The Twilight Saga

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Edward and Bella story!!! YAY!!! Love time! With some Jacob! 
Well this story is ALL human. It is about how Esme, Carlisle, Edward, Rosalie, and Alice, move in across the street from Bella, Jasper, and Emmett who are all related. They all go to Forks High-school and are looking for love. The Cullen's (Edward Rosalie and Alice) are introduced as the "new kids", they fall in love..Well thats all I can tell you..if I continue I will try to update everyday and I already have the ENTIRE story planned out.

Ch.1-pg 2

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I wouldd rread thiss :D
Hey I'm the first to comment whoo!
Well, I can read it but u have to updatee me !
Please add me as a friend because I cnt cause' I'm on my phonee.
Aside from that, I think this has a pretty good basee.
Can't wait:DDDDD!!!
Hun there is no story on here but I'd be glad to read it
=) U SHould Write It
i would luv 2 read it and if u can please add me so i can keep up thanks.
You should write it [:
sounds like it could be quite good
u should keep writing this story i like what u put down already so keep it up please it was really good
it sounds great keep going and keep me updated
love the idea i think u should right the story can't wait to read it!
Thanks all of you! I have added you all as my friends so I can update you! I'll have the very first chapter up tomorrow hopefully :)
where are the chapters?? i wanna read it....?!
i wud read it it sounds awesome already please keep me updated wen u rite


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