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here is New Sun, a story about Jacob and Nessie but about Leah too!
Leah just appear more often, chapters more to the front.
this story is already in Freedom and New, but this is the major site, so, we decided post here too.
i hope you like it. this was made by one of my Best friends, and she put her heart and head in this. so, i hope you like it!
we are portuguese, so maybe you can find some mistakes. Sorry! : &

please reply and tell me what you think, and tell your friends about New Sun

Disclaimer: I in no way own any of theses characters. SM does although I might throw in a couple of my own.

chapter 1 , 2, 3 and 4 - page 1
chapter 5 - page 2
chapter 6 - page 3
chapter 7 - page 4
chapter 8 - page 5
chapter 9 part 1 and part 2
chapter 10 - page 7
chapter 11 - pag 8
chapter 12 - pag 9
chapter 13 - pag 10
chapter 14 - page 11
chapter 15
chapter 16 part 1

chapter 16 par 2 

chapter 16 part 3 

chapter 17

chapter 18 part 1 

chapter 18 parte 2 (click to read!)



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Cap 18

Nessie POV, part 1

I was close to Jacob’s home so I slowed down. It wasn’t easy to run with a long dress. I sighed. It was night already and the streets were almost deserted. The silence became a little bit uncomfortable. I focused on the sound of the waves on the beach. I took a deep breath. I couldn’t believe that he would be there waiting for me.

Jacob was sitting on his doorway. He sprang to his feet as soon as he felt my presence. We both stop there looking at each other. None of us said one word. It seemed like years passed since the last time we were together and now it was the long awaited gathering. I moved slowly towards him and at the same time he moved towards me. We stopped and looked at each other again. I moved again and so did he. It was a quite funny coordination when we moved.

Even without talking we had the same thoughts and we acted in accordance. He smiled and I did too. I couldn’t take it anymore. He was everything to me.

I ran towards him and this time he didn’t move in accordance once I moved so quickly that when he noticed I was already kissing his warm lips. I tried to move back a bit but he didn’t let me. He grabbed me by the waist with all his strength, I took my arms around his neck, entwining my fingers in his hair, and we kissed fervently again.

His warmth was everywhere, I couldn’t fell anything else but him, his lips moved in accordance with mine and we couldn’t stop. He took me in his arms without leave my lips one single time.

Then I found myself in his room, lying on his bed kissing frenetically. I forced myself to move away, against my will, so that I could breathe, look in his eyes and talk to him.

“It’s better… it’s better we take it slow, right?”

He was still near me, and I could also hear his breath increasing next to my lips. His warm breath difficult my sense of reason, the way he touched me made me tremble.

He kissed my neck and lips gently. Then he moved slowly away from me with his breath still rising.

“Sorry Nessie… I shouldn’t have done this…”

“Jake, please. If you don’t remember, I kissed you first…it’s not your fault. And I wanted this so much as you do, but…”

“I know, but I shouldn’t let this go so far, you are so young…”

I stopped him “Hang on there! You won’t tell me now that you don’t want me because you think I’m too young, will you?”

“Nessie, you must understand, actually you have only six years old. I can’t…”

“But my mentally and physically I have 16 years old and you can’t run from that. Whether you like it or not, I’m a woman. It’s not my fault I grew up faster…”

“I know Nessie…” and he laugh “but after the discussion I had with your dad…”

“What? You talked with my dad about this?!”

“It was… well, it was the last day we talked on the phone… when I went to bed, I forgot that your dad was there and that someone was observing my thoughts, and I started to think about that day when Leah caught us.

I looked at him surprised! Well Jacob was next to me, so my dad didn’t kill him…yet.

“What did he said to you?”

“Well he gave me a strip, how you can imagine… and told me to stop thinking about you like that. I “could” not call you again, so I would not think about you that way again and control myself, or your dad would break me into pieces” he laugh.

“Aw Jake… I had no idea that I brought you so much problems.” he put his fingers on my lips and silenced me. His eyes burned each time he looked at me. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. That was impossible to hide. He approached me again. I could feel again the heat of his boiling breath.

“Ok, forget what I said… we will not stop.” I told him

He smiled and coursed my neck with his extremely warm lips.

“No, you’re right. We shouldn’t go so fast. I will leave again; I will be with your dad again… Well, he won’t be happy if we do this after the lesson he gave me. And Quil must be already waiting for me to return, and…”
“You just have to avoid thinking about that” I touched his lips with one of my fingers scrolling with my fingertips his contours “and Quil can wait a little longer” I added.

“Yeah sure… only that, you have no idea how your dad can be scary…”

I laugh and crushed my lips against him again. He didn’t move away so I kissed him. I started pulling his shirt till I could take it of. His body was burning next to mine.

His hands came down along my back till they found my dress’ zip. But at the same time my phone rang…
jajajja sorry jacob but it was very close hahhahaha LOL love this story can't wait for more!!! ASAP
new reader this was amazing u must write more super duper soon please please please!!!!:D
I love this
i loved it
Omg its beter then ever
thank you all

here is chapter 18 part 2

“Don’t you answer?"

“I don’t want to know..." I kissed him again but he put me away.

"You should at least see who it is. Remember that you should be at the prom with... Taylor.” I felt some soreness in his voice when he mentioned the name. "Beyond that, it’s getting late and ..."
“Ol, I see who it is.”

Seeing my face Jacob asked fearfully. "So, who is it?"
“It’s Vanessa. I left Taylor with her..."
I picked up the phone. I needed to know if it was something to do with Taylor. I could not forget that it was my fault that he had gone to the hospital.

The voice of Vanessa was nervous. "Nessie, Taylor is going to your house right now. Well I don’t know if you went home or not. I thought it was better for you to know..."

“To my house? But you didn’t tell him that then I would see him?”

"Yes, I said but he didn’t hear me! He didn’t even let me speak. He just said that he had to speak with you ...”
"Okay Vanessa, thanks for calling me."

“What happened, Nessie? Something with your friend? "
"Yes. It seems he is going to my house now ... I do not understand why he didn’t go home. Now my mother will know that ... well, she would know anyway. But it should be told by me...”

“I will take you home.”
“But isn’t Quil waiting for you?”

“Hum... I guess not. If he was, he would be here. Listen, I take you there, and I tell Quil to come later.
"Okay. I am only sorry that you have to go. I wanted to spend more time with you!" I said. I made a small pout, which made him smile.

"I wanted too..." he replied kissing my lips lightly.
Taylor's car was parked in Carlisle’s driveway..

Jacob grabbed my hand and looked at me smiling. He kissed my forehead and we moved forward.
Why was he so happy? Is it because Taylor would see us together? He wanted me to be with Taylor in the prom... Someone who understands men...

Only mom and Esme were in the room next to Taylor.

Taylor had a bandage on his head. He looked tired. He get up when he saw me coming. He was surprised to see Jacob with me. Then he stared angry at Jacob. Jacob was smiling happily. And more Jacob grabs me, more Taylor showed a bored gaze. Mom wasn´t finding that funny, neither I was. Finally he stopped looking at Jacob and looked at me.

“Nessie, I’m sorry. I thought you came home. I wanted to know if you are ok." Taylor was still a little upset to see me with Jacob, but was avoiding meeting his gaze.

"I'm fine, as you can see. And you? Was it serious? Sorry I didn’t wait for you, but I had some problems to solve..." and I looked at Jacob who stilled smiling. I felt like I would hit him...

"No, nothing serious." Taylor met Jacob’s gaze again, angry with his reaction. Instantly Jacob placed his arm around my waist, approaching me and started touching my hair with the other hand. I saw Taylor turning his head even more irritated.

Then mom started to speak.

"Renesmee, Taylor told us what happened... you should have come home."
“Sorry mo… Bella. But I needed to talk with Jake.

Then Esme came close to Taylor and said calmly: "Taylor dear, as you can confirm Nessie is alright. Well, I think you better go home now and rest. I am sure that tonight was very hard for you. Nessie will speak with you tomorrow." And she went with him to the door. I saw Taylor looking at me as if he was asking me to talk with him, but I had no choice. He had to go.

"Jake! What are you doing here? You should not be looking for Sam? And Edward didn’t come with you?

“No, Bella... I it’s only me and Quil. We came back, because we were missing a lot… Nessie and Claire. Edward didn’t come, but he will when we come back. Only two at a time. But thankfully I came. Nessie, was about to get rid of those thieves and put your identity at risk ...”

"Yes, but you done it with yours, didn’t you?" I told him upset.
He stroked my face and smiled." They deserved the fright that caught! And no one will believe them. Besides that, we toke them to the police station on the reserve."

"Nessie, please show me what happened." Mom told me.
I put my hand on his chest; it was easier to express myself like that.
"So Jacob saved you again. Thanks again Jacob...”

“It was nothing! Anytime you need, Bells!”

"But how did that bandit escape?" mom asked worried.

Jacob started speaking. "In the police station, they told us that in fact that thief was never arrested. He had his hand really hurted. He had to go to the hospital. He spent some time there because he has also some signs of delirium - I heard, he said that a horrible beast in human form bitted him. But it he wasn´t credible enough, his hand was in such a poor condition that no doctor was able to make sure it was a bite. And as you may know, Carlisle was called to the hospital to check and off course it confirmed that it was not a bite. I was lucky I went soon to the prom to see Nessie. I smelled her and the two boys."

Then I continued. "The guys found interest in the diamonds of my dress ... and the rest you know it already.
"Yes I remember that Carlisle told me that no one had believed the story that he had been bitten, but we did not know he had flee." Esme said.

In that instant, Alice and came in the room.
"Jacob? Did you come back? Did you find Sam? "Alice asked.
“No, not yet.” Alice, we must talk!" Jacob told her.

"So, what happened?" Alice stared worried at Jacob.

I shook his hand firmly, it was no nedd to speak to Alice like that.

"Did you put real diamonds on Ness’ dress? Are you crazy? They tried to steal them!"
"What?" Aunt Alice gave a squeal and ran to me.

"Calm down Alice, I'm okay. Jake saved me..." I put my hand on his chest...
"Oh, I’m really sorry... I had no idea that this could happen..."

“Aunt, don’t worry ...everything’s fine." And I smiled at her.

"Alice, next time you must take control ..." Jacob told her.

"Watch out the way you talk with her..." Jasper muttered to Jacob.

Jacob didn’t pay attention to him. But Jasper was obviously irritated by the way that Jacob reacted.

At the same moment my father came in the room...
ugh!! cliffy!!! dont do things like that!! its to suspensefull!! i can feel some ction comig on though!! cant wait .. write more before i go mentally crazy!!
wow that something
wow loved it please u must post more soon you havent updated in ages!!!!:) more soon!!!!! ^_^
don't stop write more. plzzzzzzzzzzz

Sorry, sorry, sorry, i´m really sorry.

i have been in exams of college, but now it´s over and i´m free lol i and my friend that wrote the story.

thank you for all the comments, you´re really awesome. thank you very much.

i will post now the next chapter.

xoxo : )


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