The Twilight Saga

After Breaking dawn, Something happens to Alice's Talent, after she went with Nahuel to learn more about half vampires, Edward and Bella are out in a field where they find something or someone that they didn't expect to find.

New Vampire

Chapter 1, The Return


As a human death is one of the scariest things, it is also the saddest thing when it happens to the ones you love. But as a vampire we never die of old age, of sickness or starvation, of thirst or sleep deprivation. We only have to worry about death until another vampire tries to kill us, or the Volturi decided that we have done something against their law, and would have to “remove us”

Two months ago, the Volturi accused us of creating an immortal child, this accusation was based on what a certain vampire named Irina thought she saw, my little Renesmee had been catching snowflakes, and I was watching her with Jacob, her protector and also a werewolf, normally the mortal enemy of vampires, but then again it wasn't exactly normal for a vampire to fall in love with a human. But that is what had happened Edward, my husband, my love, had fallen in love with me as a human, but that is a story I have already told.

I was lying on my bed as it seemed to relax me, and it helped with the thirst, we weren't allowed to hunt for at least another week, because the locals were starting to notice an unusual amount of forest life disappearing, Carlisle said that there was to be no more hunting, he also said that if any of us was “completely drained” we would have to drive at least 3-4 hours away. Even though some of us were getting Thirsty, none of us particularly liked the idea of having to drive that far and back thought we all did it usually in groups, so that we could have a record of where we went and how many animals we drank.

I heard a knock on the door, even though I already heard the footsteps coming I wasn't really concentrating on the thought pattern that listens and figures out who is coming, but once I heard that knock I knew it could only be one person, Alice. She had gone with Nahuel after bringing him here to reason with the Volturi about Nessie, She said she was going to keep learning about what they knew about Cross-breeds, she said she wouldn't be back for a while longer so something must have happened for her to comeback so early.

“Bella!” the tone of her voice both excited and worried, “where is everyone?”

“Calm down Alice, when I left everyone was at the house” this was starting to worry me why had she seemed so concerned about, I understood that she would want to see the family but the cottage is further than the house. “Alice, what are you so concerned about?”

“I...I couldn't see them, everyone’s future but yours is blank, I thought they might have met up with Jacob or one of the other werewolves and they had transformed” I knew she could see what I was thinking and she already knew what I was going to say. “The wolves all went down south because of what has been happening” Immediately I knew the question would arrive on her face at any moment, why? So I answered for her.

“The people around town have been noticing a decrease in the forest animal population so the wolves decided to leave just in case people started searching the woods for possibly large, dangerous creatures, the asked us to not hunt here for a few weeks” she was shocked by this but eventually calmed down to a point that was not possible without exterior help. “Jasper I know you are here so can you come out so Alice will stop freaking out!”

Jasper has the ability to control the emotions of others, he is the only one I know that can do that so I knew it was him. “Alice! Good to see you back here”, Jasper said it in the most excited voice that anyone could ever use. “Good to see you to Bella” Alice shot me a ‘what look’, I shot her back a ‘tell you late look’ “Jasper, I need to ask you a question” Alice spoke with her face just as confused as before “Where were you just before” she already had an answer but looked like she wanted to make sure. “I was at the main house, then I heard your footsteps going towards the cottage, I can’t say it didn't make me sad knowing you went to Bella first but I guess this explains it.”

“So I can assume you heard all of it?” No point explaining it all again, “yeah” he replied, Well now we have a problem, since Alice isn't able to see the families future, “so, shall we go to the house I think people will want to see you again, and we should probably tell them all that your Talent is playing up” Best to get her back to the house, where Carlisle can help with whatever is going on. “OK, let’s go” exclaimed Alice.

We set off at a nice “vampire” jog, anxious to talk to everyone but in no hurry, Alice continued to ask about what happened after she left, most answers were mostly “not really, yes, no” and all were good responses, we got to the drive way and knew everyone would be eagerly waiting the surprising arrival of Alice. Inside everyone was quiet and paying attention, except Edward who had obviously already read Alice's and Jasper's mind, I ran up ran up to him and pecked him on the Lips, then we left the house for a jog up to a meadow we had found a couple of weeks ago, while on a hunt.

“So by that look on you face I would assume that you are already trying to figure out why Alice can only see my future and no one else’s” I stated knowingly, he was staring out into the sky watching a small Dark blue winged butterfly, travel from one leaf to the next, “Yes, as soon as Alice came into range I knew and had been thinking about it, until I saw you again” I hadn't been completely truthful to Alice, indeed the last time I left the main house everyone had been there, though that had been around a week ago. No matter how much I loved Edward and I loved my family, ever since I became a vampire I had barely any time to myself, it may have been the Volturi or Renesmee being born I just wanted a week to relax and enjoy things by myself. “Has you break ended yet, Love?” Of course it had after seeing Edward again it would be hard to want more free time, I responded by grabbing his head and kissing him, this was one of the things that I could never dislike, his firm lips touching mine sent electricity through my body as it always did, “Well it’s good to have you back” Our kiss broke when we heard running footsteps, too light to be our age but ones that we had never heard before.


Please tell me what you think, feed back would be greatly appreciated. So far i have not written the second chapter, but will if people want me to. Just for everyone to know that there is probably only going to be two new characters, i won't say anything apart from that. Again Please leave feedback and thank you for reading.

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Good ending to the chapter and very good begining. Please write some more!!

Thanks for the feedback

Will be posting soon, may have the day off tomorrow if so i'll have plenty of time to write Chapter 2

I couldn't stay away, normally I have trouble writing, making characters and the plot. But it felt good to write this so here, two in one day. By the way this Chapter introduces Both new characters, just wanted to give you a little heads up

Chapter 2


Running today was horrible, no matter how relaxing running feels it doesn't change that I’m not running because i want to relax, I’m running from her


“Who… Who are you?” I asked, shocked to see one of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen standing at my doorstep. “My name is Elissa”, that name, I’ve heard it before, maybe just someone I met a while ago “may I come in?” She responded in a quiet but confident voice, even though this was a complete stranger I had never met before she felt so friendly instantaneously “yes, Please come in” she walked inside and walked over to one of the white couches in my living room. “So may I ask who most graciously let me into their house” understandable I knew her name why not let her know mine? “Elizabeth… Elizabeth Collins”

“What a fine name, now may I ask you some questions?” I nodded, she bombarded me with questions, shockingly so considering I should have been the one ‘interrogating’ her. “So, why do you live by yourself?” Great she just had to go there, I burst out into tears, she got to me with inhuman speed “It’s alright, I can see that it is a sensitive topic feel no need to go further” once I stopped crying I made a deal with myself, You have to do this but can stop at any point.

“No, I need to get it out” I sat back into a more comfortable position and wiped away the last of the tears “Well, when I was Fourteen my parents kicked me out of my home because of my ‘sexual orientation’ I had to then survive on my own, still going to school surviving on the meagre amount of money I could make from some jobs that I found, when I turned Fifteen I left my school because I couldn’t pay for it anymore, I managed to actually do quite well for myself, house and all. But it’s something that I can’t ever let go, I don’t regret being what I am I just hate the fact that my parents regretted having me” I burst into tears again, and again the woman helped comfort me.

“The worst part is that I’ll never be able to go to a college, I’m stuck with working at jobs that don’t need an education” She almost seemed like a worried parent, just for one moment “How old are you?” she asked very careful not wanting me to burst into tears again “Fifteen and 7 months”

We talked about a lot of things after that, some made me burst out with laughter other would have me crying again. Eventually she said she needed to leave, but not before putting a envelope on the table next to the door “What’s that?” curious as to what she had put there “open it after I leave, okay” she walked in front of the door and gave me a hug, although it did hang a bit too long than most people would like, I’m not complaining. “Sorry” why would she be saying sorry? “Why...” Than ecstasy, then pain, burning pain, stabbing pain, growing pain. It felt like my body was killing me the source the most painful my neck, all I could see was me falling her running then black.

Lying in front of my door in pain so much pain, off and on in different loads. The third day came and I could finally stand up and bare the way my body felt, that is until I managed to get near a couch and literally toppled over into it. Aching proceed for two more days, until the only thing that burnt was my throat it burnt like crazy but I managed to make it over to the door to get the letter, It reads

Dear Elizabeth Collins,

I am sorry for all the pain I have put you in if you have not already realized what you are than I will tell you…

You are a vampire

Do not worry, you’ll be safe just don’t go outside when people are around, even though you may hope you can control your thirst, you will have to wait until at least a year until your ‘newborn’ phase has dissipated, please stay at your house as much as possible, but you won’t burn to death if you step outside! Just be careful because if anyone sees you while you are in the sunlight it will be obvious what you are, if you have to drink before I can comeback I trust your judgement on the people you choose. I hope to comeback two weeks after we met, give or take a few days.

Mrs Fellmere, D.O.B 1763, D.O.R.B (Date of Re-birth) 1784.

I didn’t know what to do, but there was one place I didn’t want to be. Here, I grabbed some paper and wrote

Dear, Elissa Fellmere

I don’t think there I can give a correct response to this but know this, I may not be able to forgive you for a hundred decades for what you have done, even though I am thankful. I will leave here and get away from this house, not only because I know people here but I know that you will come back and I don’t want to see you again.

Elizabeth Collins, D.O.B 1992, D.O.R.B 2008

It’s the best I could do, I quickly gathered a few things trying to get used to basically taking a step and then appearing on the other side of the room, so I got a suitcase with just a few things, clothes, hairbrush, shoes and sunglasses. I picked it up and walked out of my house and into the forest that surrounded my house, good thing too it was a thick forest with barely anywhere that would expose light. I went off at a gait never looking back.

*End Flashback*

It was worrying to know that in only a few days’ time Elissa would get back to my house find my letter and try to follow my scent to where I was, I hoped that I could get enough distance between her and myself, so that she wouldn’t be able to follow.

After an hour or two I picked up a scent, no two scents strong and fragrant and nothing like I had smelled before. I ran to it, thinking even if it was dangerous I could handle it with my vampire strength and agility. I started noticing the trees were clearing out a bit, and stopped I could hear two things breathing, but it didn’t sound right like something that computer would make, close but not exact, it seemed to not be needed just something that was happening, I made the connections, vampires.

Being excited because I would be able to meet new vampires, then again maybe they would kill me for trespassing on their land or something. I kept walking, and found a large that I could hide behind, I kept thinking, are they vampires? Then they must be vampires then back. Then I heard someone speak “Yes, Yes we are vampires” It was so loud that even a human could of heard it from this distance.

Again it would be great for feedback, Thanks for ready. See you soon

Looking forward to chapter three. Great write! :)

Also looking forward to chapter 3, excited for what im going to write

New vampire(s)?  Sounds intriguing.  I hope Bella is well-rested and ready to face new people and new situations.  What is going on with Alice's talent, or is there something else that influenced the "visibility" of the Cullens while Bella was away, and where are Renesmee and the wolves?

I definitely wat to read more.


Guessing already?

Thanks for the feed back, its already interesting to see what people think


This one is a little shorter than the others, but i'm sure you guys will enjoy.

Chapter 3


A scent came, Strong, fresh, new… It must be a newborn “What’s it thinking?” I asked “She, keeps on thinking are they vampires? They must be vampires” Edward spoke as if channeling her thoughts to me. “Yes, yes we are vampires” he spoke very clearly but also very loudly. Suddenly she stepped out into the open, she was Beautiful even by vampire standards. She looked no more than fifteen or sixteen, 5 ft 6, Long Blonde hair and a slender body, her eyes were the blackest I had seen she must have not drank for a week. “Thirsty….” Her form collapsed onto the ground, we ran over to her “Can a vampire faint?” I asked, incredibly scared. “No she must be a newborn, she probably couldn't bear the thought of taking someone’s life so she probably hasn't had a drink at all.

“We have to get her home, Carlisle will know what to do” Would Carlisle know what to do? Is it too late for her? “Bella stay here with her, I’ll go get Carlisle, maybe you can try and get a Deer and bring it here so we will have it if we need it” OK, checklist, deer, here, Edward gets Carlisle. “OK, come back quickly” I kissed him and he sped off.

I ran around looking for a heard of deer around here, I found a small group. Three adults, two foals. In a second I had grabbed the largest of the herd and snapped its neck. Proud of such a clean kill I ran back to the girl, I made it a minute or two before Carlisle and Edward returned, despite the fact that she may be dead she seemed content almost like she was finally safe from something, just a passing though.  “Bella thank you for getting the deer, she hasn't had a drink since she was turned” He pressed part of the deer to her mouth and got forced her to bite down on it, immediately her eyes turned a white-gold colour. Carlisle did this until she had finished the whole deer, her eyes now a sharp refreshed gold colour and seemed less distant.

An hour later she woke up from her sleep, I was watching her with Emmett and Rose, and she stood up and immediately tried to run Emmett quickly grabbed her and tried stopping her from running away but with her newborn speed and strength she smashed through him, I followed behind her and managed to grab and restrain her with the tiny amount of newborn blood still in my veins. “Let me go, let me go!” great not only was she trying to escape but doesn't even want us to explain “calm down, Jasper! Just relax we saved your life” Jasper came from upstairs and instantly the entire room calmed down, “Who are you, Where am I?” Great, say you saved someones life and all the do is ask you who you are and where they are. “You are on the outskirts of forks, in our house” By her face it was easy to tell that she had never heard of forks before, and ‘our house’ didn't exactly help with her process of figuring out where she was. “May we ask you name, or whom you were bitten by?”

“My uh… My name Is Elizabeth Collins, all I know of the vampire that turned me was her name, Elissa Fellmere” Great someone we don’t know, but by the looks of Esme and Carlisle might have been someone they met. “Well could you tell us your story?” She looked reluctant and worried but started “It all started eleven days ago, when Elissa Fellmere knocked on my door…” she continued her story, but at certain points she seemed hesitant, possibly some bad memories from her human life. “Well we have a spare room you can stay here as long as like, as long as you follow our one rule, we have human friends here and we do like to live in one place. You can’t hunt humans, you must hunt animals” Carlisle spoke with authority, Elizabeth’s face was shocked but went to a more pleasantly surprised look.

Hope you guys enjoyed, Will try to post daily. Don't hold me to it though.

Anyway Drop some Feedback as it is awesome to see new readers. 

It looks as if Elizabeth has trust issues after everything that happened to her, but maybe she will fit in with the Cullens.  Now for the big question: who is Elizabeth Fellmere and why did she change Elizabeth? 

Bring on Capter 4! :-)

Building up the suspense! Cant wait for the next chapter!

Chapter 4 will be out soon,

If anyone is wondering where Renesmee is don't worry she is safe, just couldn't have her there for a bit.


Not sure with Elizabeth, But i'm sure you'll love The answer to your last two questions

Hope your enjoying!


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