The Twilight Saga

Bella is forced to move with her mother, Phil, and her three-year-old brother, Ben, to a sunflower farm in North Dakota. The house may seem normal to the adults but the child knows of the lurking demons roaming the perimeter. While the beautiful yellow fields offer a charming welcoming, they soon begin to realise that they are not alone when Bella and her younger brother, Ben, see actions beyond the abnormal that are apparently oblivious to the adult eye. As the roaming spirits grow increasingly violent, the parents are starting to question the case. As Bella has to go through the horror-film-like reality while trying to convince her parents of the surronding threats, Alice sees unexpeted visions a day before the reality. The only problem is that Alice does not see who is living the horror as she is the person in her visions. As Alice tries to figure out her visions, Bella does her best to not fail her promises to both Edward and Ben while she deals with more of the unnatural from her haunted farm.....



*********New Moon: A Past Promise**********

New Moon: A Past Promise (or NM:APP) is my first fanfiction story. Sadly, I have much going on and have decided to end it on Bella's P.O.V. I don't think I will continue with another part anytime soon, so that's why it says 'the end... for now...'

What if Bella had a friend Edward never knew about? What if Bella had already be promised immortality? What if that promise was fulfilled? What if Alice saw two very familiar-looking vampires snarling at each other in the woods with two strangers on the side? What if the werewolves had interrupted? What if Alice thought Bella was dead? What if Edward believed her? What if Bella had to race to Italy?.... Or die trying....



*********The FreeRoamer's Clan**********

This story is about the FreeRoamer's Clan which is a vampire coven in the 'Make Your Own Vampires Clan' group. You can learn a little about Kate, Blake, and Bella on the page. They were the first three in the clan. You may join if you wish.

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PLEASE! Nobody take over writing my story because, well, 1. it's my story, 2. you don't know some of the character's personalities, and 3. I've spent a lot of time and work into this story so I don't want anyone to take it away.


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Part 1: Bella's P.O.V.

I never win. Especially since the day my life left me.
I only have one reason left to live: my brother.

I stubbornly stayed quiet but mentally moaned as I saw the sign saying North Dakota 5 miles.
If it weren't for my brother I wouldn't have come.
When Renee came to give me the news that I was moving with them I was appalled.
She knew me too well when she reminded me of my brother needing a friend while we lived out in the country.
I sighed and gave in too easily.
I'm sure I would've thrown a tantrum or something if it wasn't for Ben. And maybe moving would get my mind of things, some specific things.
I think that's the other reason that nobody has mentioned. Go figure!
I was staring out the window with nothing but pure hatred when Phil interrupted my thoughts.
"Here we are!" Phil said as we turned into a driveway with some decrepit old house at the end.
Why was I forced to move here? So people wouldn't hear me screaming in the middle of the night? It just makes no sense!
This place looked as if it was a haunted house. I'm sure the quietness will add to the tension.
"Yay!" I tried to sound enthusiastic but it came out more sarcastic. Renee turned on me.
"I think a change will be good for you. Now, stop moping and give the house a chance. Will you promise me to give it a chance?"
"Fine," I sighed.
She then turned to Ben who was waking up from his nap.
"Do you like our new house?" She crooned. It disgusted me. What was so good about this junkyard? I swear one bad storm could wash away the whole property.
My brother just glanced from her and the house over and over again. He doesn't speak. He was in a horrible car accident a year or two ago and since then hasn't spoken one word.
"Honey, can you get him? We have to unload the car."
"Yeah, I got him," I answered as I unbuckled his seatbelt. It seemed as if he was trying to point at something but it could've been about the house or the sunflowers.
As we walked through the door of our new house, my instinct told me to run away. I ignored it.

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Do you like 'New Moon: The Messengers?')

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please write more!!!
please update asap good story
I love it you"ll have too right more soon!
Okay guys here's whats happening. I'm writing now and depending on how much i get done is when i post. I planned on posting Sunday night but my mother completely hogged the computer Sunday AND Monday when i was gonna make it up to you. So I'm going to write while I'm at my grandmother's house. If I finish before i have to leave for school I'll post before i leave, otherwise i will finish and post later today after the school day.
ALSO! In dedication to September 11th and to all victims, I'm considering writing a One-Shot fanfictions tribute for it, only to be one long page, it will not have continuation chapters if i do decide to do so. It will probably be called "Have You Forgotten" but I'm stilll considering with all of the work high school has me going through right now. Anyway, thats where i leave you now.
May we all remember and honor the surviors and victims of September 11th, 2001!!!

New Moon: The Messengers Part 16 Bella's P.O.V.


I couldn't believe it. I clung to her, my nails tearing into her shirt. She kept her hands wrapped around me, rubbing her hand on my back to calm my hysteric breathing, while Jasper slowly had us move farther back near Renee and Phil.

Phil. He has to be covered in blood.

"Jasper," I whispered quietly, knowing both Alice and Jasper would hear when Renee and Phil wouldn't. "Go ahead, there's a lot of blood. I understand.''

I heard Jasper go upstairs, making sure he was heard. Alice tried to pull me gently off of her, but I was too busy inhaling her scent. When I opened my eyes I saw Phil sitting on the ground, leaning against the boxes, breathing hard, while Renee inspected his wounds, sobbing. Phil was staring right at me with an agonizing stare, apology and regret everywhere in his eyes.

“Bella,” I heard Alice whisper. I let her pull me back only to where she could see my face, still not letting go of her. I still couldn’t tell if this was all a nightmare and a dream come true at the same time or if all of that happened and Alice and Jasper were actually really here. Alice felt as real as ever, smelling the same, and just as hard yet gentle. She watched my face, obvious hurt feelings showed on her face along with pain. I stared back, my breathing calming as I realized the Alice had actually come back to me, and in the mean time I was sobbing hysterically when I didn’t even know how much of this precious time I had left with her. I didn’t even know if she was staying or was only here to save me. Oh god..

“Did you, see, all of that?” I quietly asked, knowing she’d understand what I was asking. Her expression turned even more pained as she pulled me back into a hug, her head in the crick of my neck as was mine with hers. She replied in a hopeless voice, “I didn’t understand what was going on until earlier, but yes. I saw everything. I’m sorry I wasn’t here sooner.” Her voice dropped when she apologized, breaking into a cry at ‘sorry.’

I buried my head into her neck, as if I could attach myself to her. “It’s okay, Alice. It wasn’t your fault.” She pulled back, muttering quietly to herself that it was, so that I almost couldn’t catch it. She looked at me. “Jazz has already called the paramedics for Phil. We should get him upstairs.” I nodded my head, and though everything inside my head screamed not to, I let her go. It felt horrible feeling the air replace her, my fingers still clawing at the air. I watched her every movement, as if she were to disappear. She slowly walked over to Phil and crouched down. He had a dazed expression from looking at someone so gorgeous. He seemed as if he couldn’t speak.

“Hi,” she greeted him, “I’m Alice. I’m.. I’m a friend of Bella’s. Let me help get you upstairs. The paramedics are already on their way.”

He simply nodded, staring at her, as was Renee and I. Alice was perfect and exactly the same, as if for some reason I expected the immortal to have some time-change to her. Her spiky black hair kept sending shocks through my body, my mind recognizing it every single time, as if telling me to run after her. Her tiny frame moved to pick up Phil, when Renee jumped in.

“I think I should help you. He’s pretty heavy.” She looked extremely concerned for both tiny Alice and Phil. Alice looked like she couldn’t improvise fast enough so I cut in. “Mom, you’d be surprised of how strong that little pixie is. She’s got Phil. But you should get Ben and take him upstairs.”

Three pairs of eyes found mine. Renee’s eyes unsure but accepting. Alice’s eyes pained but thankful. And Phil’s eyes just plained pained. Renee nodded and went to get Ben from behind the stack of boxes while Alice scooped up Phil. He looked a little shocked at the pixie not struggling with his weight but also a little knocked out, as if any second he would fall unconscious. We walked upstairs, Alice and Phil first, me following, and then Renee with Ben. Jasper was at the top of the stairs holding the door wide open. I could see that he was holding his breath because of Phil, whose chest was dripping with blood. I couldn’t understand how Alice was dealing with this, even with holding her breath.

Jasper’s gaze kept switching from Alice to me and Ben over and over again. He was eyeing Ben, probably wondering if he was related to me. He kept looking at Alice, and every time you could see the love pouring from his eyes when he looked in her direction. So much that every time I had to look away. Every time that I looked in Alice’s direction, all of the emotions crashing down on me would cause Jasper to fix his gaze on me. I couldn’t even imagine dealing with his ability in a room of an extremely emotional group right now. So much emotion that it could drive the poor vampire insane.

Sometimes Jasper would gaze outside towards the trees, which I didn’t really understand. I would follow my gaze and find nothing but sunlight. Which did get me wondering how they got here without being exposed. It’s so sunny out here, and not much shade on this property until you hit the trees. I guess they were the only ones around, but what happens when all of the emergency people arrive. Are they just gonna stay inside? And are they staying for awhile or are they leaving first chance they get? All of these questions bombarded me all at once.

And then I remembered.

I immediately started looking around, panic increasing. Jasper immediately caught on to my emotions and was a little too quick to get near me. He was standing next to me in a half­­­­-protecting stance and half-casual for Renee and Phil being in the room, though they seemed to not have noticed the interaction between us at all. Jasper was looking around for any sign as to what had set me off but I don’t think he understood.

“Where’s Bobby?” I asked Phil, remembering that he came in after Bobby went down. Alice and Jasper looked at me confused, and Alice had a hint of shock in her expression, which I didn’t understand.

Phil looked at me, his eyes widening as he remembered, and finally spoke with a cracked and gasping voice. “In the kitchen. I think. He was regaining… consciousness.. when I came in.. He seemed fine though.. just.. knocked out.”

I relaxed knowing that John hadn’t killed anyone. Well, today anyway. I found my way to the kitchen with Jasper tailing me. I found Bobby in the corner leaning up against the wall, ax in hand, eyes wide. When he looked at me they got even wider and then calmed, I believe Jasper’s doing. He had a bruise mark and a cut on the side of his face from where John hit him but other than that he looked fine. I sighed in relief.

“You’re okay? That’s good. The paramedics will be here soon. Come with us into the living room.” I said in a comforting voice. I noticed that his gaze kept switching from me to Jasper repeatedly. Jasper quietly chuckled beside me. “Uh. Bobby. This is Jasper, my friend. He’s here to help.” Bobby eventually got to his feet and followed us into the living room. I stood back against the wall with Jasper while Bobby went to sit in the armchair, head falling back and eyes closing tiredly. I couldn’t blame him, it seemed like a very appealing idea at the time. I was exhausted. But Alice and Jasper was here, so I couldn’t let them out of my site or else they might not come back.

My train-of-thought was interrupted by a sharp ringing. It took me a minute to notice that it was the cell phone in Alice’s hand. “Excuse me for a moment,” she said to Renee and Phil. “I’ll be right back.” She walked into the kitchen, motioning me to come with her while Jasper just stared at her with an unsure expression. “Bella, could you come with me, please?” She asked.

She didn’t need to ask twice. I had already nodded my head while crossing the room to her a little bit faster than normal. Her arm snaked around my waist and mine hers. As we walked into the kitchen, Alice hit the receive button of her cell phone. She turned the call volume up to loud and held it between both of our ears so I could hear as well, all the while motioning me to remain silent with her finger as she spoke, analyzing me during the entire conversation.


“Explain yourself and everything that is going on,” came his voice from the other line. It was cold and harsh, but at the same time concerned and worried. His voice, perfectly the same velvet I last heard, sent shocks up and down my body, making my knees begin to shake. Alice’s arm around my waist tightened, keeping me in place and quiet from giving me away.

“Well, for one. Bella was the person in all of my visions if that makes ya feel any better. So don’t talk to me like that!” She snapped. I could hear growling on the other side and something smashing together in the background.

“Where are you?” He asked, his voice dropping dramatically, almost whispering.

“I’m currently at Bella’s mom’s new house in North Dakota waiting for the paramedics to arrive.” She answered calmly. The reply came almost immediately. “What happened?!” It sounded desperate. By now Alice was completely supporting me with her arm and I was close to breaking down and losing it.

“Bella’s, well,” she studied me for a moment, “she’s physically fine, but Edward-” I would’ve fallen had it not of been for Alice’s unbelievable strength. “I hate to say this,” mostly speaking to me for that, “but your idiocy has completely destroyed her mental state of mind and any memory that she has had of you that you wished she would forget is completely revolting to your wish. I have never seen her so desperate. When I arrived, Edward, she clung to me, her nails tearing my shirt because of the abandonment you have given her. Your stupid decision was exactly that, Edward. Yours. Not Mine. Not Jasper’s. Not even Bella’s, because she’s still holding onto you strong. Not anyone else’s but yours. Now stop being the damn coward you are and come take care of Bella. You love her, and she’s stayed loving you, even through all the crap you’ve put her through these past few months.” She glanced at me. I was frozen in place. Half-fallen, teary-eyes, and close to break-down. I was a mess. She continued. “Just come back, Edward. She needs you.” She quietly finished. I strained to listen to his response. To hear if he really did love me all this time. It was a long silence until he finally spoke.

“Your right,” he whispered, sounding desperate and heart-broken. “You’re always right. I love her, Alice. You know that. I. I just wanted her to have a normal life. She can’t have that with me Alice. But from what you’ve told me, I guess I’m out of options, now aren’t I? We’re already on our way, by the way. We left as soon as Emmett got a hold of us. We’ll be there later tonight.” There was a long pause. “Alice? Do you think she’s take me back? Are you sure she still loves me?” His voice broke during his speaking. “After everything I’ve put her through? Alice?”

Alice was staring at me, eyes glistening with tears that would never fall, unlike mine, flowing freely down my face. She nodded to me, which had me at surprise, understanding the opportunity she was giving me. All of it finally made sense as to why I was listening to this conversation. She wanted me to know that I wasn’t the only one who was in pain during this. That she never wanted to leave me. And that Edward still loved me. And that this was my chance to start over, responding to hi- Edward’s question. And so I did.

“I’ll always love you, Edward,” I cried into the phone, while Alice took me in another comforting hug.

awww love it!!! Hope you post more soon!
awww.... I love the new chapter! Thank god Alice came to help :))
thanks! i love alice! (of course you would see that though)
aw this was so cute its amazing keep me updated!! =)


i'm a new reader..just read all of it ..and for me its wonderful..keep me updated plzz  !! post more soon because this is really amazing!!


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