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This page is now for comments only. I posted the story here:
I think it will be easier for everyone to read now. But feel fee to comment on this page!


Monique made this banner! It's AMAZING!!! She sure has a lot of talent in this area, hey? Wow.

Thanks sooooooo much Monique!

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Could you write more plz...I like where you are headed and could you add me so I can get your updated posts
Do more!!!! Thats good, no great! There was a real feeling of emotion in it!
I love it! Keep writing :)
write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
more!!!! i love it!
Very good writing.
i like it. more please.
I really like this new twist to New Moon, but there was one section in the story that caught my eye:

I did not know who was with me, but someone was hitting my back with a rock, trying to get all the water they could out of me.

The part about the rock. Wouldn't that cause more pain? Other than that, I enjoyed it!
lol, it's not a rock.
It's Edward's hand.
LOL...Okay. Thank you for the clarification. I guess I just need to get more sleep because I was thinking that it had literally been a rock. :-)
Don't worry, I thought so, too. I didn't get it, but now I do!
Sorry, I could have made that clearer.
I'll change it right now.


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