The Twilight Saga

Bella is a muggle born witch and she is 16 years old and she goes to Hogwarts at the same time that Lily, James, Severus and Sirius are there. Bella is a smart, sweet and rather shy at times and she is the love interest of both Sirius and Severus but Severus is still in love with Lily as well. But Bella has only feelings for Sirius and likes Severus as a friend. James and Lily are Bella's friends. What will Happen?


Bella was sitting down under a tree, she had a book in her lap which she was just really skim reading, her mind on Sirius. She smiled, she liked him but was worried for him because of the Twi Wizard Tournaments. She did not want him to get hurt, she's been reading up on the tournaments and they were only designed to test you in the most brutal way possible. But she knew Sirius was a fighter and a strong person, but it made her worry still.

Sirius was walking around the school grounds and he saw Bella under the tree, he walked behind the tree and smiled "Boo!"

Bella jumped up a little but smiled as she saw him, her face always lit up when she saw him, she wrapped her arms round him hugging him, the first task would be in a few days.

He held her as he hugged her back "Bells....I know you're worried.." he didn't finish as Bella cut him off

She put her finger on his lip stopping from speaking for the moment "I don't want anything bad happen to you" she said as she looked into his eyes

Sirius leaned his forehead against hers as he held her close "Nothing will happen to me, I promise"he said and kissed her softly


Preface (Above)

Chapter 1~ Hogwarts

Chapter 2~Truth About Bella's Old School

Chapter 3~Bella's Upset Even More

Chapter 4~Apology

Chapter 5~Visitors

Chapter 6~The Chosen One's

Chapter 7~Task 1:Battling the Dragon

Chapter 8~The Question

Chapter 9~The Kiss

Chapter 10~Task 2: The Lake

Chapter 11~The Ball

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Chapter 10~Task 2: The Lake

When Bella wondered into the common room, she had a happy look on her face and she did not even notice that she walked into the wall "Ouch" she said as she rubbed her forehead.

Lily giggled softly "Forgot to see where you were going"? she said then she noticed the smile on her face and her flushed  cheeks "Oh my gosh!" she said

"Oh my gosh what?" Remus mumbled as he was eating a chocolate bar on the couch.

"Is to do with Sirius?" James asked as he stood up and looked between the two girls. Lily playfully slapped him on his arms.

"Well duh, of course it has to do with him, Hello, He has like liked Bella since he first laid his eyes on her" she said and she smiled gripping Bella's shoulder softly "Tell me...tell me" she was so excited she was jumping up and down.

Bella giggled softly as she smiled, seeing her so exited "We kissed after he asked me out to the ball" she said and she smiled, blushing more.

Lily let out a happy squeak as she hugged her friend. James chuckled just seeing Lily's reaction and he smiled with Remus

"I am happy for you both." James said as he smiled softly "Sirius is a good friend and a good guy, no matter what anyone else says about him, you deserve the best Bella" he said and he hugged her softly.

Bella smiled as she hugged him back "Thank you, that's so sweet of you." she said and she smiled, but then she realized, that the second task would be on the same day as the ball, before. She bit her lip and she sighed softly, she needed some rest so she went to her and Lily's room to lay down.

Meanwhile, young Sirius was in the bathroom with the dragon egg, he was going to do as Bella suggested, he dipped the egg in the water and he then submerged him self as he opened it up, the egg lit up in a wonderful orange/yellow color and it started to sing.

"Come seek where out voices sound, we cannot sing above the ground. An hour you will have to look and recover what we took."

Sirius came above the water as he closed the egg and he coughed out some water "Mur people" he said to him self. He would have to ask the girls about this tomorrow after classes. After her dried off and got changed he went to bed and he set the egg on the table.

Next day: Evening time

Sirius was in the library with James, Remus, Lily and Bella "Look again" he mumbled feeling tired.

"We have looked again" Remus said as he sighed "What was it again?" he spoke as he looked at his friend.

"Come seek us where our voices sound...." Sirius spoke as he yawned

"The black lake." Lily and Bella said at the same time, Bella knew this as she done some research

"An hour you will have to look....and recover what we took" Sirius rubbed his eyes as he spoke and he sighed as he looked at the girl.

"Black lake again." Lily said as she looked at Sirius "But potentially problematic" she said

Sirius looked at her "Potentially problematic?" he said "When was the last time you held your breath underwater for an hour?" he said as he sighed shaking his head.

Lily bit her lip as she went silent and he sighed "Sorry" she muttered out softly.

Bella was looking in her bag and she pulled out a little potion vile and she set it in Sirius hand softly, he just looked up at her "What is it?" he said as he looked at her

Bella smiled softly "It will help you breath underwater" she said and she placed a soft kiss to his forehead "I made it in potions class" she said and she smiled

Sirius smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and he kissed her softly "I don't know what I'd do without you beautiful" he said and he held her close, but the head master walked into the room.

He looked at them all "Shouldn't you all be in bed?" he said as he raised an eyebrow

"But sir, the second task is only hours away and...." Lily trailed off as she got cut off

"Exactly" he said "The champion needs to rest, now you may all go to bed" he said "Apart from you miss Swan, I would like a word with you in my office." he said

Bella nodded softly "Alright sir" she said and she smiled softly as she walked with him to his office after she said goodnight to her friends.

Next Day:

Sirius was awake and he was rather nervous about the second task. He looked around as they all headed to the black lake "Where is she?" he frowned and he sighed softly.

"I am sure she's already there" Lily said as she patted his back and she smiled softly, once they got to the black lake, Lily sat with Remus and James, but she did not spot Bella anywhere, so that made her worry.

Sirius was standing beside to the other two champions and he drank down his potion as Dumbledore spoke "Welcome all to the second task...over night something was stolen from each our of champions and they have one hour and only one hour to get that treasure back...on your marks...set..go" he said and the cannon went off.

Sirius dived into the water with Florian and Anastacia and he started to swim, breathing easily thanks to the potion Bella made him, he had a wand in his hand, as he was allowed it to help him. He swam towards the bottom and as he was getting closer, Florian swam past him, looking like a shark in his face, Sirius swam to the side to avoid the jaws and he saw something so he swam towards it.

In the middle were there people, a little girl that looked like the girl Anastacia, so he assumed it was her little sister. Some other girl he seen around in his classes and Bella. He swam towards Bella and he touched her cheeks softly, her eyes were closed and her hair floated around her, he looked down at her leg, something was tied around it. He swam down and he untied the rope or sea weed that was tied to her leg and he swam up to the surface with her. 40 minutes already passed.

He kicked more as he swam to the surface and he got up with Bella, who coughed up water. There were loud cheers around them as they were the first one's out. They swam over to the dock and they got pulled up with Help and someone wrapped towels around them.

Lily ran over to Bella and Sirius with James and Remus and they hugged them smiling. Florian was up shortly after Sirius and Bella with his treasure followed by the two French girls. As they all got dried off Dumbledore spoke "Well done to all our champions for getting through this second task, our winner of this second task is our very own Sirius Black" as he said, there were some cheers from most people.

Bella smiled and she kissed his cheek and Sirius smiled as he kissed her softly then he kissed her forehead and he hugged her to him as she shivered from being bit cold.

A/N: Most of what happens in this chapter does not belong to me, I took it from the 4th Book/Movie of the Harry Potter Series, just changed some bits slightly.


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