The Twilight Saga

Bella is forced to move with her mother, Phil, and her three-year-old brother, Ben, to a sunflower farm in North Dakota. The house may seem normal to the adults but the child knows of the lurking demons roaming the perimeter. While the beautiful yellow fields offer a charming welcoming, they soon begin to realise that they are not alone when Bella and her younger brother, Ben, see actions beyond the abnormal that are apparently oblivious to the adult eye. As the roaming spirits grow increasingly violent, the parents are starting to question the case. As Bella has to go through the horror-film-like reality while trying to convince her parents of the surronding threats, Alice sees unexpeted visions a day before the reality. The only problem is that Alice does not see who is living the horror as she is the person in her visions. As Alice tries to figure out her visions, Bella does her best to not fail her promises to both Edward and Ben while she deals with more of the unnatural from her haunted farm.....



*********New Moon: A Past Promise**********

New Moon: A Past Promise (or NM:APP) is my first fanfiction story. Sadly, I have much going on and have decided to end it on Bella's P.O.V. I don't think I will continue with another part anytime soon, so that's why it says 'the end... for now...'

What if Bella had a friend Edward never knew about? What if Bella had already be promised immortality? What if that promise was fulfilled? What if Alice saw two very familiar-looking vampires snarling at each other in the woods with two strangers on the side? What if the werewolves had interrupted? What if Alice thought Bella was dead? What if Edward believed her? What if Bella had to race to Italy?.... Or die trying....



*********The FreeRoamer's Clan**********

This story is about the FreeRoamer's Clan which is a vampire coven in the 'Make Your Own Vampires Clan' group. You can learn a little about Kate, Blake, and Bella on the page. They were the first three in the clan. You may join if you wish.

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PLEASE! Nobody take over writing my story because, well, 1. it's my story, 2. you don't know some of the character's personalities, and 3. I've spent a lot of time and work into this story so I don't want anyone to take it away.


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Part 1: Bella's P.O.V.

I never win. Especially since the day my life left me.
I only have one reason left to live: my brother.

I stubbornly stayed quiet but mentally moaned as I saw the sign saying North Dakota 5 miles.
If it weren't for my brother I wouldn't have come.
When Renee came to give me the news that I was moving with them I was appalled.
She knew me too well when she reminded me of my brother needing a friend while we lived out in the country.
I sighed and gave in too easily.
I'm sure I would've thrown a tantrum or something if it wasn't for Ben. And maybe moving would get my mind of things, some specific things.
I think that's the other reason that nobody has mentioned. Go figure!
I was staring out the window with nothing but pure hatred when Phil interrupted my thoughts.
"Here we are!" Phil said as we turned into a driveway with some decrepit old house at the end.
Why was I forced to move here? So people wouldn't hear me screaming in the middle of the night? It just makes no sense!
This place looked as if it was a haunted house. I'm sure the quietness will add to the tension.
"Yay!" I tried to sound enthusiastic but it came out more sarcastic. Renee turned on me.
"I think a change will be good for you. Now, stop moping and give the house a chance. Will you promise me to give it a chance?"
"Fine," I sighed.
She then turned to Ben who was waking up from his nap.
"Do you like our new house?" She crooned. It disgusted me. What was so good about this junkyard? I swear one bad storm could wash away the whole property.
My brother just glanced from her and the house over and over again. He doesn't speak. He was in a horrible car accident a year or two ago and since then hasn't spoken one word.
"Honey, can you get him? We have to unload the car."
"Yeah, I got him," I answered as I unbuckled his seatbelt. It seemed as if he was trying to point at something but it could've been about the house or the sunflowers.
As we walked through the door of our new house, my instinct told me to run away. I ignored it.

(If the question's not there then here:
Do you like 'New Moon: The Messengers?')

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