The Twilight Saga

Bella is a muggle born witch and she is 16 years old and she goes to Hogwarts at the same time that Lily, James, Severus and Sirius are there. Bella is a smart, sweet and rather shy at times and she is the love interest of both Sirius and Severus but Severus is still in love with Lily as well. But Bella has only feelings for Sirius and likes Severus as a friend. James and Lily are Bella's friends. What will Happen?


Bella was sitting down under a tree, she had a book in her lap which she was just really skim reading, her mind on Sirius. She smiled, she liked him but was worried for him because of the Twi Wizard Tournaments. She did not want him to get hurt, she's been reading up on the tournaments and they were only designed to test you in the most brutal way possible. But she knew Sirius was a fighter and a strong person, but it made her worry still.

Sirius was walking around the school grounds and he saw Bella under the tree, he walked behind the tree and smiled "Boo!"

Bella jumped up a little but smiled as she saw him, her face always lit up when she saw him, she wrapped her arms round him hugging him, the first task would be in a few days.

He held her as he hugged her back "Bells....I know you're worried.." he didn't finish as Bella cut him off

She put her finger on his lip stopping from speaking for the moment "I don't want anything bad happen to you" she said as she looked into his eyes

Sirius leaned his forehead against hers as he held her close "Nothing will happen to me, I promise"he said and kissed her softly


Preface (Above)

Chapter 1~ Hogwarts

Chapter 2~Truth About Bella's Old School

Chapter 3~Bella's Upset Even More

Chapter 4~Apology

Chapter 5~Visitors

Chapter 6~The Chosen One's

Chapter 7~Task 1:Battling the Dragon

Chapter 8~The Question

Chapter 9~The Kiss

Chapter 10~Task 2: The Lake

Chapter 11~The Ball

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Chapter 1~Hogwarts

Bella was packed, she was going to London to a wizarding school called Hogwarts. Into the 6th year as she was getting transferred from her current school which got closed down. She looked at her self "New school, new start" Bella whispered to her self. Bella was a witch but a muggle born witch which meant that her parents were mortals. At her old school she got picked on because of it. But she always stood up for her self as she was a strong person.

"Bella! Sweetie, we got to go" Bella's mom was calling her from the bottom of the stairs.

"Comming Mum" Bella called back as she put her bag over her shoulder and picked up her suitcase. She walked downstairs where Bella's mom and dad were waiting for her.

Bella's Mom smiled at her and they all got to the car outside and her dad drove to the train station. Bella held her cat tinkers on her lap.  When they got to the train station they said goodbye and Bella got onto the platform 9 and three qauters and got onto the Hogwarts Express. Her car purring contently.

Bellatrix was over with the slytherins and she noticed James, Sirius and Lily behind Bella "Oh look at that, it's the two freaks and the mud blood" she laughed smirking 

Bella looked behind her and looked back at the rude girl "Do you have and issue with muggleborns or something?"

Bellatrix glared at her "You speaking to me newbie?" she spat at her

"Yes you!" Bella said sternly but keeping her cool "What you said is offensive and I'am sure that they are much better people then you are!"

Bellatrix was getting mad now, she pulled out her wand pointing it at Bella, but someone pulled her arm down. A boy with dark hair and brown eyes. "Leave them be" he said

Bellatrix frowned "What is with you Severus?" she shook her head and walked off.

Lily looked at Bella "Thank you for that" she smiled "I'am Lily" she held out her hand

"You're welcome" Bella smiled back "I'am Isabella but go by Bella"

Lily smiled "It's nice to meet you Bella, want to sit with us?" she asked

Bella smiled softly "Sure, everywhere else is full" she said and smiled at all of them. One boy caught her attention, he had slightly longer hair, it was brown and he had brown eyes to match.

He smiled at her "I am Sirius" he said and shook her hand before they sat in the cabin

"Nice cat" James said smiling, his arm round Lily "I am James"

Bella smiled "Nice to meet you Both, thanks her name is Tinkers"

Lily smiled "Cute name" she said as she watched the pure white cat rolling on Bella's stretching "Are you a transfer"?

Bella nodded "Yes, my old school got shut down few months ago, not sure why" she replied

Sirius nods "Oh, so which year are you in?" he smiled at her warmly

"The 6th year" Bella replied smiling back

"Like Lily, me and James are in the last year" Sirius nodded as he replied

Lily smiled then pouted "What are we going to do without you two next year?"

James chuckled "Aww, I'am sure you both will survive, you'll have each other" he said then looked at Bella "What you said before to Bellatrix, thanks, that was brave."

"It's no problem, I know how it feels to be called both, my parents are mortals so I always stick up for self and people like me, anyone really" Bella said smiling

Tinkers rolled of Bella's lap and onto Sirius who was sitting beside Bella. Sirius chuckled and Bella giggled shaking her head at her cat.

"I think your cat it taking a liking to me" Sirius chuckled

Lily smiled at Bella "Still, thank you, again it means a lot"

"It was no problem" Bella said smiling at her warmly. Bella then looked at Sirius "Yeah, she's always like that" as she finished Severus was at the door

Lily looked at Severus and sighed "Umm, Hi" she said looking at him. He was her friend, sort of you could say,

"Lily, about what she sai......."

Lily cut him off "Don't bother Sev, we both know you're on her side anyways, you proved that last year."

Severus sighed "Lily, I didn't mean to call you that, I'am sorry, I really am" he said then looked at Bella in silence taking her in. She was so beautiful it took his breath away, kind of like with Lily's beauty as well.

Bella looked at him, there was no denying he was good looking but he was not good, maybe a little.

"Just go" Lily said looking at him as she leaned her head on James's shoulder who held her close

Severus sighed turning and left the cabin.

6 Hours Later:

The train finally got to the Hogwarts train station and everyone got off. Everyone's bags were already at the school, Bella put Tinkers in her cat cage as they got onto a carriage which pulled it self on its own. It took about 10 minutes till they got to the school.

The first years and transfers lined up to get sorted into their houses and the others sat in their seats.

Bella was up first to sit on the chair with the sorting hat. She sat on the chair and Dumbledore put the hat on her head "Gryffindor!" the hat said exited and all the gryffindors clapped as Bella say with Lily, James and Sirius.

Severus was watching from the Slytherin table rather jealous. He whished Bella would be put in his house, but no one that nice would be put in his house. He sighed deeply.

After everyone new got sorted into their new houses. The headmaster spoke "Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts and new students. This year we will be holding the tri wizard tournaments, more information will  be said later this year.The feast may begin"

Sirius looked intrigued at the mention of the tournament. He was the right age to sign up.

Lily notice the look in his eyes "You thinking of going for it?" She asked

Sirius nods "Yes" he grinned

Bella kept silent, she knew a bit the games, they were dangerous. She started to worry about Sirius. She noticed Severus watching her so she looked away.

James looked at Bella "You okay Bells?"

Bella nodded "Yeah, I'am fine" She said smiling slightly. She looked at Sirius who was deep in conversation with a new kid.

Lily looked at Bella "Are you worried for Sirius?" she asked looking at her

Bella nodded and sighed "Yes, I know a bit about the tournament, its dangerous, but I know that because I had to live through it at my old school" her words seemed to hover in the air

Okay :) I know some of you may want to know how everyone looks like, so here are my choices for the males/females portraying Bella, Lily, James, Sirius and Severus and also Bellatrix in this story :)

Bella is Kristen Stewart

Lily is Rachel Hurd Wood

James is Taylor Launter

Sirius is Ben Barnes

Severus is Steven Strait

Bellatrix is Selena Gomez

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Chapter 2~Truth About Bella's Old School

Sirius looked at Bella "I am sorry could you repeat that again?" he asked her in total bewilderment. He blinked, she was underage, how could she have done the tri wizard tournaments at her old school without hiding from the law? And not getting into trouble.

Dumbledore looked at Bella, Lily, James and Sirius "You 4 in my office" he said and all 4 got up following him to the office, they all sat down and Bella stared blankly at the floor.

"Explain your self my dear" Dumbledore said looking at Bella, he was not one to judge a person without knowing all the details.

Bella swallowed feeling tears build up in her eyes, the games was one experience she never wanted to re-live or someone to be in her shoes "I...I well" she felt a lump building up in her throat "The games at my school were just called the wizard tournaments and there were 5 instead of 3" she said fighting back the tears in her eyes "The school always picked 3 students from years 1, 3, 5 and 7 to test their courage and determination, I was part of them from year 1 until 5 and they were going to pick me year 7 again as I always won the years before and the winner always got picked again into the games as each year they got more harder each time." she said, shaking slightly. "They were the original games that my school founded" she said.

Lily felt her self go Limp in her seat listening to this, Sirius placed his hand on Bella's shoulder softly. He was in shock, he had no idea how cruel her old school was but he had no idea how much more cruel it would get.

Dumbledore handed Bella a tissue "Speak on dear" he said as he was sitting in his chair looking at her, kindness in his eyes, he watched her, he had no idea how terrible it must have been for her.

"Som....some got hurt...some...died" she broke down at the last word and her shoulders heaved as huge sobs escaped her.

Dumbledore thought about it and sighed "Was your school called Paravel?" Bella just nodded.

Sirius was in shock, he rubbed Bella's arm as he hugged her to him trying to calm her down. He felt sorry for her having to live through the games so many times and with that experience he could see why Bella was scared for people in these games that would take place later this year.

Dumbledore looked at Bella, he could tell how upset she was by this and he sighed "That's why your school shut down" he said "The magical community decided we could not let the school run on anymore, with the games getting more brutal to the point people were losing lives" he said, Bella just nodded, it was like deep down she suspected that was the reason. He looked at Lily, James and Sirius "One you mind taking her for a walk before you go back to dinner? Fresh air would do her fine"

"I will" All 3 of them said at the same time

Dumbledore chuckled "Okay, all 3 of you then" he said

Bella tried to compose her self as all 3 of them took her outside, she sat on a bench and tried to take deep breaths to calm her self down, she hated that experience and what more when she was telling them about it, she re lived it.

"Why didn't you tell us?" James said looking at Bella

Bella looked away from him "I tell people, they judge me, you do the math" she said and looked down at the floor.

Sirius looked at Bella "Did you seriously think we would judge you"? he asked as he hugged her tightly to him and he leaned his chin on her head softly

Bella nodded sadly "Everyone always does" she said and looked down, she buried her face in his chest and closed her eyes.

Lily rubbed her back "Well, us 3 don't judge people for things that are not their fault" she said "I know its hard what you went through Bella, but you been brave to tell Dumbledore and us what happened, its all in the past and these games may be dangerous but its just for fun, these games are no where near what the one's you went through" she said "And also the age limit is 17 so you can't do it when younger for safety"

Bella nods "How is it me being brave?" she asked curious "I felt like I was relieving it all again" she said and felt shivers go down her spine

"Relieving what?" a voice said behind them, Bella looked back to see Severus there

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