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here is New Sun, a story about Jacob and Nessie but about Leah too!
Leah just appear more often, chapters more to the front.
this story is already in Freedom and New, but this is the major site, so, we decided post here too.
i hope you like it. this was made by one of my Best friends, and she put her heart and head in this. so, i hope you like it!
we are portuguese, so maybe you can find some mistakes. Sorry! : &

please reply and tell me what you think, and tell your friends about New Sun

Disclaimer: I in no way own any of theses characters. SM does although I might throw in a couple of my own.

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chapter 9 part 1 and part 2
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chapter 16 part 1

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Chapter 1

The clock marked two of the morning. I couldn’t sleep. My dad (Edward Cullen) and my mom (Bella Cullen) had left to hunt. I was alone at home. This time I didn’t go with them because I had school in the next day, and as we were in the final of the year, they don’t let me go with them at night.

I was dead to finishing the school. I was tired to have to study to the exams, even though they are going very well. but lately I was having trouble in concentrating, I don’t know why but, lately I felt that was missing something, or better I don’t felt complete. Something wrong was happening with me and I didn’t know what could be.

I’m almost forbidden to think in this subject since that night, when daddy listened my depressing thoughts, and ask “Nessie what is bothering you? Why you feel so depressed?” then he made that inhuman look, what makes the boys that my father does not like, with afraid. “Was Jacob, is that? If was him I swear that I would…”
“No, dad wasn’t Jacob.” I stopped before he could said what he was about to say. “But I wanted” I thought. To which he replied with a growl that put my mom looking and asking “what’s wrong?”
Ignoring it, I said “ok sorry dad, have thought of that, but I never hid of you what I feel about him”.
And I left the room.

Sometimes, I wanted that my dad was not a mind reader, or that I had the gift of my mom, because she is the only creature that my father can’t read the mind. But until this he already can, thanks to Zafrina of course.
She taught my mom how to remove the shield, for my father can read her thoughts. In the last six years, they do nothing if not train, and apparently, they are improving.

When i think about Zafrina, I reminded of that horrible day, when the Volturi came to destroy me.
We had to assemble a large army to stop them, and listen us.
Was hard, but Alice brought with her, Nahuel, that as I, is half vampire and half human.
In that time, i didn’t have much time to talk with him, to know more things about our species.

He left in the day after, but promised come back one day.
I liked to see him again. I have so many questions to ask him.
Other big help to stop the Volturi, was the fact that Jacob and the others werewolves were of our side, they don’t expected these special allies.

Is good having the care and protection of Jacob.
I sighed to thinking about him.

I don’t see him in a very long time. Daddy miff with it because we started dating, they had a horrible discussion, but mom, managed to calm him down.

But since that day I was forbidden of see him.
Now I have body and mentality of 16 and in my opinion, supposedly I already have age to dating. But for him, I still am the little girl, and when I tell him that I already am a grown person, he said that in reality I have 6 years old.

Raised me a little and looked out the window. Was a spectacular night, don’t see any cloud and the stars looks more beautiful that in the other nights, maybe because is full moon.
The lights of the moon were illuminating the beautiful forest next to my house that brought me good memories.

I sighed.

I thought the day I started dating with Jacob.
Was a funny situation. I was with Taylor, a big friend that has music classes with me. Since I know him, that we always given very well.
I love be with him, talk with him, in other words, he is my best friend. My first day of school was not very good. I felt observed, thinking that others would discover that I was different, and Taylor, we can say that he saved the day.

He took me from curious eyes and led me to a room of music, played a part in the piano and introduced himself. Since that day, we don’t stop of talk
And curiously Jacob didn’t feel jealous, even when I talk to him about our jokes. That sincerely, left me a little irritable.

One day when we were out of school, Taylor stumbled and not to fall on the floor, I grabbed him by the hand, and I do not know how but we ended up staying closely in front of each other, hand by hand. it was the time of Jacob come and get me and, to see that scene began to imagine other things

He went in our direction and grabbed him by the collar and growl “What do you think that are you doing?”
The kids around us were suddenly in silence looking.
“I? Hey calm boy! This is nothing” stammer Taylor shaking with fear.
“Jacob Black, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING THAT ARE YOU DOING?” I said to him soft but with firmness.
"Well, this guy was throwing to you ... I could not ..." and dropped him.
“Taylor go please, I talk to you later. I have to have a conversation with this…boy…” I said with an irritated voice, but happy inside, because at least, Jacob had jealous. Taylor didn’t wait twice, he immediately go away.

“To where are you looking, the show is over you can go home” I screamed to the crowd that had formed around us.
We walk in silence to the car.
We had not said anything to each other and we are almost arriving to my house.
I wanted to talk but, I would not give my arm a twist and it seemed that he also thought the same thing. When I was about to give up, him stops the car.
“Listen Nessie, I…”
"Nessie anything. Now you hear me! You never wanted anything with me. You know I like you, and even then, you never show that you felt something for me. You always treat me just like a sister! And now you come here, armed in a older brother, or something like that, to defend from what? You don’t have that right! "I said with tears in the eyes." You don’t ...”
He doesn’t let me finish.

He grabbed me by the waist, smiled, shook me in his arms and kissed me.

I almost couldn’t think in breath, I guess that I already didn’t know how this makes. Finally the expected kiss, I dreamed so many times with that moment!

Suddenly all the anger disappeared and I grabbed myself to him as if that was the last time.

That was my first kiss.

He let me moments later (somewhat against my will) and said in my ear
"You still have doubts that I am crazy for you?"
I didn’t know what to say, I just smiled, not yet believing in what I had heard. From that day, we began dating. Of course, against the will of my father and my mother also did not like the idea.

After recalling this moment so special and important to me, that gave me a great desire to see him. I dressed myself quickly, and before, my parents return, I left running.
loved it
its good but its hard to understand, the grammar i mean.
i love jacob and Nessie
Chapter 2

Quietly, I entered in the room through the window of Jacob. He was sleeping. He was so handsome, even snoring.

I smiled.

It was the first time I had done this. Mommy told me that when she was human, dad was with her in this same way. When my father knows what I did, was well able to kill us both.
But seeing him, sleeping so peacefully, departed these thoughts in an instant. I sat next to him.

He sends a very good heat and a smell so nice! I wasn’t believe that I was with him again, further in this way.
I was always very well behaved, a child model. Had never done anything that would worry my parents, but tonight I felt well breaking the rules.
Jacob was sleeping on bare trunk. I stopped a few minutes to consider the definition of his muscles and his wonderful sleep.

My intention was to wake him but now, seeing him, I had no courage. Look at him was sufficient. Very lightly, I kissed his lips. I threw myself to his side, hoping leave soon. I do not want anyone to take care of my absence, especially my aunt Alice, although not see my future, could see something that calls to my leakage.

His calm sleeping, and the heat from his body next to my face, made me forget all that fears and concerns, now that doesn’t matter, I felt protected.

"Nessie?" I heard the familiar voice that I liked, calling for me. I didn’t know if it was a dream, but if it was a dream I didn’t want to wake up. The voice call again, but this time, I also felt his warm touch in my face.
“Hmm?” I muttered.
“Nessie wake up!”

I opened my eyes and saw his beautiful face with a smile and his hand touch me very gently in the face "yes I am dreaming" I smiled.

But suddenly, I remember what I had done. "Oh! no way! I fell asleep? "I said surprised.
"Good morning Nessie! But what are you doing here? And I heard him whisper to himself "If Edward knows this ... I don’t want to think about that..." - and then he looked at me again and said "your father knows that you are here?"

"Surprise" and I gave a laugh. "No, he doesn’t know, nobody really knows that I am here."

"Nessie! But why? "He said with a worried voice.
"Sorry Jake, but I couldn’t sleep. My parents left and I came to see you ... "

"Oh dear Nessie, you shouldn’t have done this. I was about to convince your father to accept us as a couple ... "and he put is hands in the head as a sign of disapproval.

"Couple!" I thought. He never had said that in this way. But I loved it.
'Nessie you have the concept of what you did? Not that I didn’t like the surprise but ... "before he finished I was already attached to him to kiss his lips.

"Why you did not wake me up last night?" He said, diverting me a little but continuing to embrace me with one hand to keep his body next to mine, and the other in my hair.
"I had no courage. You were sleeping so well. Besides that I did not want to take too long. But I fell asleep. "
"If you had waked up me, we could have spent the time with other things” he said with the warm and brilliant smile that I loved so much.
I could not contain the laughter. "Oh Jake" and I felt my face suddenly getting warmer.

"Oh you blush” he told me, toying the apples of my face. "But after all why you come here?"
"Well, first because I was full of missed you. Then as I said I couldn´t sleep. "
"And what worry my princess so much that doesn’t let her sleep?"
"Well this is a matter that I don’t want to talk. At least now, can be? "

"Ok if you wish." he said shaking his head.
"What time is it?” I asked back to reality.
"6.30 AM".

"Oh no! I have to get back quickly. With a little luck, my parents have not returned. "
" I’m going with you. I will not leave you alone to face the beast.
"Jake, I didn’t know if this is the best option. I can handle this alone. "
"Nessie now it’s time for your father accept us. I’m going with you, and we don’t talk more about it. "
"Ok, let resolve this with Mr. Cullen before he appears here."
Jacob looked at me with a look that I love, and we kissed.
loved it
so cutie
Chapter 3
I open the door of my house still hand in hand with Jacob. Just my mom was in the room. She was sitting on our couch, reading magazines. I get in with fear, but I was with Jacob so it didn’t take to long until I feel more secure.

She put the magazine on the top of a small table, stood up and looked at me.
I couldn’t understand the expression of her face. She had a serious look, expressionless.

I was about to start talking but Jacob spoke first
“Bella where is Edward?”
“Edward isn’t here. I sent him to the house of Carlisle and Esme. He will come, when I call him.”

I felt slightly relieved, but I didn’t like the tone of her voice when she replies to Jacob.

She didn’t take her eyes of me even when she responded to Jacob.
“Jacob, please does me a favour and waits outside, or goes for a ride. I have to talk with Renesmee.”
“Bells, I will not leave Nessie alone.”

She stopped staring at me, and looked at him with inhuman eyes.
“Jake goes please. Wait for me in the entry. Let me talk with my mom. Go please”.
He looked at me with a concerned look, and still not very convinced, he kissed me in the forehead, and left.

“Mom, I…” she interrupted me before I finish.
“Renesmee, why did you do this? We trust in you, when we leave you alone. You have no idea how your dad felt when we return a while ago, and saw your bed empty, the house empty, we didn’t know what to think. Neither Alice knew where you were. Well I imagined you only could be you that idio…- she didn’t finish – with Jacob. Your dad is insane. It was me that stopped him from chasing you and does something unthinkable to Jacob. I convinced him to go talk with Alice to calm and to stop him from doing something crazy. But if you continue to behave like that, I don’t know what else I can do to calm your father.

Without looking in her eyes I said:
“Mom, this was the first time I did this. You basically, had forbidden me from seeing him. I just couldn’t take it anymore”. - I looked at her- “you have to understand, I know you couldn’t live without dad…” before I could finish, a huge sound from the outside invaded the house like something big had fallen, or something had made it fell.
“Jacob” I thought.

We left in a hurry.

“Dad! Stop!” Jacob was in the ground and next to him were several trees that were knocked down. Jacob was about to change into werewolf, and if that happened, they would fight. I had to stop them at all costs.

Mom grabbed dad with all her strength.
“Edward, didn’t I tell you to wait at Carlisle’s?”
“Bella, you have no idea what this idiot was thinking about him and Renesmee.”

I ran to Jacob. He was berserk, I had never seen him so nervous and angry, I looked at him with tears in my eyes, when he looked at me I realize he was getting calmer. A few seconds later, my entire family arrived. Emmett was grabbing dad and Rosalie came to me. Alice, Jasper and Carlisle gathered next to dad and Esme also came to me. I couldn’t hide my tears any longer. ”Father why did you do that” I looked again to Jacob “Are you ok? Are you hurt?” I hold him, he hold me back.
“Get your hands off her,” dad shouted again, being grabbed by Jasper and Carlisle.
“He wants to run away with you, He wants to take you away from us!!! He wants to abduct you!” the more he spoke, the angrier he got.

“Calm down Edward. You don’t want to do that, you don’t want to hurt him, let’s work this out.” Carlisle said as he looked into his eyes.
I started to cry more and more and the pain I felt in my chest was getting bigger, I was about to lose my strengths. I knew now what humans felt; I knew now what this pain was all about, now I knew what was actually to cry for love.

It was Esme turn to talk: “It’s almost time for Nessie first class” then she looked at me with a kind look and said:”honey go wash your face, Rosalie will give you a ride to school. Jacob, you stay here, we have to talk. Bella, take Edward inside for he calms down. Emmett, go with them.”

“Grandma Esme, I don’t want to let Jacob alone, please...” she doesn’t let me finish

“Nothing is going to happen to Jacob, honey, I promise. He will be here when you get back, now you have to go to school, don’t forget you are finishing it, Jacob please.” And she looked at him as she was asking for help.

“Yes Nessie, Esme is right honey, today you only have classes in the morning, you will return soon, it’s going to be ok, go.” he kissed me, and I still could hear my father growl. I wiped my tears and followed Rosalie.
thank you

i´m glad that you like it!

i will post very soon other chapter

i love its great
thank you very much! : )

loved it ohh i love edward so protective


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