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Edward's A Girl, Jacob Has Imprinted, Bella Jealous and the Volturi Want an Explanation. CC Couples but Edward AU Edward/Elizabeth now has to choose between old and new, vampire or werewolf.

 NO SPARKLY VAMPS Slow burn type story



Chapter One- The Change Part 1

(Alaska, Denali)

(July 4th, 2009)

"Edward" Alice called out bouncing down there marble staircase "Edward!" She received no answer walking towards the patio; she called out his name again. Edward sighed walking around the open forest floors, fireworks burst in the sky and cheers and claps could be heard from where he stood. In A couple of weeks time they were leaving Alaska to a tiny town in Washington State, were they would pretend to be the teenage children they looked like.

A sweet smell hit his nose, turning on his heals he quickly followed it, springing from tree to tree in a floozy haze. A mountain lion stood in the middle of a clearing, venom pooled and his pupils turned red, with a silent spring ,he flew through the air an pounced on the animal; moaning in pleasure he held the sack of fur closer whimpering rising up from its neck he gasped loudly blood trundling from the side of his face, he felt blinded and heard a load beating sound, the sweet sent swirled around him; and he fell to the earth , his body quivering violently and a choking sound emitted from his mouth as he gasped for air that at this point he needed. Eyes rolling to the back of his head, he was still and a tortured scream rung through the air.

(One Week Later)

(July 21st 2009)

"Carlisle I'm worried "Edward had not been home in a week, the Cullen and Denali family were worried and Alice could not see him. Crying in her hand Esme curled up at the end of the teal sofa in the family room away from everyone. Rosalie said nothing, she'd hoped he did not leave again it would break Esme's heart, she needed all of her children, and even though their parents would never admit it, Edward had a special place in their heart's. He was the 'first born'.

Sighing and looking out the window Carlisle closed his eyes a blood tear running down his face.

Edward, sweetheart where are you?

"I'm not going to stay here" Jasper growled his brother was missing- His baby brother at that.

"Guys" Alice whispered. "I know where he is – or should I say she."


"Where am I?"

"Why can't smell anything?"

"W-Who am I?"

Groaning the diminutive body rolled and a pair of lilac eye lids opened a stunning emerald eyes looked around. Sitting up and rubbing her eyes, a tiny lake sat behind her, crawling towards it she cleaned off her face. Looking at the reflection long bronze curls fell around her heart shaped face, large doe eyes with thick lashes, full pink, lips and small tiny ears. Cocking her head to the side she smiled giggling, looking down the clothes that were on her, where significantly large. The shirt covered her breast which she was thankful for and when to mid thigh covering her arse.

"Edward!" voices called she only recognized three.

Dad, Mommy, Jasper

A large group walked into the field, were she sat.

"Edward "all the female stopped seeing the girl Garrett, Eleazar and Jasper cocked their heads to the side but Carlisle eyes widened, Alice pushed him forward

"He needs you first." She murmured slowly Carlisle approached, the female kneeling down the female quickly threw her arms around him and he clutched her close. The scent of cinnamon and vanilla surrounded them and the female broke down crying, curling up into his lap running his fingers through her hair he rubbed her back gently singing in her ear; tell she fell asleep. Lifting her up easily he walked back towards their home, a confused family behind him.


Hope You Like I'm Also On FF So This Is My Story!


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sounds good!

Thanks :) Tell Your Friends!

-Simba :)

It is interesting. Is it in third person?

Thanks :) And Yes Almost All Of My Stories Are It's Easier

-Simba :)

Thank You! Glad You Like It! :)

-Simba :)

Chapter Two-The Change Part 2

Esme and Carlisle stayed with her as everyone sat down satires.

"Alice, what's happening" everyone asked she sat still smiling and said nothing upstairs a musical voice floated down to them as did their parents alongside it.

"Edward" Esme started but the girl cut her off

"Mommy, whose Edward?" Esme sighed and looked at her husband Carlisle smiled

"Elizabeth, why were you out in the woods?" Elizabeth shook her head

"I really can't remember," biting her lip she looked at her father "I'm sorry daddy." Carlisle kissed her bronze curls

"It's alright sweetheart," he handed her the clothes and bag Alice gave him "Go ahead and take a bath, you're mother and I will be right here when you come out," Looking at her mother and then her father.

"Will you tell me about Edward?"

"Later." Carlisle said, "We have to tell and introduce you to everyone," She nodded and rose walking towards the bathroom. When the doors shut Carlisle toke Esme's hand

"How did you know?" She whispered "It was his biological mothers name, she always said if she would have a girl then she would have named her Elizabeth after her." he explained

"What's her full name?" She asked, Carlisle smiled rubbing her hand

"Elizabeth Esme Cullen ," smiling brightly Esme looked at the door were her daughter stood in a sweater dress and socks a small smile on her face ,bronze curls pinned up.

"Are you ready sweetie?" she nodded nervously Carlisle rose taking her hand and leading her down stairs.


Tanya and Rosalie stayed away from her but Alice, Irina and Kate were glued by her side playing with her hair and talking. Elizabeth smiled and blushed and the males just stood back, just watching.

How strange this is Eleazar though looking at the former male, she seemed even shyer but more open then she, he was before. Everything was interrupted when Elizabeth's stomach growled she blushed bright red looking down.

"Sweetie, why didn't you tell us you were hungry? "Venir" (come) Carmen said, standing she followed Carmen in to the kitchen.

"She does not seem to remember anything," Irina said, Kate shook her head in agreement

"So were stuck with a 15 year old human?" Rosalie asked Carlisle casted her a look with a raised eyebrow.

"That 15 year old is your sister Rose," Esme said with a sharp tongue "Were going to try to figure this out and stay under raider from the Volturi, as a family understood?" The Cullen children nodded

"Are we still going to Washington?" Tanya asked, she was going to school for the first time in 50 years

and really still wanted to move to the rainy town the Cullen's were moving to. Esme looked at Carlisle who looked at his family

"We'll have to deal with the wolfs," He stated they all nodded

"And explain everything to the elders," they nodded again looking at Tanya and his family he smiled

"Alright," They all smiled and Elizabeth came back in with a smile looking at family.

Everything was kind of confusing.....but just staring to fall into the right pieces.


( August 8th Saturday 2009)

"A little to the left" Esme instructed giggling; the boys groaned moving it over again, Elizabeth sat in the middle laughing along with her mother. Some people around the neighborhood stood on their porches watching and smiling. The Cullen's deiced not to live in a secluded area to branch out a little.

Their house was the most pertinacious house on the block, three stories high and built as if it was back in the Victorian times it was the most beautiful house the community had ever seen , but just in case they had another house out in the woods made of glass were they had set up home before , there to.

"Mom!" they groaned Laughing she waved them down and Elizabeth giggled bouncing off and landing gracefully on the floor her lavender dress floating as she dance across the yard and into the house.

Yes the Cullen's were here and everyone knows.


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