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This page is now for comments only. I posted the story here:
I think it will be easier for everyone to read now. But feel fee to comment on this page!


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Yes. Thankyou, I'd really love it if you emailed it to me. Thankyou.
can you email me Chapter 29 Part 2 EPOV and BPOV and Chapter 30 Part 1?? My account on FFFW wasnt been approved yet and i really want to read those chapters??
Can you email me this chapter, because become a member of that site, but still I can't see the chapter.

Please email me.

Ixy Cullen :)
i finally got approved for fffw! yay!
Can you email me the chapter too?
Please & Thank you
I love your fanfiction can you please email me the chapters
MY email is
thanks you
I am really enjoying this story, although I still can't read the remainder of EPOV and BPOV ch. 29, I am so excited about where this story is headed and you really do have a handle of how Edward feels about himself, it's not enough for him to constantly think himself a monster but the deep rooted hatred is so overwhelming and I am so glad that he was finally confronted about how little he understands about Bella's love for him...
Chapter 31 is up on FFFW.
For those of you who want the chapters emailed, I will do that shortly. Thanks!


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