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Edward left Bella in New Moon and never came back. Now Bella has a plan for moving on with her life



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New Horizon



You could run from someone you feared, you could try to fight someone you hated. All my reactions were geared toward this - the monsters, the enemies.

But how could you run, how could you fight, when doing so would hurt that beloved one?

How could you, if it was someone you truly loved?





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Chapter 1: Goodbye Forks


“Happy Birthday Bella” Jacob said towering over me as he stood in my doorway. He was holding a pink frosted cupcake in the palm of his hand, lit with a single candle. I smiled up at him, this was the perfect gift -no party, no celebration -just my best friend, a cupcake and a quiet evening in, on my last day in Forks.


“Make a wish -preferably before the wax completely covers the thing!” he said teasing.


I quickly blew it out, and then stepped aside, letting him in my tiny apartment “Jake, I’m a little old for making wishes. But thank you.” I reached up around his neck, giving him a peck on the check.

“Your only twenty Bella, and your never too old to make a wish!” He answered me, rolling his eyes at the same time.


He walked into the kitchen and went to the cupboard where I normally kept my plates, when he opened the door and had a brief moment of shock and then looked around, finding the boxes.

“You already packed up the kitchen?” he sounded a little confused.


“Jake, I’ve already packed up the whole apartment” I answered him, fanning out my hand towards the empty space.


“Oh” he nodded, slowly dropping his head.




“I know, I know. I just thought maybe you would have changed your mind” He cut me off, knowing I would just repeat the same thing that I have been telling him for almost a year now.


“Well, I haven’t and I’m sorry”


“Don’t be sorry Bella, I’ll just miss you that’s all” he smiled a weak smile at me, trying his best to hid his disappointment.


“It’s only college Jake, it’s not like you’ll never see me again” I lied.


“Yeah, college in Britain!” he scoffed.


“Whatever Jake!” I rolled my eyes and smiled at him, lightly punching him on the shoulder -which still managed to hurt a little.


I remembered back to a summer not that long ago when he kissed me without my permission. I unthinkingly punched him in the face and broke my wrist, after that I only had to fight him off for a couple more months before he got over the ridiculous idea of us being together.


Thinking about that made me chuckle, so I shook my hand like it really hurt -he remembered too and laughed back, shoving me very lightly on my shoulder, just enough to make me stumble back and laugh a little louder.


We split the cupcake and spent the remainder of the night on my tiny sofa talking and watching bad TV.




The next morning Jake and I drove over to my dad and Sue’s -my step-mom’s house, so the three of them could drive me to the airport to see me off.


About a year after Harry Clearwater passed away, Charlie and Sue where married. They both had loved Harry so much, that when he died they ended up spending a lot of time together, and eventually falling in love. They made each other happy and seemed to be perfect for each other, which allowed everyone to accept it so easily, no one looked at it as wrong or in a judging way.

I really like my new step-siblings too, we all got along really well. We were like the brady bunch -minus three.


After the long drive to the Seattle airport I had just enough time to check in and say goodbye to my family and best friend.


“I love you guys, thank you for driving me” I said to all three of them.


“We love you too sweetheart” Sue smiled, holding out her arms for me to hug her. We exchanged a quick hug and a kiss on the check before I let her go.


“I love you Bells, I’m really gonna miss you” Charlie grabbed me into a tight hug, his voice was horse as he fought back tears. Hearing him like this broke my self control and I began to weep.

“I love you too dad and I’ll miss you very much” I choked out between breaths. We stood there holding each other for a few minutes, neither of us moving to let go, Jake finally spoke up.

“Bella, your going to miss your plane” he said quietly.


“K” I whispered back, moving to let go of my dad. He still held on for a few tight more seconds then let me go, but not before kissing me on the check. “I love you, you call me as soon as you get there” he said sternly, looking me square in the eyes.


“K dad, I will. Promise” I tried to smile under he hands that surrounded my face. He bent down and kissed me one last time on the forehead before letting me go.


As soon as his hands were off my face Jake picked me up in a bear hug, squeezing me so tight I could barely breath “Jake…can’t….breath….” I managed to get out.


He laughed and set me down and then pulled me back into a hug, this time light enough that I could return his affection. I buried my face in his chest as I began to cry again. He was my rock, the one I counted on most in my life and I would miss him terribly. He bent down and kissed me on the top of my head, then resting his check there for a while, until I caught my breath.


He pulled me in tightly when I started to pull away, then let me go after giving me another kiss on the head. “Love you Bells”


“Love you too Jake” I replied, my breath hitching on the words.


I was holding Jakes hand when I started to walk away, neither of us letting go, until we had to when the slack ran out, both our arms falling heavily to our sides when our fingers slipped from each other. I walked threw the gate and turned to look at them one last time whispering the words ‘I love you’, I knew Jake would have heard me, but to my dad and Sue it would have looked like I only mouthed them.


I turned and continued to my boarding gate, leaving them and Forks behind me.



Once I reached London, I did as I promised and called Charlie to let him know that I had made it safe. We talked for a few minutes before I called to talk to Jake, he sounded happy to hear me but still had sadness in his voice.


When I hung up with them I went to the desk to check in for my other flight, the one that would lead out of the UK.





Chapter 2: Volterra


Once the plane landed at my final destination, I grabbed my two small bags and headed out of the airport to find a cab. Between the drive and my search it had taken me three hours until I found the place that I had always intended to come.


I was scared and nervous, but completely accepting in anything that was to come. I had decided on my fate long ago, it was a decision I had made, and had been planning and intended to keep. So as I walked up to the guards, not letting the hammering in my chest detour me, I confidently walked up to one of the men, looked him square in the eye and said


“I am here to speak with Aro”


It was just after dusk, dark enough for a vampire to be out in the open, but there were very little people on the street. He looked down at me, with amusement, confusion and shock fleeting across his cold face, then he squinted his eyes at me ever so slightly before answering “Excuse me?”


“Please, I must speak with Aro, your master. I have come a very long way, and with the information I hold, I’m sure he would like to speak with me as well.” I said, trying my best to sound confident, as if I actually had something he would want.


He continued to look at me with a bewildered expression on his face before looking up at his partner and nodding towards the door. The other vampire gave him a nod in return and went into the castle.

I took in a ragged breath, trying to calm myself. I never really expected it to go this far, I had hoped but didn’t think it would, a new wave of butterfly nervous erupted in my stomach as I tried to keep my breathing and my heartbeat under control.


Several minutes had passed, long enough for my nerves to die down, only to be replaced with despair. They were not going to let me in, and I would have to find another way to get what I wanted. All this time and planning was now wasted, and I had no back up plan.


The vampire guard must have noticed my change in demeanor, he chuckled softly with a grin “What’s your name?”


“Bella” I answered him softly, all hope and confidence from my voice “My name’s Bella” I looked down, trying to squish the urge to run away and cry.


He didn’t say anything else, we just stood there continuing to wait, in the dark and silence for someone to return with any news.


Finally after what seemed like an hour the other vampire came back out, he walked up to me, looking at the other guard and then telling me “Follow me”


I stood there, I was confused, I had been waiting out here for such a long time that I was sure I would be sent home, and when he said ‘Follow me’ it didn’t make sense. After a few seconds of both of them looking at me like I was a crazy lunatic, the guard who had been standing with me finally spoke again.


“Bella. Aro will see you now” he said slowly, as though I were a child who needed specific directions to understand, which was apparently the case.


“Oh, right. Ok” I mumbled out.


They looked at each other and shrugged before walking, one in front of me the other behind. We walked into the castle through the massive wooden doors and down several different halls, making our way deeper and deeper into the castle. After several minutes of walking we finally reached a room, I was shocked to find a human women at the reception desk. She smiled a gentle smile at me and then giggled at the vampire who walked behind me.


We walked through the last set of doors before reaching a room. It was round with three large chairs set up in the middle of the room. I recognized the men in them immediately as the vampires from a painted portrait that I once saw.


The two guards I had walked with, took me to the center of the room facing the three vampires, one standing on either side of me.


The vampire in the middle smiled a kind smile and stood up walking towards me “What is your name dear?” his voice was velvety like all the other’s I had heard, but raspy having an old sound to it.


“Bella” I said timidly, tipping my head towards him as if he were royalty.


“And why have you come here Bella?”


“I..uh..I” I shook my head, I had no idea what to say to him. I knew why I had come, and I knew what I wanted from them, but I had no idea how to explain myself or ask for what I wanted.


“Don’t be afraid dear Bella. My name is Aro, you asked for me by name. Now there must be something I can do for you, it’s not everyday a young human girl come’s knocking on the Volturi’s door asking to speak with one of the leaders.” He was still speaking softly, his words kind and curious.


“I..I’m sorry…I don’t…know what to say…where to begin….I” I couldn’t form a coherent thought let-alone a sentence.


“Why don’t you start by telling me how you’ve come to know my name and where to find me” He smiled a gentle smile.


“I knew a family, who had spoke of you and your coven.” I told him, flinching on the word family, hoping he would not ask me any names.


“Family? What family do you speak of?” he looked confused, and my chest began to writhe in pain. I had yet to speak any of their names aloud, not even a last name, and my body instinctively began to react on the impending doom, so taking the natural precaution, one that I had become very used to, I tightly wrapped my arms around my chest -in a hopeless effort to hold in and prevent the burn.


“Cullen” I whispered out as quickly as I could, wincing at the sound of the word, then tightly clenching my jaw.


“Ah, Carlisle. My dear old friend, how is he doing?” He asked apparently oblivious to my pain.


“I wouldn’t know, I haven’t seen them in two years.” I told him as calmly as I could, closing my eyes, forcing away the pain and then opening them again to look at Aro’s face.


“Ah, I see. And are they why you have come here today?”


“No.” I told him flatly -and in complete truth. They were not the reason I had come.


“And how’s that?” he asked curiously again.


“They are the reason that I know, but not the reason I have come. I came for me.” I was gaining some of my confidence back, remembering why I had come in the first place.


“You came for you? And what can we do for you, Bella”


“I want you to change me”





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Oh, how I love the sense of accomplishment when you realize that you were indeed right.

Aside from that, I can't believe they're going to La Push! Bella will surely see Jacob, I wonder what'll happen and how he'll react? He will most likely be very angry resulting in a fight if I am thinking right.


Can't wait for the next post!




Chapter 10: Meeting

“I tried to tell you.” Athena gloated while I waited for her to change.

“Well, you could have tried harder.” I said trying to sound stern. Her 'mind blowing' secret was that of Demitri's interest in me romantically. Apparently she had over heard and eavesdropped on a private conversation between him and Afton, and heard Demitri ask Afton for advice.

“So what are you going to tell him?” She said while slipping on her running shoes.

“I'm not really sure yet. It's all so...weird.” I shook my head in exasperation. “And it's Demitri!”

She laughed at me before getting serious and said “ Bella, I don't think he's as hard core as he appears to be, and I think he's been even more guarded around you because of his attraction.”

“He hates me Athena. Or, at least I thought he did two days ago!”

“You've never seen the way he looks at you when your not looking. I have. That's not hate sweetheart.”

“ugh.” I groaned while flopping back against the chair I was sitting in. It had been two days since Demitri's admission and our kiss, and I wasn't any less confused about it now than I was then.

“Well, whatever you decided you'll need to at least come up with something to tell him fast, we are leaving in a few hours and you won't be able to avoid him any longer.”

“I know.” I agreed with her. I had been avoiding him since our conversation. I was really trying to give it the thought and consideration it deserved, but I was embarrassed to see him. “Is it supposed to be this complicated?” I asked her after a few minutes.

“I don't know.” She admitted. “Caius and I have been together for a very long time, and it was a different era. I'm not sure what the decorum is these days.”

“What do you mean?”

“Caius and I are very old Bella.” She laughed at me before continuing. “We when were beginning out, it was all very proper and deliberately slow. Those were the times we lived in, there were no stolen kisses or admission of feelings right away. Even as vampires we are still subject to our surroundings, and our relationships weren't on display the way they are now.”

I thought about that for a while and decided that that was what was missing. It was all very sudden and rushed, and I didn't really know Demitri expect for professionally, had we come from the time that Caius and Athenadora came from, we would have gotten to know each other before anything else ever happened.

Once I realized this, I knew what I wanted and had to do. I got up from my chair in a hurry to leave. “Thanks, I'll see you in a while.” I said to Athena before rushing out the door.

Everyone was getting ready to leave so I figured my best bet would be to go to Demitri's room to look for him there first.

Timidly I knocked on the door, and then began to wring my hands together in nervous anticipation. I heard him as he moved off his bed; the springs squeaking at the shift of his weight, followed by his soft steps as he walked to the door.

“Bella.” He said with a smile as he opened the door to greet me. “Please come in.” He gestured with his hand to his open room.

I had never been in Demitri's room before and found that I was strangely curious now that the opportunity had presented itself.

It was exactly how I would have pictured it, but more elegant than I would have imagined. All the wood was dark and heavy. The bed; a monster, with huge head and foot boards, the duvet a mixture of deep browns and tawny orange. A large antique writing desk and chair sat on the opposite side, while a seating area with over sized leather furniture was stationed by the window.

I took in the room with awe and wonder, hiding my chagrin at yet another misjudgment I would add to the growing list of erroneous assumptions I've had of his person.

I finally turned to look at him after taking in the full view.

“Hi.” I said daintily, giving him a shy smile.

“Would you like to sit?” he asked while gesturing to his sitting area.

“No, I'm alright, thank you.”

“Alright.” He said after a few seconds pause.

I knew I was being ridiculous, and causing myself further anxiety and embarrassment by not just saying what I had come to say, so I decided to plow through.

“Demitri, about the other night.”

“Yes?” He sounded eager as he straightened up and set his book down.

“I've made a decision. And after a lot of thought, I've finally understood my initial hesitation. I don't know you.” I said to him like a question.

“You don't know me?”

“I mean, I don't really know you. I only know you in a professional capacity, we've never gotten to know each other personally. I think that's why I've been struggling to understand how...” I didn't finish, instead I wafted my hand between us.

“Right.” He nodded in agreement. “I understand, that makes sense why you would feel that way. I feel as if I know you, I guess, I just assumed that the feeling would be mutual.”

“What do you mean” I wasn't sure how he thought he knew me if I didn't know him?

“You're open and are friends with the majority of people here, I hear your conversations and listen when they talk about you. I know you that way, and after eight years, I just felt at though we knew each other. But I see what your saying, you don't know me, I understand that.”

He sounded defeated after saying it, as though what I was saying to him was my way of turning him down. He turned away from me, looking in the direction of the window.

“I'd like too.” I said to him, feeling guilty by his demeanor, taking a careful step forward.

“What?” He said turning back to me.

“I'd like to get to know you. I'm not rejecting the idea of us...” I let the words air out again. “I'd just like to know you better, personally I mean.”

His responding smile was answer enough, he'd thought I was dismissing him and his interest; it was in his eyes, and now having that completely erased, there was hope and excitement -not just his, mine too.



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awesome chapter, luv it

Yet again, an AMAZING chapter, I love her and Demitri it's SO CUTE. I wonder how Jake'll feel seeing Bella and Demitri (If they'll get together)


Oh and if EDWARD sees oh my god, I would say a profanity but I might get in trouble.

This is all so exciting, can't wait!

I love it!!!! But i love edward too!!! Humm... I kinda hope Bella falls back in love with edward again! Well idk i love it!!


Chapter 11: Switzerland

The Island of Newfoundland wasn't Switzerland, but it was neutral. Or as neutral as we could get without being in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. The location, admittedly was closer to their land, so an attack, if they were to advance with one, would be easier for them to accomplish. But we are better swimmers and have the benefit of being so close to the ocean, so it seemed fair.

We'd left in the three days that Aro had given us to prepare, and it took another two days to get to our destination. Our group was too large to travel together, so we ended up having to split up and then meet again before making our way to St. Johns.

Our contact site was in the middle of the Avalon Wilderness Reserve, two miles west of Laden Fields Pond. The meeting was to be held just after sunset. The shape shifters and their leader would meet with the guard and the Elders, with a neutral arbiter to negotiate and speak on behalf of both parties when need be.

After I went to Demitri's room and during our travel we had spent as much of every moment with one another as possible. In the last two and a half days we've done nothing but talk and gotten to know each other, I felt like I knew everything about him now, and likewise having told him everything about me that he didn't already know.

I was surprised at how easy it was to fall in to casual conversation with him. The first few hours we spent together felt like an interview, but after that it's been nothing but enjoyable. We have so much in common, I find myself wondering how I never realized any of this before. We should have been great friends after all these years, or possibly more considering everything I know now.

The most difficult part I found was explaining everything to Felix. He was speechless to say the least. I probably told him fifteen times that I wasn't crazy and that I hadn't been brainwashed or abducted by aliens. He's still having a hard time with it, giving me 'the look' every once in awhile, but he's been getting better. I've included him in some of our conversations so that he would know for himself that I wasn't 'on anything', as if that was even possible.

We traveled on foot from St. Johns to Laden Fields Pond, loosely in formation. Demitri had taken up walking beside me after about thirty minutes of us being in the forest.

“Hey.” I said to him once he reached my side, giving him a bright smile.

“Hey yourself.”

“Are you picking up anything yet?” I asked.

“Yeah, Aro's friend is there, but I don't know about the shifters, having never met them I have nothing to track.”

“How much farther?”

“A hundred miles or so, about an hour if we keep up this pace.” He smiled at me again. “So I was thinking...”

“Whoa!, don't hurt yourself man.” Felix cut in our conversation. He was walking with Afton, Chelsea Alec and myself, his position is to cover me if it's needed for defense once we reach the meeting site.

I chuckled at the jab, I couldn't help myself, but Demitri just rolled his eyes and kept on talking as if Felix has said nothing at all.

“...When we get ready to head back and if everything goes smoothly, maybe you and I could travel back together.” He looked over at me with a hopeful expression.

“We're already going to be traveling back together Demitri, you're gonna have to be more specific.” This time it was Chelsea including herself in our talk.

“Bella.” He said to me, ignoring the group again.

“If it gets me away from these fools.” I poked my thumb in their direction to indicate I was talking to all of them. “Then yes, I think that would be nice.”

“Good.” He smiled and nodded to me before taking my hand in his for a quick squeeze. He then returned to the front of the group to lead us the rest of the way.

After Demitri left, Felix 'snuck' up behind me and mocked me with air kisses in my ear, he didn't move away quick enough so I was able to elbow him in the side. “Knock it off you jerk.” I said through a quiet laugh.


About forty five minutes later we were close enough to the region that I signaled Demitri I would be raising my shield, he slowed our pace and put us in a tight formation.

I'm not very tall, but I doubt I would have been able to see much even if I had been, there we're anywhere from thirty to forty guard members forming a full circle around me, all I was really able to see were different shades of cloaks and hair.

I knew that we had reached them when the worst burning stench I had ever smelt sliced through my nose and assaulted my senses. Nothing and no one -human, vampire or animal had ever smelt so bad, I guessed it had to be the shape shifters.

I didn't know how many of them there would be, but by the smell I figured there numbers had to have closely matched our own. Once we stopped moving and the stench was at it's strongest, I opted to quit breathing until we were through. It was really awful.

Aro, Marcus and Caius along with their immediate guards and the extras that had been assigned to them began to move forward to address the others.

“Carlisle, my dear friend, it's so good to see you again.” He enthused, I had never heard the name before and by his address I guessed that this was the 'old friend' that had negotiated getting us here today.

“Aro.” The man said “It's good to see you again as well, thank you for coming today.”

“Of course! We want nothing more than this matter to be resolved.” he continued “Are these our new friends? These wolves that appear before us?” He asked.

“Yes.” Carlisle answered him. “They will be staying in wolf form for the duration of our meeting.”

“And how are we to communicate with them?” Caius interjected.

“My son, Edward will translate.” Carlisle informed Caius, pleasantly ignoring his short statement. “He has the ability to read thoughts, and will very easily be able to interpret.”

“Edward, I feel as though we are old friends! I've heard so much about you.”Aro chimed with excitement at Carlisle's introduction of his son. I thought it strange for a fleeting moment at Carlisle introducing Edward as his son, our kind generally don't apply family terms to their coven members, but then of course, I call Aro father when in private, so I quickly dismissed the idea.

“Aro, it's a pleasure.” The voice that sounded like velvet which belonged to Edward said. As he spoke, his words were polite, but there was an edge to them, he didn't sound pleased to meet him at all.

“These must be the rest of your family?” Aro continued on in his friendly acknowledgment.

“Yes, this is my wife Esme, and Alice and Jasper.” He answered him. “Rosalie and Emmett were unable to make the trip.”

“It's such a pleasure. When this matter is resolved we would love for you to visit! All of you are more than welcome anytime.” Aro professed.

There was a short pause before he began again.

“Now, Edward, would you be so kind as to introduce us to our guests?”

There was a thudding movement; paws as they passed over bracken ground, before anyone spoke.

“This is Sam Uley.” Edward said introducing the leader of the shape shifters. “He is the leader who will be speaking on behalf of the packs.”

After the introductions, Aro proceeded with first asking how they came to a decision to attack our race. Aro was not one for indirectness, especially when it involved something as essential as a threat against our people.

The leader explained that he was informed by a member of his pack of a plot in which we planned to take over the world. They believe and have appointed themselves as protectors of the human race and were convinced they were protecting them from us and world domination.

If the situation hadn't been so serious, if would have been laughable. Aro explained that the idea had never crossed our minds, and that in fact The Volturi had themselves protected the humans from such tyranny not so long ago.

“Our world depends on the secrecy and concealment from the humans. We have never, nor do we plan to expose ourselves in such a vulnerable way.” He told them at one point.

The conversation continued with the shape shifters questioning Aro about reports and information that they had received that contradicted his statements of falsity. And after a very thorough account on Sams side, Aro answered each accusation with more compelling evidence to support our claim of obscurity than those that had originally been posed.

The exchange progressed with back and forth accusations, questions, answers, reports and accounts for nearly two more hours. I had gotten bored and frustrated after the first thirty minutes of debate and couldn't fathom why it was still continuing, and by the impatient shifting of everyone around me, I figured they all had felt the same.

As much as I wish I could have though, I couldn't allow my mind to wonder. For one; I had a job to do, I was still shielding the whole of us, and couldn't for a moment allow myself to be caught off guard. For two; I was entranced by the translator; Edward. His voice was the weirdest mixture of comfort and familiarity that I had ever heard, but also an unexplained sadness I felt at the sound. I was intrigued by the voice and the emotions that accompanied it.

I could tell by the frequent pauses from both sides and the increase of silent conferences with Aro and the leaders that the session was coming to a close. At this point, nothing but a solid vow on both sides had been agreed on as far as a treaty. It was decided that since we would not be taking over the world to rule the human race, they had no need to engage us in a full on war, and as long as that remained the case, the treaty would stay in effect.

The leaders were agreeing on this point when a loud feral snarl ripped through the silent weald, soon followed by the strangest sound I had ever heard; the ripple of flesh and fur as it contracted and reformed was absolutely bazaar. I didn't have time enough to really examine the sound or long enough time to wish to see if for myself because as soon as the pulsation happened it was followed by a death curdling scream that seethed of pain, horror and anger.

“NOOOO!!” the newest reverberation wailed. “You can't do this! We should be killing these leeches not negotiating with them!”

“Jacob!” The translator snarled. “What are you doing!”

“You.” the new voice bristled. “You did this! This is your fault!”

The turn of events had stiffened the guard, we were all now on alert at the change and commotion.

“Jacob.” Carlisle said. “This isn't the time.”

“It's the perfect time bloodsucker! We should have killed you a long time ago, instead of this!”

The same quivering sound followed a moment later; another wolf transforming into human form.

“Jacob, I told you to stand down!” The deep authoritative voice bellowed.

“No.” Jacob's voice commanded.

The whole of us were intrigued by what was happening, letting the curiosity get the best of us, some of the guard remembers began to shift around and stand up straighter on their toes to try and get a better look.

“Gentlemen” Aro spoke up. “I believe that this is the point at which we will part and leave you. Having concluded our business here with you, and seeing as how this has nothing to do with us..”

“This has everything to do with you vampires!” Jacob cut off Aro before he could finish speaking. “You killed her! That's the ONLY reason we're here!” he roared.

“What...” The question that fell out of the translators mouth was barely audible, laced and torn with tragic despair. “No. Your lying, that's not true.” he continued with such anguish my heart ached for him. The sound of pain in his voice tore through me like a knife, my reaction to his sorrow was puzzling, but I wanted to run to him, comfort him in some way.

“She's dead because of what you did to her you filthy bloodsucker.” He seethed to Edward. “And you killed her!”

Aro laughed loudly at the accusation “My dear boy, I am clueless as to who you speak of. I can assure you that I have never killed one of your kind before, believe me, I would have remembered.”

“She wasn't a wolf, she was human! She went to you and you killed her!” Jacob continued.

“Alice?” Edward breathed.

“I don't know, I don't know anything! I haven't seen anything in ten years Edward, I don't know!” A tinkling voice pleaded.

“Jacob! Starting a war with them now after all of this won't bring her back!” The unidentified voice spoke again.

“I don't care.” He responded deadpan.

“ENOUGH!” Caius interjected. “What is the meaning of this!”

“Jacob here believes that you killed a friend of ours.” Carlisle answered him calmly.

“Don't speak for me and don't you ever speak of her, she meant NOTHING to you!”

“Jacob, you don't know what you're talking about.” Carlisle continued to say to him, never once raising his voice or betraying any kind of emotion with his words. “Why do you believe that the Volturi killed her.”

“She's dead.”

“How do you know that?” The question was asked again.

“She would have never left me without another word if she weren't. She wouldn't have abandoned her friends or family; the people she loved. She's dead. There's no other explanation.” There was accusation in the words as he finally answered the question. “And the letter. A letter was delivered with her things after five years of her being gone. It was on auto ship. She said she was going to them, and has never been heard from again.” he finished saying. “She's dead.”

“No.” Edward hissed.

“Son, calm down..”

“NO!” He barked. “Jasper! Don't!” he said before turning on Aro, just as the wolf Jacob had “Did you kill her?!”

“Edward, I am sorry, but I'm still unsure as to who the both of you are speaking of.”

“BELLA!” He shouted at Aro. “Did you kill her!?”

Bella? I jolted.

“Oh my!” He laughed out loud again. “Is that what this is all about? The human girl who came to us so many years ago!” he continued to howl.

“Demitri.” He said impassively then finished saying “Carlisle, Sam. Please tell me that we are not here under false guise of war, when really are here over a girl?”

While Aro was speaking with the leader of the shape shifts and Carlisle, Demitri had made his way back to me. He didn't say anything, instead just held out his hand in the direction of Aro, indicating that I should follow.

“Aro, this is all news to me, as it is to you.” Carlisle assured Aro.

“No matter.” Aro swiped his hand in the air upon my approach. “This could have been resolved long ago, without all the theatrics had we known what you were after to begin with.” He said looking at the four that were standing the closest to him.

“My dear.” He turned to me, raising his hands to brush against my checks before lowering my hood and saying “Will you please assure these people that you are not dead.”




nooooooo!!!!!!!! you can't end it there, so not fair. luv it
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Love this chapter :)


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