The Twilight Saga

Hey, What if Bella had more than one power when she is human? What if she could read minds like Edward, but Edward still couldn't read her mind?

Does anyone think this is a good idea. Message me if you think so and I'll start posting chapters if enough people like it.

All the characters belong to SM not taking entire credit for the idea. My mom helped me.

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That's a very interesting idea! I think you should write a fanfic like that! I'd read it! Please tell me if and when you post it!
It will probably be a while before I write it though because I haven't started it yet and I'm havin trouble getting started. And it's the end of the school year so I have a lot of homework but add me as a friend and I'll message you when i do post it.
awesome idea !!!!!!!!!!
sounds good
sounds like a good story
thanks, I'm starting to write it today, but i don't know when i'm going to post it. I've never writen a fanfic and i think i'm going to write quite a bit before i post it. but i'll message you when i do post it if your my friend.
Hey, I've written a little bit of it. You can probably find it on my page, but I don't know when I will be able to post more. The air in my house is not working and its making my computer not work right, plus I'm starting school soon, so please read what I have written and add me as a friend if you want me to send you a message when I do update. Thanks so much.

Add me as a friend and I'll send you the link when I post it. Promise.

sounds like a fab idea! give it a try!
thanks. Add me as a friend and I'll message you when I update.

It sounds interesting.Please keep me updated.It's a great idea. Anyway,I can't wait for the 1st chapter! :)


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