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I wached the sun set I kept thinking,Just a little longer only a few more day's untill he comes for me. Only thing I hoped for was for Jacob to come back to forks,to me,for him and I to be safe. I called and left him messages, nothing. I called a kid from school named Edward and asked him to help me out and find Jacob, nothing. How am I supposed to go on without Jacob at my clumsy side at the dance?



Chapter 1


Three days ago:


"Hmm, should I go with the pink or the black"

  "You look very nice in both but if I were you I would do the black mini"

"Really? What about the backless dress?"

   "I already told you"

"Yeah well, where is your tux??"

    " I don't have one Bella."

"You told me you had almost everything!!!"

     " Nu-uh, I told you I had the white shirt."

"OHHH,okay,cool,plans to crash the Forks Valentines Dance is going good so far"

     "Yeah, then all we have to do is crash the La Push Dance tomorrow"

"Then after that we ditch everyone in Forks and La Push and go off together."

      " Course we have to work out the whole wolf and vampire thing now don't we?"

"Sadly yes,I don't want to though it will hurt A LOT. Are you still sure about this?"

      "Yes Bella,I'm going to have you do it and if you don't I'll have one of the Cullens turn me into a vampire."



Chapter 2


Two days ago





"Hey Jake is Bella there?"

  "No she just went to the store"

"Okay remind her that her mother Renee is coming to town this weekend to see her."

   "Okay Cheif Swan"

"Take care of my Bella,Jacob,okay?"

    "I will Cheif Swan"

"Jacob you can call me Charlie you know."

    "Yes sir I know."

"Good to hear some respect from you youth.Tell Bella to call me later."









"Hey Jake Sam just called the pack needs you over here."

   "Okay,let me leave a note for Bella, then I'll be over"

"Okay but hurry sounds like another Vampire problem"

     "As usual they call me in for something that could only need a few of them."

"Yeah well,sounds like a whole coven of them this time!"



                           Dear Bella

   The pack called there is a group of vampires in  La Push, I'll be back as soon as possible,love you.

                            Yours Truly Jacob



Chapter 3




"Hey Mr, Black is Jacob home?"

    "Not right now Bella he has not been back ever since a couple of days ago when I called"

"Really? He's been gone that long?"

    "Do you remember the time he went to his sisters place, he was really in La Push chasing vampires up into Canada. Don't be worried,he is tough."

"Well,I just don't like it when he doesn't let me go with him,it bothers me a lot."

     "Yeah, now you know how I feel every time the pack calls."

"If you deal with this every day you should be in a strait jacket."

      "Exactly my point,you are better off than I am considering I'm just human and you are a vampire."

"Okay thanks Mr. Black."

      "No problem Bella"

"Could you call me when he gets back?"

      "Of course Bella"


       "No prob."


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you are doing really well Ruby keep it up!!!!! :)
Even better Jacob into a vamp./wolf nice twist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
nice love it plz keep me updated
eepp love it
love it plz keep me updated
ooh please write more,please!!!!! It's really good :D


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