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My heart is braking for Edward but I am sure that none of the reasons Bella said had anything to do with the love she has for him. cant wait for more
omg im so curious to what will happen, youve really got me interested haha

well done, with what youve written so far.

umm i think if its gonna be written in his pov, i dont know what will happen but i think whatever happens youve really gotta go in deep in edwards pov coz hes like that, so im really intersted to what will happen n his reactions.
Mhm, you're right, Edward's POV needs to be deep. It's going to take me a lot longer to write in his POV than Bella's.
yeahh agreed. edwards more complicated but what youve done so far is great..

really excited to see what you have planned for us :D

when do you think youll be posting the next chapter?
I'm trying to get the next chapter up in a few hours.

your story is soooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brilliant again.
lol picture goes with it well.

Which reminds me...Bella still needs to talk with Jacob.
cant wait for more
no no no jacob lol not yet im just so loving the whole edward n bella thing for now hha keep going with teh proposal stituation! jacob can come later, edwards more important right now :p
So.....what happens next?!?!?! Let me know when the next chapter is up!!!
you said in a few hours 23 hours ago...just sayin :D


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