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Bella is a muggle born witch and she is 16 years old and she goes to Hogwarts at the same time that Lily, James, Severus and Sirius are there. Bella is a smart, sweet and rather shy at times and she is the love interest of both Sirius and Severus but Severus is still in love with Lily as well. But Bella has only feelings for Sirius and likes Severus as a friend. James and Lily are Bella's friends. What will Happen?


Bella was sitting down under a tree, she had a book in her lap which she was just really skim reading, her mind on Sirius. She smiled, she liked him but was worried for him because of the Twi Wizard Tournaments. She did not want him to get hurt, she's been reading up on the tournaments and they were only designed to test you in the most brutal way possible. But she knew Sirius was a fighter and a strong person, but it made her worry still.

Sirius was walking around the school grounds and he saw Bella under the tree, he walked behind the tree and smiled "Boo!"

Bella jumped up a little but smiled as she saw him, her face always lit up when she saw him, she wrapped her arms round him hugging him, the first task would be in a few days.

He held her as he hugged her back "Bells....I know you're worried.." he didn't finish as Bella cut him off

She put her finger on his lip stopping from speaking for the moment "I don't want anything bad happen to you" she said as she looked into his eyes

Sirius leaned his forehead against hers as he held her close "Nothing will happen to me, I promise"he said and kissed her softly


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Chapter 1~ Hogwarts

Chapter 2~Truth About Bella's Old School

Chapter 3~Bella's Upset Even More

Chapter 4~Apology

Chapter 5~Visitors

Chapter 6~The Chosen One's

Chapter 7~Task 1:Battling the Dragon

Chapter 8~The Question

Chapter 9~The Kiss

Chapter 10~Task 2: The Lake

Chapter 11~The Ball

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Chapter 11~The Ball

It was a few hours later and everything for the ball was set. Bella was in her room getting ready with Lily. She looked at her self in the mirror and she bit her lip "How do I look?" she said as she looked at her friend.

Lily smiled "You look wonderful" she said and she smiled softly and she kissed her cheek "No need to be so nervous Bella, you and Sirius are meant to be" she said

Bella blushed "How can I not be nervous? He's the champion and they got up first, for the dance with their dates." she said.

Lily smiled and she rubbed her arm softly "You will do wonderful Bella, I am sure Sirius is nervous just like you, if not more" she said as she slid a rose petal into Bella's hair and she tied it into her hair, that was curly, only few strands were tied back, the rest was lose. "Come on, let's go" she said and she linked arms with her friend as they walked out of the room and down to the hall.

Sirius was waiting downstairs by the stairs with James and he was nervous, he took a breath as James fixed his tie."Is it so normal to be nervous?" he asked James

James chuckled "You know how I was before, I had to the guts to ask Lily out." he said

Sirius nodded "Good point" he said and he smiled when Lily joined him and James and James noticed Bella and he smiled softly.

"She looks beautiful" James said

Sirius thought he was just talking about Bella in general "Yeah she is" he said and as he turned around, he saw her walking down the stairs, she looked like a goddess, with a soft smile on his face. A smile lit up his face as he looked at her and he walked over to her and he took her hand in his.

James and Lily smiled softly as they walked into the main hall and Bella stood with Sirius behind the other 2 champions with their dates, as they would be the one's to dance first.

Their names got announced one by one, as they all walked in, there were some cheers and applauding. And wonderfully beautiful music started to play, as Sirius set his hand on Bella's waist, holding her other hand and they danced to the music, their bodies and souls as one.


The other champions danced, all fluent and good dancers, but most eyes seemed to fall on Sirius and Bella. James and Lily smiled as they watched their two friends. They fitted together so well, like a puzzle.

Sirius lifted Bella up as she rested her hands on his shoulders and she smiled softly as he set her back down on the floor, he then span her softly and back into his arms before he dipped her and placed a soft kiss to her lips, the other couples seemed to join the champions with their dates on the dance floor.

Bella smiled softly as she wrapped her arms around his neck softly as they danced, swaying to the music together and Bella leaned her forehead to his, Sirius smiled as they danced and he held her close against his chest, they were inseparable for the whole night, like two magnets.

Bella looked at him "You know, I am proud of you right?" she said as she looked at him.

"You are?" he asked, sounding surprised and he smiled at her brightly as he kissed her forehead softly and he held her close to him.

Bella nodded and she smiled nodding "Yes, I champion" she said and she smiled and she kissed him softly again and she touched his cheek softly "You can win this." she said

Sirius looked at her and he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear softly "As long, as I have you by my side, than my victory will be worth it."

"Always" Bella murmured softly and she smiled. She leaned her head against his chest and he leaned his chin on top of her head as they danced to a slow romantic song that was playing. He then softly, hid his face in her hair and he closed his eyes a she breathed in her scent, he never felt more happy than he did in this moment. She made him happy and he knew, she would always be his one and only.

Bella smiled softly and his heart beat seemed to sooth her, she felt safe and happy in his arms, she belonged in them, they were like two pieces of a puzzle that fitted together perfectly.

They danced till the early morning, with their friends and had fun. It was Christmas and they were young and all their worries, went away for one single night.

Bella's Dress:

Lily's Dress:

A/N~Ball room scene taken from 4th Harry Potter film/Book, some details changed for this story. Song is taken from the second Narnia film.



Glad you liked it :)

Hey, this is quite a fantastic mix of stories and characters. I like your idea and your style. Waiting for the next update.

Thank you :) I like Harry Potter and I wanted to do a story of Harry's parents/friends, as there's not many out there that I know off :)

I am glad you liked it

awe so sweet...can't wait to read your next update!

Ok summer where's the next chapter girl this is great


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