The Twilight Saga

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Just a little story about Renesmee's first hunting trip :)
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Chapter one

The darkness enveloped me. Circulating around me. Suffocating. That was the right word. But of course, that fear was completely irrational. I was a vampire, strong and doubly as fast as any of the drunk men stumbling behind me. I avoided the street lamps, worried that I would plaster a memory of a beautiful sparkling blur, even in the slurred thoughts of the intoxicated. I tried to stay on the forest side of the road, trying to catch a glimpse of her. And of him. The brand new hunter, and her protector. Now was the time that I needed Edward, needed the comfort of his velvet voice, telling me their intentions. I waited until I had rounded the corner and then I ran. The wind grabbed and pulled at my hair, whipping it around my face, almost completely obscuring my vision. I reached the house in no time, slowing down to compose myself and slink up the front steps.

The house was oddly quiet. I reached for the doorknob just as it was yanked open, and my fingers fumbled, grasping thin air. Alice stood there, brow furrowed.
“Bella! You should have called, I saw, I saw you and…and those humans”, she said the word “humans” with such distaste it looked as if she’d sucked on a lemon.
“It’s ok, I ran” I replied. “And I held my breath”, I added, surveying her expression.
She sighed, took me by the arm and pulled me inside, closing the door behind her.
“They’re still gone.” she said.
“Oh, yeah I figured as much, I didn’t see them out there”, I answered.
Alice sat down on the couch. She picked up a book that lay open on the table.
“I think Carlisle has been doing some more research on Renesmee”, she said absent-mindedly turning a page in the book. Of course, I thought. The newest topic for open discussions in the Cullen household: Renesmee new acquired thirst for blood. Tonight was her first hunting night. Carlisle had insisted that I stay home with Alice and Esme while he, Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Rose took Renesmee.
“I thought he might be. He’s in his office all day.” I said.
“He just wants to understand. And for her to understand is important to him” she guessed.
“I want her to understand too. I want to understand” I said quietly. We both fell silent, each absorbed in our own thoughts.

Esme entered the room, her long flowing gown sweeping the floor, breaking the silent bond, shared between Alice and I.
“Oh Bella! I thought I heard you, are you ok? Alice said that you-,” she paused scrutinising my face, searching for the answer.
“I’m fine. Really. I couldn’t see them…I was just worried you know, so I just thought I would go to the road side of the forest, just in case…” I trailed off, lost in thought of all the terrible things that could have happened. Esme touched the side of my face
“She will be fine sweetheart. Everyone is there to protect her”

Alice stiffened and snapped the book shut.
“Jacob” she hissed. She jumped up, and despite her annoyance, danced across to the door and yanked it open.
“What?” she asked, placing her hands on her hips and glaring up into Jacob’s face.
“Just wanted to visit….Bella.” he shrugged.
“Hey Jake, come in” I said. Jacob hesitated, then started forwards, stepping across the threshold. His eyes swivelled left and right as he approached me.
“Hey Bells,” he said rather slowly, still taking in his surroundings “Where’s Nessie?”
I scowled.
“She’s…out” I said, “With her father and the family” I was intending to keep the fact that Nessie was out on her very first hunting trip a secret, to some extent.
“Oh” he looked disappointed and then angry. “Out doing what?” he asked suspiciously
“Hunting”, Alice interjected. I quelled her with a glare.
“Hunting?” he repeated, dumbfounded. Alice continued with what she thought was a reasonable explanation, picking up the book as she went, opening it to a marked page.
“Yes, dog, hunting. You see, Renesmee has developed a refined taste for blood. And Carlisle thought it would be logical to take her hunting and monitor her reactions.”
Jacob continued to look completely nonplussed.
“But I thought she could eat…normal food?” he asked
“Oh yes, she can, but it seems her vampire half is dominant over her human half. I wonder if you have some objection?” Alice concluded.
“Jake , its nothing, just an experiment” I said. Jacob glowered in my direction and then sighed.
“Sure sure”, he said, almost sarcastically. And then plonked himself on the couch, glaring towards the television. I strolled towards Alice, who was still skimming through the pages of the book.
“Did you happen to come across Carlisle’s notes in that book?” I whispered. Alice smirked before replying.
“I thought a logical explanation would stump the dog. Needless to say, it worked.”

I walked in to sit down next to Jacob and I looked at the clock on my way. They had been gone for nearly five hours. Esme had seen me looking.
“They will be back soon honey” she said as she ran her fingers across the top of my head. Alice walked in as Esme left the room. She plonked herself down and sprang up almost instantly. I had heard it too. They were coming back. They were running. Something was wrong. Alice and I sprinted to the front door and pulled it open, just as Jacob and Esme ran into the room. We all squinted out into the darkness, looking for a sign of movement. And there it was. Two pale figures running to the house. One, the taller of the two carrying something pale, but covered in something dark, something that smelt delicious. Something that smelt like-
“Renesmee,” I choked.
Edward and Carlisle reached the front steps, Edward cradling a blood-soaked Renesmee in his arms. They rushed past us, up the marble staircase. We all followed, Jake nearly falling up the stairs in a rush to keep up with us.
“Edward! Edward!” I screamed. “What happened to her?! Edward!”
“Alice, keep everyone outside,” Carlisle whispered “Edward, I’ll need you.”
“No!” I screamed as Alice began to tug me downstairs.
“NO! Renesmee!” fear tore at my body as three pairs of hands pulled me down the marble stairs.

Chapter two
It was a while before I could be calmed. I was curled in a ball, with my head on Alice’s stomach, my eyes wide open, seeing nothing. Esme was on my other side, her grip on my wrist loosened and her other hand stroking my hair, Jacob’s eyes were red rimmed and he slouched on the arm chair, just as anxious as everyone else. The door creaked open and Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett entered the room. I jumped to my feet.
“What happened, please, please tell me,” I pleaded.
Emmett and Rosalie exchanged worried glances.
“Bella its best if you sit down,” Rosalie said. Alice pulled me back to my seat, nestling me safely between her and Esme. Emmett started, taking care with his words.
“Renesmee was too quick, did not kill the animal properly. It turned, slashed her right across the chest. The wound was too deep, she bled, too quickly. She passed out. And that’s all we know…” he finished. Rosalie walked towards me, fell to her knees at my feet and reached for my hands.
“She was just in-experienced, that’s all, she will be ok” she said. Rosalie sighed and pulled me into her lap, wrapping her arms around me. My mind wandered to the room above where my daughter was. In pain. I saw out of the corner of my eye, Jasper move over to Alice and embrace her. She stared at him as a wave of peace crashed over me.
“So now we wait,” Emmett said. Even though Jasper’s calm was swirling around me, it could not mask the pain that ripped up my heart. My Renesmee. My daughter, hurting. And I wasn’t there to help her. To hold her hand and tell her everything was ok. My thoughts were interrupted by soft footfalls descending the marble staircase. Everyone got swiftly to their feet, Rosalie still holding my hand, as Carlisle entered the room.

He closed the door slowly behind him before turning to the room at large, where we all stood, waiting for the worst. He sighed and looked directly in my eyes.
“Bella,” he whispered. He moved like a sleep walker towards me.
“Please Carlisle, tell me she’s ok,” I pleaded. He nodded, and everyone exhaled. Carlisle wasn’t finished. He raised his hands for silence.
“She was, so close. So close to death,” he closed his eyes and continued, “She had to be changed,” he whispered. I swayed where I stood. My mind was a blur.
“Changed?” I croaked, “Into a full vampire?” I asked
Carlisle nodded slowly. Rosalie snaked her arm around my shoulder.
“Edward is with her, she is in pain, but for not much longer.” He explained.
“Can I go to her?” I asked
“Of course Bella, we moved her to Edward’s room, call me if you need me” he said.

I slowly untangled myself from Rosalie’s hold and ran out of the room and up the marble staircase. I moved to swiftly to Edward’s room and opened the door. Renesmee lay in the middle of the gold bed, her eyes closed. Edward held her hand, his head bowed. He looked up as I moved towards him and Renesmee.
“She’s been showing me…her pain,” he said.
“Renesmee-,” I choked. Edward’s arms were around me, comforting me.
“She will be ok,” he said. “She will be just like us now”
“Edward, I’m not sure I wanted that for her,” I began, but he held his finger to my lips.
“Hush Bella. Think of it this way, she will be with us forever. She will be ok because she will be raised as a vegetarian like the rest of us, and from what I’ve seen, she’s controlling herself just as you did when you were changed.”
His fingers moved from my lips and entwined in my hair. He leant down so our foreheads were touching, sharing the pain.
“She will be ok,” he repeated. And then he turned and kissed me swiftly. All the unsaid things were now understood, all from that kiss. He looked directly in my eyes and then moved my hand to Renesmee’s.
“She knows you’re here,” he said “and she’s telling you that she will be ok. Touch her” he told me. I extended my hand and he placed Renesmee’s on top of mine. Instantly, and image of Renesmee rising from the bed and hugging Edward and I flashed across my mind. But this Renesmee was different. She was pale, she looked even more beautiful, which I did not think was possible and her spectacular brown eyes were red. A scorching, brilliant red. The image vanished as Alice walked into the room.
“She will get up tomorrow,” she said.
“Well, I hope she does too,” Edward said, he rested his head on mine as we sat together, on the side of the bed where our daughter lay.

The night passed in a hurry, and Edward and I were beginning to become restless. Carlisle had been in and out of the room, checking her status and reassuring us that she would wake. Emmett and Rosalie had been in to see their niece several times during the day as well. It was not until late afternoon when Alice rushed into the room and said
“Its time,” that we all began to get prepared. Carlisle had suggested that Edward and I be up the front, just behind Emmett and Jasper, in case anything went wrong. I found myself wondering vaguely if this was the same thing the family did when I was about to wake.
We were all silent as Renesmee began to stir, her eyes flying open and she sat up swiftly on the golden bed. I was surprised that her eyes matched the colour of the bed.
“Mummy?” she asked. Relief surged through me as I started forwards my arms extended towards her. She got off the bed too but Jasper and Emmett stepped between us.

Carlisle cleared his throat. “How do you feel Nessie?” he asked
“I want to see mummy,” she said. She stood just a foot away from me.
“Please let me see her, let me through,” I said. Edward came to my side and held my hand. Together we went forwards, breaking through Jasper and Emmett’s barricade. Renesmee rushed forwards and flew into my and Edward’s open arms. She was stronger, and she was beautiful.
“Are you thirsty?” Edward asked. She shook her head and turned back to me.
“I love you mummy,” she said.
“I love you too Nessie,” I crooned at her. She broke away from me and turned to hug everyone else in the family. She stopped at Jasper and pulled him down to her height.
“I love you Jasper, but its ok. I’m a good vampire just like you!”
Everyone laughed as she gave Jasper another hug. She tugged on his hand and led him from the room, asking everyone to come with her

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