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here is New Sun, a story about Jacob and Nessie but about Leah too!
Leah just appear more often, chapters more to the front.
this story is already in Freedom and New, but this is the major site, so, we decided post here too.
i hope you like it. this was made by one of my Best friends, and she put her heart and head in this. so, i hope you like it!
we are portuguese, so maybe you can find some mistakes. Sorry! : &

please reply and tell me what you think, and tell your friends about New Sun

Disclaimer: I in no way own any of theses characters. SM does although I might throw in a couple of my own.

chapter 1 , 2, 3 and 4 - page 1
chapter 5 - page 2
chapter 6 - page 3
chapter 7 - page 4
chapter 8 - page 5
chapter 9 part 1 and part 2
chapter 10 - page 7
chapter 11 - pag 8
chapter 12 - pag 9
chapter 13 - pag 10
chapter 14 - page 11
chapter 15
chapter 16 part 1

chapter 16 par 2 

chapter 16 part 3 

chapter 17

chapter 18 part 1 

chapter 18 parte 2 (click to read!)



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Chapter 18
Part 3

“Edward? What are you doing here? Did you found Sam?"Jacob said in a nervous tone.

“Well, Leah found him…”

Jacob sighed in relief.

Seth followed my dad, but he seemed upset. It was unusual see him like that. Jacob held my hand. I didn’t know how, but I knew bad news were coming.
"Where is Leah? Is she on the outside? How is she? And Sam? He is already home?
"Calm down, Jake... one question at a time…" Dad started speaking but Seth interrupted him.
“Jake, Sam didn’t come back…”

"But Leah found him, didn’t she?"

"Yes,... but he didn’t want to return and she stayed with him… I don’t know where they are, where they went... She told Edward we should come back home. But I don’t want my sister to be alone with Sam, I don’t want it Jake..." Seth's eyes began to shine. He was trying not to cry.

"Come mon, Seth. Tell me what happened ...”

Seth gazed deeply to Jacob, his eyes were more brightening now, then he looked at the floor and started running out of our house.
Edward…" Jacob stared at my father looking for help.

“He only needs to be alone…”
"Tell me what happened..."

"Leah told me by thinking that she found Sam and he was okay so we should come back..."
“And how do you know it is true?”

"Sam talked to me as well. He told me to come back. He doesn’t want us to get worried. He would not return.”
“Do you know where they are?”

Dad hesitated but he finallyspoke. "No. They avoided thinking about it so I would not search them..."
"But you know why Leah stayed with him?"

"Yes. But she doesn’t want me say. I'm sorry."

Jacob looked at me. He touché gently my face.
"Nessie, I must speak with Seth."

"Okay" I stood on tiptoe to kiss him, but he turned his face and kissed my cheek. Then he approached to my ear and said in a whisper "I love you." I don’t know why but his tone seemed like a goodbye. I wasn’t brave enough to ask. We looked in the eyes. "I love you too ..." I said finally, also in a whisper. And then he left.

"Daddy, he left, didn’t he?"

"He went in search of Leah?"

Dad signed with his head. I do not know why but tears fell down my face. Something told me that what he felt for Leah was much stronger than a simple friendship.

"You are wrong, Nessie..." Dad said and then he left with an amazing speed through the window. I had no time to ask anything. Where would he go?

I felt mom’s cold arms around me. I leaned my face to her chest and cried. I didn’t know why, I didn’t know why I was so sad. Mom took me in her arms as if I were as gentle as a feather. I let her take me. Next to her I felt that anything bad could happen

Mom took me home.

“Mom, you can put me on the ground." I said smiling.

She smiled too and put me down.

"Go rest know, dear. Tomorrow you have to talk with Taylor. He seemed upset about something. You must be careful with what you'll say.

"Okay… Mom, can I ask you something? "
"Of course, whatever you want."

"Did you and Jake had something?"
"Why you’re asking that question now, dear?"

"It’s only curiosity. He told me that he was in love with you, until he had imprinted me."
"Do you really want to know?"


"No, I never had anything with Jacob, but we kissed once. In that day I found I cared very much about him. But what I feel for your father is much stronger and I knew that nothing would change. Jacob has always been my best friend, he helped me a lot when ... when I needed. But you don’t have why to be jealous, dear. I can assure you that he only has eyes for you."

"I’m not jealous ... and Leah? Did he feel something for her?”

"Nessie! Why have you so many doubts? He didn’t explain to you the meaning of imprint? "
"Yes, but he left for her now. Why didn’t he leave her with Sam?"

"Darling, only he can answer to those questions. Then she gently stroked my hair and continued – “you can’t have doubts. Leah is part of his pack, they are friends. He concerns about her. As well as you worry about Taylor... now rest. Tomorrow is a new day." She kissed my forehead and left.
love it but there are speaking like there are from a different time. :P
thank you joan:) cant wait for more
loved itt!!!!!!:)


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