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bella come sfrom new york after her mom is fed up with her coming home late and drunk a few times so she sends he to hole in the wall forks.but with another coven there with a vamp that still feeds on humans some times with a deadly power will bella live to go out with edward or will the kill her before Ed nd bella can go out?



Chapter one bella

im leaving, what?

When i got home to my mom and step-dad's apartment in upper manhatten no one was home which wasnt a suprise. I was used to it mainly becouse phil was a big shot lawyer here and my mom was a bussiness owner down the street. so i threw my back pack into my bedroom and walked upthe street to my boyfriend eric's house.when i got there he opened the door and lead me to the couch. when i sat down he said "three words video game contest" i just rolled my eyes and started to play call of duty with him.after a while i looked outside and it was pitch black out i frowned and said "Shoot im late i need to get home like now." So i stood up and ran to my apartment.when i got there my mother was home, mad. when i closed the door she started "ISABELLA swan where the heck where you? Are you sober? Drunk? High? Im getting annoyed with this i hope you know." "Eric's, Mom we were playing video games before you ask' and yes im sober, no im not drunk,im about as high as dirt.Just becouse i have come home drunk or high plenty of times doesnt mean i am everytime im home late"i told her asi rolled my eyes. "Bella you are moving back to Forks." she informed me calmly,and thats where i got mad "Mom you can't just send me to hole wall washington. I mean they're bearly on the maps.My whole life is here come on just becouse I've come home late a few times granted I came home drunk twice and high once. Why are you anywaY? Is it cuz you dont like my friends?" I screamed she just said i was leaving friday. When she went to her room i wrote a note saying iwould be back later and not to worry. When i left i went straight to Eric's when i got there a girl opened the door in one of Eric's shirt which got me mad but i just bit my lip and asked "Is Eric here i need to talk to him ?" she rolled her eyes and said "Ya give him a sec to put his pants back on." "Nevermind just tell him Bella stopped by and also tell that man wh**e to call me when he's done with who he's doing" I said voice steadier then i thought it would be. I walked to one of the few friends i have that have seen me cry and i can really trust when i got to her house her mom answered and smiled and said "Lexi is in her room just go on in." i smiled and nodded. When i got to her room i nocked and she let me in the second she closed the door i started to tell her when i finshed she grabbed me by wrists and led me out her apartment and started walking toward Eric's house muttering something about killing him. When we got to his house he saw i was upset not seeing Lexi and pulled me into a hug i pushed away from him and asked "who was tha girl here earlier?" "What?What hell do you mean were you watching me?" "The girl here earlier, and no i came by and she answered the door in one of your shirts and said you would be out once you put your pants back on but nevermind i guess i'll go," Lexi reluctantly followedshe walked me to my building then went back to hers when i got home i rolled my eyes at my mom and went to my room to pack.


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I like it. I think you should keep writing.
plz write more!! and plz keep me updated!!

thank u  i will immgonna post from chapter two to five later on today


chapter 2 bella

im leaving



I drove to school still angry at my mom when i got to school i went to class and got out my phone and snt aa text to all my friends telling them im moving i hated teling people bad news. About five minutes after i sent it Lexi asked me "Are you really moving?" Everyone stared at me i hated attention even though i was kind of popular here. " Yes Lex im leaving friday but my last day is thursday." When i answered she slapped me . "Why didn't you tell me last night?" She questioned. "I found out last night and I was packing." i calmly answered her. At the end of the day everyone of my friends knew i was leaving.

*************Friday morning*********************

I had my car shipped to Forks and it got there about an ohour ago i know only becouse charlie called and told me. I Was in the air port saying good bye When i was done i boarded the plane with tears coming out my eyes. I turned my i pod on and listened to my favorite bands until the plane landed when it did i turned my ipod off and walked of the plane into the airport . When I saw charlie i smiled and grabbed the clothes that i hadnt already sent to his house. When i saw him i gave him a hug then we went to his crusier. When we got to his small house there was my car. when we got inside i walked into the room that i've had since my parents moved here when i was a baby i walked up into the room and unpacked. I was starting to cook dinner since i knew charlie couldnt cook.






Chapter 3 Miana's

school yuck

I got ready for school when i was done i was in a purple v-neck shirt with light gray stripes. i went down the stairs to see my sisters ready for school Jerusalem was on her laptop while shonae was watching t.v. I said " Im driving today." i loved how those three words made them both argue for shot gun i just walked to my car which was a bugotti veyron . When they threw them selves into my car I drove of to our school and got there in ten minutes while from our house normal people would need atleast thirty. When we were half way there i saw the cullens car pass by then jerusalem screamed come on race them and win!!!!" i laughed and pushed the gas pedal and speed off we raced almost everyday to school i swereved into a spot tenseconds before the cullens. When we got out the car and the cullens got out Shonae said "Again we win. What is this the ninth time in a row we beat you?" I rolled my eyes and said "Sorry for wellll both my sisters." Emmett laughed and said "Oh ya what's your excuse ?" I said in a sarcasic tone "I was born this way." all of them laughed but me i didnt get what was so funny. we all sat there joking around after a while Jasper said something and i jumped up and said loudly " Is that a race joke?' jasper said totally cought off gaurd " NoNo you know I wouldnt make a comment like that." "Suuure you wouldn't youre to chicken to mess with me." he growled lowly and said "sure bout that one? " I nodded and stuck my tounge out at him. He jumped up and went to grab me and i had ducked right before he could grab me. Right when i ducked a car came into the parking lot it was a sleek midnight blue car. Emmett when he saw it his eyes got big same with Rose's in amazment of the car It was a saleen s7. "Im going to say hi to the new  item on the menu." I stated I was the only one who occasionly snacked on humans which made people mad but i didnt care.Edward growled at me but i just growled back. My sister jerusalem Growled warningly at me and i just said " Whatever mom." I walked over to the car i saw a Girl with long brown similar to mine but without the red highlights and way longer than mine, with pale skin and brown eyes. i smiled and said " Hello i'm miana whats yours?" When i did i took a unessacry breath and her sent hit me it smelled delcious but they're are people here i know would want to burn me if they have the chance *coughcough*cullens*coughcough*. She smiled and said "Ya im bella " i said "cool Where you from ?" "Manhatten." she said quietly " Seriously that is soooo cool!! Anywayys what class do you have first?" She smiled and told i had a diffrent class though and left to my home room. When i got there i threw my stuff on to my seat and slide into the seat. When i did so mike looked at me and said "hey Miana have fun at the game last night?" I looked at him and said " What with yourbest friends in the bleachers? Ya." alott of people laughed at that then i asked "Whats so funny?" Angela said "You are. Your just so random you and your sisters are.' I said "Ummm thanks?" I closed my eyes wishing i could uuse my power but i have learned better. My power is that i could kill some one and bring them back with them not remembering the thirty minutes before. So i just smiled and was thinking about who i could feed off and them not remember a thing. After a moment of thinking about this great thought the teacher asked me a question and i answered it and pretended to pay attention at the end of class i started to walk to that new girl becouse she smelled intoxicating I started to walk toward her when Edward grabbed me by my waist like a boyfriend would to his girlfriend but this in no way was a friendly thing he was trying to pull me away. i muttered "She would live dont worry Eddie boy." he growled again i just smiled at him and got out of his grasp and went again toward her to TALK to her. Again edward pulled me away i thought "Dude i am going to talk to her dang am i not allowed to?" he glared at me warningly'in responce i rolled my eyes and waked over to her at her locker since i already went to my locker. I guess i startled her becouse she jumped when i said hi. I asked her next class which was with me i smiled but then remmembered i had the rest of my classes with at least my sisters or a cullen. I sighed sometimes i really hated people of all kinds. We walked to class.



chapter 4 bella

can i leave yet?

When i saw the girl again she had startled me so i jumped. She asked me my next class so i had told we apprently had the same one so she walked with me when we got there she laughed when she saw a guy with amazing unkempt bronze hair, golden eyes, pale skin,lets just say amazing. As we walked past him she hit him what looked like pretty hard he just turned around and chuckled. When we got to class he was in a seat and she said " Out of my seat now cullen." He rolled his eyes and said " I do have a name ya know besides cullen." she sighed and said Edward please get out my seat?" she said annoyed. He smiled and said "I havent met you yet whats your name?" " I mumbled bella an just sat down. He kept trying to talk to me about where i used to live and stuff. After class i started to get my stuff together when a guy came over he looked at me shyly and said "Hey im Mike you must be the new girl bella." I smiled politly and said."Ya. Word gets aroung fast." Before he could reply Miana said "Mike we all know you want to ask her out so go ahead and when she says no i ill laugh." I tried to keep a straight face and walked off. I walked into my next class and the teacher told me just to sit down by a girl named shonae. She had shoulder length black hair, small frame ,gold like eyes, perfectly tan skin. I sat down next to her and listened to the teacher talk when she ran out of words she let us all talk. Shanae started talking to the girl next to her the girl had blonde hair Amber eyes like hers she was beutiful. I picked up a book and started to read when my phone vibrated telling me i got a text. I looked down at my phone i had gotten yet another text from Eric. Even though i left he is still apoligizing trying to get me back. his text said 'im sorry forgive me please call me and let me explain.' I text him back "Fine i forgive you and stupid im in class ill call u at lunch if i can." I sighed and put my phone back in my pocket, and went back to reading. When the bell rang i got up and walked to my fourth period class when sat down a girlcamee up to me and said "Hi. Im jessica.' "Hello. Im Bella." we started to talk when i got a text this time from lexi not even looking at what it said i text her back sayin "in class busy text you after " When class started the teacher droned on and on When the bell rang i left. Jesica had invited me to eat lunch with her this period. so i put my stuff in my locker and met her by the cafiteria. When we walked in We ggrabbed our food and sat down. After we finshed eating we dumped our trays and went outside, Then i remembered i promised to call Eric, Ironicly there was an Eric hanging out with us. "You guys might think im like rrealy rude but i promised to call someone back in new york." I apoligized, they said it was ok and to go ahead. I pulled out my phone after the second ring he answered.

Eric1- on the phone Eric 2-one in her school.

Eric1: Hey bells

bella:What eric.

Eric2:I didnt say anything

Bella: *whispers* not you

Eric 1:I wanted to ask you about school but youre being a bit mean i ddon't think i want to talk to you anymore.

Bella: Dude youre the one who asked i called so what is it that you wanted to explain.

Eric1: oh yeahhhhh that...

Bella: Stop stalling or ill hang up

Eric1: okay bye

Bella:;freak bye

After i hung up we started to talk about our classes. I had bio with mike, so he walked me to class. when we got there the teacher told me to take a seat toward the back he said someone else sits there also but wasnt in class yet so i just read when the finnal belll rang the guy who looked undoubtedly amazing from earlier sat beside me. I smiled at him read my book while the teacher lead a lecture on some subject i had already covered. After class i walked to gym, my worst class ever, but after this i had free period so i could just go home early then. I didnt hhave to play today thank god becouse it was flag football. After watching a game another started someone threw a ball and of course it hit me nd knocked me out for a while when i woke i was in the nurse's office with a killer headache.


Chapter 5 bella

I get the packers you can have the steelers

When the nurse saw i was a wake she told me i got pegged in the face with a football. i just nodded and she said since i have free period last i could just go home which i did when i got home i started to make dinner for Charlie and I. when i was done i got a call i looke d at it it was from lexi so i answered.

Bella: hello?

Lexi: Omg bellz i miss you so much

Bella : I've only been gone two days.

Lexi: I know thats why for the super bowl this weekend imma try and vist you in hell.

Bella: omg really?

Lexi: Of course don't i always go to your house that weekend and watch the game with you yelling at each other over the better team?

bella: Yay but i want Packers you can have the dumb steelers this year

Lexi good i wanted the steelers this year any way

Bella: okay now that thats settled you ask your parents bout it while i ask my father if you can stay over with me.

After i said that we said "goodbye and hung up now i was extremly excited for the super bowl, even it meant i spent super bowl sundday in my personal hell. WHen charlie came home dinner was done so i served him and myself and we sat down to eat. "Dad?" I asked he looked at me signaling me to continue "IS it ok if my friend from New york come here for super bowl sunday me and her watch it every year together since were like 8 please?" i begged HHE thought about it and said "If her parents are ok with it am." i smiled and gave him a hug after we ate i did the dishes and started the home work i had when i was done i went on my laptop and went on skype with some friends for a while then got off and crashed. when i woke up i got ready for school in a white sponge bob shirt that said its all geek to me whith grey skinnies , black jacket and as for jewlery i had a panda pin, matching panda necklace, a purple heary ring with a high set dimond, purple watch, dangling earings, sivler heels, and braclets that pulled the outfit together.

bella's outfit


After i got ready i randown stairs grabbed my bag and left.

that friday


After school i left straight to port angelas when i got to the air port when i got there i met up with lexi and we sai dhey an dput here bag in her car since she was spending only four days here so when we got there she threw her stuff in my room and i told her tomorrow we were gonna go to the beach but today since i was friends with Alice, Jerusalem, Shanae, Rose, and Miana. Jerusalem invited us to her house so she changed and so did i. I came out in just a pair of skinnies and my favorite shirt that said i <3 peanutbutter with a pair of converse lexi came out in a plain tee and skinnies with converse we got in my car when we got to their house i knocked as soon as i knocked shanae opened the door. she smiled at us and let us in we talke dand hung out since my dad was having a super bowl party we invited them and they accepted we left after few hours when we got home we just hung out. saturday we started to get all the food ready for the party tomorrow since there would be around twenty or thirty people here. after that Lexi and i choose our super bowl outfits after that we hung out then pased out on the couch excited for the game to come later the next day.


i love it its really gd

write more soon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

thank u i am writing now should b up by tues. its super bowl sunday so i cant write cuz the out come of it is still unknown

chapter 6 bella

the super bowl yay!

when i woke i took a shower and put on a pair of sweats and a tank top and just brushed my hair letting it air dry. i went to the guest room to see if lexi was up and of course she was wide awake doing her makeup het also in sweats and a teeshirt. I told boredly " Lex get ready we r gonna go to the beach for a bit." She looked at me like i was crazy but nodded and got ready while i went to my room to get dressed. We left right after stuffing our face with cereal. We got to the beach and raced each other to the water. when we got there she won and went right into the cold water but i stopped after a while of playing in the sand like we were in kindergarden. after a while we went home. and changed into our outfits for the game since we had an hour before the game.


once we were readywe put the the pre game show as everyone came when Edward, ALice, Emmett,Jerusalem, Shanae , and Miana. They said Rose and Jasper couldn't come. Alice, Jerusalem, Shanae, and Miana came in greenday colors, while Edward and Emmett came in in steeler colors.

Alice pov

I was really excited for the super bowl my third favorite was the packers and since i was reaally corious i promised i wouldnt check ahead cuz Edward and Em had a bet nd i didn't want to help either one. so i am at a loss with the winning thing soo i just put on green bay during the game every one either cheered or booed. After the game out of the corner of my eye i saw Emmett slide Edward a 100 dollar bill. After a while we left cheering the packers won while Emmett grumbled about the steeelers losing. i laughed then got pulled in to a vision.....




Chapter 7 bella

After everyone left after the game we cleaned abit. When charlie went to sleep me and lexi stayed up talking after while she said " i approve of your 'friend' Edward from earlier." I blushed and said "What is with the air quotes we are JUST friends ya know to people who hang out and are NOT goin out." She rolled her eyes and said "Thats the same thing you said about Eric. Just to find out the next dat you two have been goin out for a week!" You are soo dramatic lex, but thats why i love you." I giggled then she playfully hit my arm. After a while of talking we called random people and talked to them about the first thing that came to our mind. After a while we crashed on the couch with her legs on my lap while my head was on her shoulder and my arms around her arm. When i woke up she was still crashed so i untangled myself leaving her on the couch and made myself some toast.

good story. update soon
thank i will as soon as i can

chapter 8 bella

memories and goodbyes


I was walking around the house when lexi called me so i went up in my room where she was hanging out. "What?" i questioned. "you had daogs?" she asked pointing to a picture of me with a wolf on one side of me and a pitbull on the other when i was like seven. "Yeah the wolf's name was Jake and the pit bull's name was nyra." "What happened to them?" When i was eight the wolf attacked me and my pitt bull who was one my lap, so Jake got put down and nyra we gave to a little boy on the reservation named seth, i think he's like 15 now though." "Oh is that how you got those scars that you've had since u moved to new york when we were nine?" "Yup , but thats all behind me now i have more pictures of the dogs though in a box in my closet." i offered she just walked up and got them. i just walked off to do my own thing since she was leaving tomorrow while i was at school i was going to take her to the beach since it was an uncommonly sunny day then play in the woods since lexi had never really been in the woods since she has lived in the city her whole life. We both got ready to go to the beach when we got there we set up our stuff on the beach. Lexi went to flirt with a group of guys. I sat down wit a book when a frisbe randomly hit me in the chest. "What the hell? that hurt my boobs like crazy!" i shouted rubbing my chest when a guy got my attention and yelled for me to toss it back so i did hitting him under the belt. " That good enough?" i shouted his friends started laughing. i rolled my eyes and went back to reading when some one tapped my shoulder i jumped and of course when i did lexi laughed then came infront of me and grabbed my leg and started to drag me close to the water when she got tired she called some guy over and had him help her drag me near the shore line. when we got there lexi dragged me into the freezing water so i grabbed her and in with me and we ended up playing in the water. qwhen we got home we went our seprate ways so we could shower after i was done i made dinner for us me and lexi ate then went to sleep.




I woke and got ready in a black and purple out fit and went down stairs to see lexi ready and her stuff next to her. we hugged good bye as charlie put her things in the cruiser. i hugged her getting teary eyed we said bye and she left for school as i left for school. When i got to school i saw a few people coming towards me. i stayed in my warm car wishing i could go back home. I was scared out of my thoughts by a nock on my window i jumped and looked to see Miana and shanae with another girl who looked alot like shanae but with longer hair and a bit taller but not by much. I rolled open my window and Shanae screamed at me "Hello." "HI" I replied Miana said "Hey that is shanae but i think you two already met and that other girl is jerusalem. I Advise dont get on her bad side or she'll go so crazy we'll have to admit her." Jerusalem ended up giving her the finger i laughed and in turn i got the finger by shanae and i replied by "sorry hun but i don't do that at school." We all laughed i got out of my car when i did i saw some more people coming over i sighed and pulled my hood up when the other people got over here a massive guy practially twice my size said "THis is a flippin awesum car how did you get this?" "My step-dad wanted me to hate him less after he aloped with my mom while i spent a summer here." i explained. "Nice but do they even sell these in the states?" "No idea." "Oh what kind is it?" "Salen s7, stupid." Jerusalem answered before i could. I smiled and locked my car out of habit. SHanae laughed and said "Did you seriously just lock your car?" "Yup." "why?" "becouse im used to locking my car." "WHy did you lock the doors at your old school?" "I lived in new york and people got there cars stolen by freshman for joy rides." 'That gives me an idea." trailed off the big dude who's name is apparently emmett. "Okay while you devolpe your idea keep my car out of it while i go to class leave it ALONE all day and everyday after today or i will kill you.." "I doubt that fact." "Dude in my car is a lighter some cigggerates and a pocket knife you won't beleive what i can do with that." "You smoke?" Edward asked "kinda i'm tring to quit." "Ohhhh." "Ya now remember leave my car out of this or i will make it look like you were smoking and you accidently set your self on fire." i threatened then went to class to start my boring day of school.


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