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bella come sfrom new york after her mom is fed up with her coming home late and drunk a few times so she sends he to hole in the wall forks.but with another coven there with a vamp that still feeds on humans some times with a deadly power will bella live to go out with edward or will the kill her before Ed nd bella can go out?



Chapter one bella

im leaving, what?

When i got home to my mom and step-dad's apartment in upper manhatten no one was home which wasnt a suprise. I was used to it mainly becouse phil was a big shot lawyer here and my mom was a bussiness owner down the street. so i threw my back pack into my bedroom and walked upthe street to my boyfriend eric's house.when i got there he opened the door and lead me to the couch. when i sat down he said "three words video game contest" i just rolled my eyes and started to play call of duty with him.after a while i looked outside and it was pitch black out i frowned and said "Shoot im late i need to get home like now." So i stood up and ran to my apartment.when i got there my mother was home, mad. when i closed the door she started "ISABELLA swan where the heck where you? Are you sober? Drunk? High? Im getting annoyed with this i hope you know." "Eric's, Mom we were playing video games before you ask' and yes im sober, no im not drunk,im about as high as dirt.Just becouse i have come home drunk or high plenty of times doesnt mean i am everytime im home late"i told her asi rolled my eyes. "Bella you are moving back to Forks." she informed me calmly,and thats where i got mad "Mom you can't just send me to hole wall washington. I mean they're bearly on the maps.My whole life is here come on just becouse I've come home late a few times granted I came home drunk twice and high once. Why are you anywaY? Is it cuz you dont like my friends?" I screamed she just said i was leaving friday. When she went to her room i wrote a note saying iwould be back later and not to worry. When i left i went straight to Eric's when i got there a girl opened the door in one of Eric's shirt which got me mad but i just bit my lip and asked "Is Eric here i need to talk to him ?" she rolled her eyes and said "Ya give him a sec to put his pants back on." "Nevermind just tell him Bella stopped by and also tell that man wh**e to call me when he's done with who he's doing" I said voice steadier then i thought it would be. I walked to one of the few friends i have that have seen me cry and i can really trust when i got to her house her mom answered and smiled and said "Lexi is in her room just go on in." i smiled and nodded. When i got to her room i nocked and she let me in the second she closed the door i started to tell her when i finshed she grabbed me by wrists and led me out her apartment and started walking toward Eric's house muttering something about killing him. When we got to his house he saw i was upset not seeing Lexi and pulled me into a hug i pushed away from him and asked "who was tha girl here earlier?" "What?What hell do you mean were you watching me?" "The girl here earlier, and no i came by and she answered the door in one of your shirts and said you would be out once you put your pants back on but nevermind i guess i'll go," Lexi reluctantly followedshe walked me to my building then went back to hers when i got home i rolled my eyes at my mom and went to my room to pack.


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Chapter 9 Edwad's pov
When i got to school we had talked to Bella she surprised me so much by the fact she isn't afraid of Emmett.I mean if i was human and didn't know him i would be terrified of him.The fact that she smoked also surprised me but the fact i couldn't read her mind confused me. As she  walked away Jerusalem said "Aww some one has a crush." "Aww your one to talk you forget i read minds." "you forget i don't need a lighter." "YOu suck." "you would know."' she finshed and walked off along with her sisters. Emmett patted my back and said in his booming voice praising me."Dude not only do you have every girl at this school after you but you got three girls who could have ANYONE after you or were after you till they got you." i rolled my eyes and said "Em there is a thing called sarcasm that is what jerusalem used it was only two of them...countless times." Then i walked away to class listening to random peoples thoughts who's were not so bad. After class when i had gotten into second period i saw Bella and Miana talking when Miana saw me she said "Speak of him and he shall come." "So you were talking about me?" "You tell me." "i wont comment." "Fine." She looked over to Bella and said "Omg im going shopping friday you haave to come." Bella looked unsure and asked "Who's going?" "Alice, Shanae, Jerusalem, Rose, Emmett, Jasper, Edward, Tanya, Irina, Kate, Jessica, you, and me of course." this is where i cut in "Why do i have to go shopping?" "We need people to carry our bags, stupid." "I refuse to go." 'Ok don't go and there will double the zombies walking around." she thought but said "I got you then." I rolled my eyes when she zombies though becouse that was the nickname she gave all the people she fed off of. "SO bella haveing fun here?" i asked, she laughed and said. "oh yeah the best ever." "sarcastic much?" "SInce i could talk." We talked all class at the end when the bell rang she gave me a peice of paper with her number and laughed. Miana said in a low voice "call it a loser is on the other end." I rolled my eyes when school ended i got in my car when i was out on the road i saw bella's car next to mine and miana's next to hers. I reved my engine then bella then miana when the light changed we all speed off of course after we did that i saw the cheif of police's car use his speaker saying "The three cars racing pull over when we did he made us all get when we did i saw the cheif and smiled and said "hello charlie." since we were all in a group Bella said "Hey daddy." I tried not to smile which i did Emmett on the other hand is a diffrent story. jerusalem, Shanae and Miana harmonized with their accent  in saying "Hello Charlie." Miana attempong to be nice and get us out of trouble said "I'm sorry Charlie it was my fault we were racing i said that Edward and Bella didn't have the courage to race against me to our respective areas of living." She said this with her spainish accent very noiticable. Charlie calmed down abit he had loved the sisters as if they were his own since they always helped him at the station or where ever and had simpithized when Miana's twin sister Petra Had "Run away". He sent off all with warnings saying not race again. Jerusalem then said "Charlie is there anything we could do to help you guys at the station in any way?" Charlie smiled and said "actually yes next time  you come by i have some filing that needs to be done." He thought about asking them about Petra but decided against it thinking it would upset them. When i got home ALice got out her phone and called Bella. When she got off the phone with her ALice grabbed me by my yuarm and told me loudly "AHHHH You won't beleive what bella just told me!" "What did she tell she's a vampire with a special power to make her seem human?" i sadi sarcasticly."NOOOoo but i won't tell you now." i rolled my eyes and walked away.
love it....
thank u
Post more soon I love it!!!!! Keep me updated please!


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