am so going to regret this she gave me a death stare then she yelled at me to get out and again I sliped up and said “ keep your shirt on Bella, oh actually you might want to change it, it makes you look..” She wasn’t going to let me finish and I wad right “don’t even think about finishing that sentence Jacob Black” I could feel my skin changing colour I think it went several shades of red and then I finish my sentence “ it makes you look to beautiful” I dint know what she was doing but she came up to me and kissed me with so much passion I didn’t know what she was doing so I followed her lead and continued kissing her.


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