The Twilight Saga

What if Bella had a friend Edward never knew about? What if Bella had already be promised immortality? What if that promise was fulfilled? What if Alice saw two very familiar-looking vampires snarling at each other in the woods with two strangers on the side? What if the werewolves had interrupted? What if Alice thought Bella was dead? What if Edward believed her? What if Bella had to race to Italy?.... Or die trying....


*********The FreeRoamer's Clan**********

This story is about the FreeRoamer's Clan which is a vampire coven in the 'Make Your Own Vampires Clan' group. You can learn a little about Kate, Blake, and Bella on the page. They were the first three in the clan. You may join if you wish.

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My other FanFic= New Moon: The Messengers

Bella is forced to move with her mother, Phil, and her three-year-old brother, Ben, to a sunflower farm in North Dakota. The house may seem normal to the adults but the child knows of the lurking demons roaming the perimeter. While the beautiful yellow fields offer a charming welcoming, they soon begin to realise that they are not alone when Bella and her younger brother, Ben, see actions beyond the abnormal that are apparently oblivious the the adult eye. As the roaming spirits grow increasingly violent, the parents are starting to question the case. As Bella has to go through the horror-film-like reality while trying to convince her parents of the surronding threats, Alice sees unexpeted visions a day before the reality. The only problem is that Alice does not see who is living the horror as she is the person in her visions. As Alice tries to figure out her visions, Bella does her best to not fail her promises to both Edward and Ben while she deals with more of the unnatural from her haunted farm.....


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I've made an Alice gallery in the Alice Fan Group! You may add pictures of your own or just look at some of the pictures already presented. If you clink on the picture it will take you right to the page. Pictures of Alice may include others and may also be of Ashely.


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PLEASE! Nobody take over writing my story because, well, 1. it's my story, 2. you don't know some of the character's personalities, and 3. I've spent a lot of time and work into this story so I don't want anyone to take it away.


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Part 1: Bella's P.O.V.
I lay in my bed, in this messy, little room, absorbing the new information I now know.
My best friend is a werewolf.
You'd think that one mythilogical creature was enough, now we have another. They're probably all true or else where did they come from?
My best friend is a werewolf.
I'm being suprisingly calm about this, or maybe that's because I just woke up.
I could handle it, I'm a pro at weird already.
Fine. He's a dog. I can deal with that.
I looked at my clock, Charlie would be up in an hour.
I decided to get up and drag myself downstairs.
I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast when I heard Charlie come down the stairs.
"Do you want eggs, Dad?" I asked in the most normal voice I could manage. It still sounded a little tense and sad. I don't think I ever fooled Charlie but I still try to act normal. Sometimes I wonder if he can just see right into my mind and see how I'm feeling...
"Sure," Charlie said suprised, pulling me out of my thoughts, as he came into view.
We were sitting at the table eating quietly.
Charlie looked as if he was about to say something, but the phone rang and made us both jump.
Charlie got up to answer it as I just watched him. As soon as he answered his expression turned from bored to confused, very confused.
"Um.... yeah, she is.... um...," he looked a little nervous too.
She? No one has been looking for me, no one even called for me. Unless it's Jake. But why would Charlie be confused about Jake?
"Um.... okay...," Charlie then turned to me, very confused. I just returned the look.
"Um.... Bella?.... uh,... well,.... there's a girl on the phone who says that you're best friends and to tell you her name is Kate?" his statement turned into a question.
I froze from the name.
Kate? Kate, my best friend who's practicly my sister from Phoenix?
Kate! Kate, my best friend who I agreed without second thought to soon enough 'go and live with her' when she was ready!
Charlie's expression had no description as I practicly jumped out of the seat and took his arm off to get to the phone. He staggard back a couple steps and then watched me with very wary and shocked eyes.
"Bella?" one of the most beautiful voices said from the other side.
"Kate!" I was so happy now that I could soon be with my best friend again.
"Bella, do you remember why I'm calling. Do you remember our promise?"
"Yes, Kate! Yes, I do!"
CLIFF-HANGER! There's more to that promise than you think!



(If question's not there, then here:
Do you like 'New Moon: A Past Promise?')

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ps. attachment still in editing of correct grammar and stuff- but everything from the comments except pictures

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oooooooooh!! update me on this please!!!
of course!
that was good let me know when u post updates please
I'll post more a little bit later-- right now i have to do our huskies' water and that can take a while--- but don't worry- i'm trying to update atleast once a day- if not, more-- u can check this by 3 options: here; my profile will tell you under my news; or on the FreeRoamer's Clan in the 'make your own vamp. clan'---
i'm starting to write now-
MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Part 2: Bella's P.O.V.
"I'm so excited!" And I was. Not only for finally being together with Kate again, but also becoming what I've wanted for over two years! Kate is nineteen forever. She was always two years older than me.
"Me too!" Kate replied.
"When should I come? Wait, where is it?" Kate finally 'got an beach house' as the excuse for us.
"It's in Ocean City, Maryland," she said. "Did you tell Charlie you're moving?"
That caught me short. I totally forgot about Charlie standing beside me, probably analizing my every pitch.
"Um... hold on," and turned to Charlie. "Um.... Dad? See, my best friend, Kate.. well, we kind of agreed before I came to live with you that once she got a house of her own that we could live together, and well, you can probably see where I'm going...."
Charlie's expression confused me.
"That's okay. I, personally, think a change is good for you. Don't worry about me. Just remember to call me every once and a while...... Um.... Where are you moving?"
"Kate bought a beach house in Ocean City, Maryland."
"I heard that place is a lot of fun. When are you leaving?"
"Um... I guess I'll leave tonight since I really don't have that much to pack. It's Maryland. I'm sure Kate will take me shopping against my will anyway." It's true. She's a lot like- well, I can't think the name or I'll fall apart again. But, she once took me shopping for eight hours strait. It was horrible.
"Okay,...," was all Charlie had to say about that.
I spoke into the phone again.
"It's a go. I'll call you again when I get to the airport. Right now I have to pack."
"Don't pack a lot of clothes! I need the excuse to go shopping while I still can!"
"I mean it! Anyway... see you soon!"
"You too."
I hugged Charlie saying 'thank you' like five times and then was upstairs packing my things.

I need a quick break to update other things. Be back soon! I hope you enjoy!
More pretty please!
thank you guys! ur so nice! I'm about to right more in a minute, okay.
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Part 3: Bella's P.O.V.
I was on the plane waiting for take-off when a thought occured to me. Jacob. I had been so excited about my best friend that I didn't even call Jacob to tell him I was leaving. After our last contact, he would be thinking I was running away from a werewolf. I pulled out my cell and dialed.
"Hello?" A husky voice answered, a little bit tired and stressed.
"Bella?" Now the voice was a little bit alarmed and frightened.
"Um... Jake. I wanted to call you because I totally forgot to tell you that my best friend, Kate, called and that we're moving into a beach house in Ocean City, Maryland together."
"You're moving?" The pitch louder than his normal, husky voice.
"Not for whatever your thinking about. My best friend, Kate and I planned this before I even moved up to Forks."
"I also wanted to tell you that I'm perfectly fine with you being a dog."
"You figured it out!" He sounded much happier.
"Yeah. Though for me, I'm kind of a pro at weird."
"Yeah, you and your blood-suckers," he muttered.
Agony ripped through me.
"Jake!" I screeched. Then I noticed that people five rows and closer were staring at me. Including the flight attendent.
"Sorry," he said a little alarmed.
"Well, I wanted to let you know, so bye, I guess"
"Okay, bye... And, I'm glad you called to let me know."
"Yeah. Me too."
"I'll talk to you later."
"See ya."
I put my phone away as we took off into the sky. I leaned my head to the back of the seat, closed my eyes, and drifted into memories of my tme with Kate.
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